How to Use Color Harmonies

How to Use Color Harmonies



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Discovery Center Team

How to Use Color Harmonies

Author: Emily Fulford Difficulty: difficulty-icon 4469 views

Learn how to use Color Harmonies in CorelDRAW to quickly and painlessly adjust the color scheme of a project. If there is something in your project that just doesn't look right, you can use the Color Harmonies feature in CorelDRAW to try out different styles. Quickly change what colors you are using while retaining all of your tonal variation! You can also use Color Harmonies to change the colors of an old project to fit a new aesthetic, such as a Spring Concert flyer changing to a Winter Concert.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to launch the color styles docker.
  • How to create and merge a color harmony group.
  • How to adjust the colors of an object or group.

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