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How to Use Print Merge

Author: Emily Fulford

Learning how to use Print Merge in CorelDRAW can save you incredible amounts of time and money by automating small changes in a print job. Perhaps you are sending out wedding invitations? Rather than manually entering each new person's name and printing each page out separately, Print Merge allows you to work with just one page, and automatically enter each new name on subsequent pages. Take the automation one step further using the imposition feature to fit more than one print job onto one page. Learning how to use Print Merge is great for projects such as seating cards, invitations, thank you cards or name plates.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • Start the Print Merge wizard.
  • Enter your variable fields such as names or room numbers.
  • Arrange how your variable data will be displayed on your template.
  • How to use the imposition tool.

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