Clone Painting Hair

Clone Painting Hair



Karen Sperling



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Karen Sperling

Clone Painting Hair

Author: Helen Yancy Difficulty: difficulty-icondifficulty-icondifficulty-icon 17967 views

Now that you have learned the basics of converting a photo to a painting with the clone tool it's time to refine your work. While it is possible to bring back detail by increasing the resaturation level, sometimes you can lose that painted look in the process. In this tutorial we will focus on clone painting over hair to bring out all of the lovely details while continuing to look fully painted.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to make a custom brush palette.
  • How to use wet acrylics.
  • Following the flow of the hair.
  • Using brush texture.
  • How to highlight.
  • How to blend.

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