iPhoneography Lessons with Blair Gable

iPhoneography Lessons with Blair Gable

The potential for capturing stunning photos exists everywhere and can strike at any time. Your iPhone camera is a powerful tool for seizing that potential at any moment, wherever you may be. In this series of short easy-to-follow video tutorials, iPhoneography enthusiast and professional photojournalist, Blair Gable, shows you how to take advantage of your iPhone camera’s powerful features to help you capture stunning photographs no matter what your environment. Gable shows you how to make your iPhone camera work for you in a range of scenarios, sharing some great tips and techniques for landscape photography, beach photography, macro photography, and more. Join Gable in these carefully crafted tutorial sessions and discover just how far you can take your iPhoneography.

  • Beach Photography with your iPhone

    Beach photography holds all this wonderful opportunity for capturing beautiful shots, but how does one take advantage of it all? In this video, iPhoneography enthusiast and professional photojournalist, Blair Gable, shows you how to get the most out of your beach photo session by taking advantage of your iPhone camera’s powerful properties. Shooting on the sandy beaches of the Riviera Maya, Gable demonstrates how to capture a range of incredible shots with nothing but your iPhone camera and a few handy add-ons. Using an iPhone camera macro lens add-on, Gable demonstrates how you can capture even the tiniest details with unbelievable clarity, making macro photography an easy addition to your beach photography repertoire. Gable also shows you how to use timing, lighting, and shutter speed to capture absolutely stunning footage of the water. So go ahead and take your iPhoneography to the beach - you’ll be more than thrilled with what you discover.


  • Landscape Photography with your iPhone

    When snapping landscape photos, there are a few simple elements to consider to ensure that your shots come out as beautiful and visually stimulating as possible. In this tutorial, iPhoneography enthusiast and professional photojournalist, Blair Gable, teaches you how to give your landscape photography that extra edge with nothing other than your iPhone camera. Gable takes you through what you need to keep in mind while shooting those breathtaking views with your iPhone to ensure those views remain exactly that in your shots. Gable teaches you some basic rules of photo composition and shows you how to create photo depth by using elements from your foreground, middleground, and background. He shows you how to apply the rule of thirds and take advantage of natural lighting so that you too can achieve that ever-desired beyond perfect photo horizon.


  • Underwater Photography with your iPhone

    Underwater photography is one of the most interesting settings you can take your iPhone. Of course there is that small issue of water ruining your expensive device. No problem. Blair Gable has you covered and has found the best, most reliable waterproof housing for the iPhone to help you start delving under the waves. With his Hitcase Pro, Blair was able to capture the underwater photos you can see in the video with only his trusty iPhone. You will never be searching long for something to photograph underwater. With underwater photography, you might as well be on a different planet. Plants and animals normally hidden from our view sway and zip around. Light behaves differently as it becomes filtered and refracted through the water. Just the fact that you are floating around, unsupported, creates a completely unique iPhoneography experience. So what are you waiting for? The water is fine!


  • Snow Photography with your iPhone: Skiing and Snowboarding

    Nothing quite compares to the spectacular beauty of shimmering white snow and bright blue skies stretching as far as the eye can see. However, if you’ve ever tried capturing all that beauty on camera, you know it can pose a challenge. Avoiding overexposed photos, and achieving proper exposure and white balance are common challenges in snow photography. In this video, iPhoneography enthusiast and professional photojournalist, Blair Gable, shows you how to use your iPhone in this beautiful yet tricky environment. As snow photography often goes hand in hand with action photography, Gable guides you through exactly what you need to know to capture those unreal action shots with your iPhone. Learn how to use different angles to keep backgrounds clean and how to capture your subject in the height of the action with Gable’s expert advice.Take advantage of Gable’s tips and techniques, and keep pushing the limits of iPhoneography like one of the greats.


  • Take Great Macro Photos with an iPhone Camera Lens

    Memorable macro photography on your iPhone is at your finger-tips. All it takes is a dedicated iPhone camera lens to take your mobile photos to the next level. Blaire Gable discusses a few lens options, including the [Photojojo Macro Lens](, and the Osino Wide Angle and Macro lens. He was also kind enough to teach us some tips using the iPhone's built in camera features, as well as some options for stable shooting with the [Joby GorillaPod]( Don't let your next great photo opportunity get away because you didn't have your big camera at the ready! iPhone photography is very real, very convenient, and very effective. In this video you will learn: - How to choose the iPhone camera lens that's right for you. - How to access different features on your iPhone to focus your shot. - Choosing the right tripod to help keep your shots crisp and clear.