Ready for the Nik Collection? You Are With NEW PaintShop Pro X8.2!

Hey there, Corel Photo Community!

We’re excited and proud to announce the release of PaintShop Pro X8.2, the latest update to our flagship photo editing and design software. Free for all registered users of PaintShop Pro X8, you can download PaintShop Pro X8.2 right now, or wait to receive your in-product notification rolling out over the next day or so.

Our second update delivers a variety of new features and bug fixes, including instant access to more than 25 new camera profiles, over 20 additional lens correction profiles, and a new “classic” option that lets you choose to revert to the pre-X7 Material Palette. This new customization option came directly from your feedback and now make it possible to choose the Material Palette that best suits you and your workflow. As always, we packed in a selection of enhancements and bug fixes on top, a full list of which can be found in our official release notes.

We’re also very excited to include in PSPX8.2, an improvement that makes PaintShop Pro X8 fully compatible with the Nik Collection by Google. If you haven’t heard the announcement from our friends at Google, you can now get the entire Nik Collection of photo-editing plugins FREE!

Ready for Nik?

A long-time favorite of PaintShop Pro users, the Nik collection offers a ton of creative power. PSPX8.2 resolves some compatibility issues with Viveza that previously prevented users from taking full advantage of these incredible plugins.

Following Google’s big announcement, our team tested each plugin to make sure every single element was good to go. Now, anyone running the latest update to PaintShop Pro X8 will have this amazing collection—which previously cost $150.

The Nik Collection by Google includes seven powerful plugins, ranging from special filters (kind of like supercharged Instant Effects, for anyone familiar with the Adjust tab) to retouching, sharpening and lots more.

Using the Google Nik Collection with PaintShop Pro

Got the Google Nik Collection downloaded and ready to get started?  Check out our post on how to add plugins to PaintShop Pro!

Here’s a peek at what you get (give the picture a click to see it full size):

-Source Google Nik Collection


Get PaintShop Pro X8.2 & Google’s Nik Collection—FREE!

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