ParticleShop Brush Tutorials

ParticleShop Brush Tutorials

Explore an array of imaginative brushes, including fabric, fur, hair, light, space, smoke, storm and more, that will produce amazingly creative results in no time. These tutorials will guide you through the individual brush packs and give you the inspiration to create your own unique works of art.


Adding Particle Brushstrokes to Photos

Professional photographer Renee Robyn steps through how to use Photoshop along with the ParticleShop brush plugin to create a fantasy brushstroke embellished version of your photograph.


How to Use the Fine Art Brushes

Painter Master Karen Bonaker shows you some exciting ways to enhance your paintings with ParticleShop Fine Art brush pack.


Introducing Graphic Impact Brushes

Painter Master Aaron Rutten walks us through the Graphic Impact particle brush pack! Expect to see everything from smoke and flames, to ice and rock crystal, to gauzy strands of color and fabric.


How to Use the Fabric Brush

In this tutorial, ParticleShop’s marketing manager Tanya Lux walks you through using the Fabric Brush to add beautiful, realistic, fluttery fabric to a fashion design. Feathered, smooth, rippled, it is all within reach with the Fabric Brush!


How to Use the Light it Up Brush Pack

Painter Master Aaron Rutten brings these streets to life with the Light it Up pack, adding lightning, lens flares, tail-light streaks, and more! Then, he also shows us how to work these brushes and effects into your flow outside ParticleShop.


How to Use the Spaced Out Brush Pack

Follow along as Painter Master Aaron Rutten takes us on a tour of the Spaced Out brush pack for ParticleShop. Learn how to add shimmering auroras, swirling nebulas, fields of stars and more with just a few strokes!


How to Use the Fantasy Brush Pack

Painter Master Justin Buus gives us a lightning quick tour of his favorite brush pack for ParticleShop: the Fantasy Brush Pack!


Using the Winter Brush Pack

Painter Master Justin Buus shows you how to use the Winter brushes to create swirling, snowy, frosty effects.


How to Use the Hair Brush Pack

Painter Master Heather Michelle Chinn gives you a comprehensive look at using the Hair brush pack in ParticleShop.


Enhancing Photos with the Wedding Brush Pack

In this comprehensive video tutorial, professional photographer and artist Marie Otero demonstrates a variety of brushes in the Wedding brush pack and shows you how to use them on different images.


Using the Debris Brushes

Let Corel’s own Tanya Lux take you through the Debris Brush, found in the ParticleShop Starter Pack. Find out how to add dust and fuzz, glowing organic strands, jagged lightning effects, and all manner of others to your creations!


How to Use the Bold Strokes Pack

Painter Master Elite Aaron Rutten shows us how it’s done, walking through all 15 brushes in the Bold Strokes pack. From sprinkles to grunge, lightwave to wisp, find out how to add some fantastic effects to your project!


How to Use the Flame Brush Pack

Painter Master Justin Buus gives a quick demonstration of how to use the Flame Brush Pack to create just that – vivid, true-to-life candle flames, from the flame itself down to the warmer, diffuse light cast on nearby glass.


How to Use the Hair Brush Pack: Part 2

Painter Master Heather Michelle dives further into the Hair Brush Pack for ParticleShop, showing how to use brushes like Dread, Twirl, Pigtails, and Highlight to add some unique features to your paintings.


Creating Atmosphere Effects with Particle Brushes

Painter Master Aaron Rutten is here to walk you through the Atmosphere Brush Pack. Learn all about how to add effortlessly realistic clouds, stars, moons, and more!


How to Use the Grunge Brushes

Painter Master Aaron Rutten shares his tips for using the ParticleShop Grunge brush collection in composite design.


Using the Fabric Brushes

Watch as professional photographer and artist Marie Otero creates a stunning image using the Fabric Fantasy brushes.


Using the Photo Portrait Brushes

Painter Master Helen Yancy demonstrates in detail how to give your photos an artistic makeover by painting and blending skin, hair, clothing and backgrounds.


How to Use the Flame Brush

Not just for billowing flames! ParticleShop’s marketing manager Tanya Lux demonstrates how to use the Flame Brush for subtle enhancements and effects. Find out how to use this brush to make your images pop from a soft effect as well as a bold one.


How to Use the Superhero Brush Pack

Painter Master Gear Duran demos the Superhero brush pack, walking us through all of the brush options it adds, and then busting out some of his favorites from the pack to really give the image that extra punch.


How to Use the Hair Brush

ParticleShop’s marketing manager Tanya Lux steps in to show us how to use the Hair Brush to add subtle detail to an existing image, and how to make sure your additions blend seamlessly back into the original image.


How to Use the Hair Brush Pack: Part 3

Rounding out the Hair Brush Pack series, Painter Master Heather Michelle shows how to add full, flowing, realistic hair to a subject using the Hair Brush Pack for ParticleShop.


How to Use Splatter Brush Pack

Aaron Rutten, Painter Master, shows us how to use the Splatter Brush Pack to quickly create and sculpt some wild effects. Add speckles and splatters, vary the colors you add, give them some depth to make your ink stand right out of the screen, and more!


How to Use the Fur Brush Pack

Painter Master Justin Buus shows you how to use the Fur brushes to create furry, fuzzy and flowing hair effects.

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