The Road to AfterShot Pro 2.2, Say Hello!



Hello RAW shooters everywhere!

I wanted to share some perspectives on the recently released AfterShot/AfterShot Pro version 2.2. Download AfterShot Pro 2.2 from our updates page or upgrade directly in-product.

Top improvements for Corel’s RAW Photo Editor

While we’re very pleased that 2.2 includes the new camera profiles and ongoing product enhancements that have been the foundation of our other updates, this one goes quite a bit further with the inclusion of a major update to our application framework (Qt). This update delivers full support for Retina displays (Mac), enhanced High DPI monitor support and a host of new opportunities for the future. We’ve outlined a full list of improvements below.

For those of you who’ve already read in the AfterShot Pro user-to-user forums about 2.2, allow me to add a couple of additional ideas. We consider 2.2 to be a major update, mostly because of its impact on the way we view photos in AfterShot. Experienced photo editors shoot in RAW for good reason—the quality and control we get over our pictures provides us with a huge editing advantage and by far superior results. For this reason, the Corel team felt that adding support for Retina and high resolution (such as 4K) displays was a big priority–we wanted to provide you, as a RAW photo editor, with the ability to see as much detail in their photos as their hardware allows..

Farewell XP support. Hello 2.2 compatible plugins!

Getting to high DPI support required some improvements under the hood, and this means AfterShot Pro 2.2 comes with a couple of side effects to be aware of before upgrading.

Plugins did (or do) need to be recompiled for AfterShot Pro 2.2. We recently did some research on the plugins the community uses most often and I’m pleased to report that the plugin developer community has responded. We already have a variety of popular “2.2 compatible” plugins available for download and have maintained access to previous plugin versions to support those who don’t plan to upgrade (Note: Some of these plugins may still need to be recompiled for full compatibility with OSX 10.10.4). We’re continuing to work with plugin developers to bring more plugins up to date, so please stay tuned.  And do sound off in the comments section below to let us know if there are any you’re dying to get updated.

The update also meant a change to our system requirements. We are no longer supporting Windows XP or Vista, and minimum Linux requirements are now Ubuntu 12.04 (+ later) and Fedora 16 (+ later). Mac OS X support stays the same at Mac OS X 10.7.3 and later. If your OS doesn’t meet these minimum standards, we don’t recommend installing 2.2.

AfterShot Pro community: Thank you!

Please allow me to offer a quick thank you to everyone in the community who continues to help us improve and grow AfterShot Pro. Thanks in particular to the plugin devs who have been so hardworking and dedicated to their peers in updating for 2.2. Thank you as well to everyone who’s provided feedback in our user-to-user forums and who have taken the time to test and comment on the product and its plugins, or who have responded to our surveys — your input motivates a lot of our decisions here.

Finally, thank you for your patience as we continue to enhance AfterShot Pro, including the plugin ecosystem and our update process. We have lots more great things planned, and we hope you’ll continue to be a part of it.


Greg Wood, with warm regards from Joseph, Alex & the entire Corel Photo Team



AfterShot/AfterShot Pro 2.2 Updates

New Camera RAW support


  • Qt framework upgraded to version 5.4
  • Mac Retina display is fully supported
  • Improved 4K display support for Windows
  • Thumbnail icons improved

Issues addressed

  • HDR fixed for Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit version
  • “RAW Impulse Noise Removal” stability fixed (issue occurred when OpenCL was enabled)
  • Fujifilm: Chromatic aberration issue resolved
  • HDR: Improved decoding and integration with main application
  • Improved user interface for orientation bar
  • HDR Batch Merge: Improved overall capability and stability
  • Improved white balance adjustment for “Dark night” photos
  • Mac/Linux HDR: Improved Auto Brush results
  • Improved Athentech noise removal results