Create a Tilt-Shift Effect

Create a Tilt-Shift Effect



Joseph Lin


FUJIFILM, FinePix S8000fd




1/70 sec.



Focal Length

7 mm


3264 x 2448

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Joseph Lin

Create a Tilt-Shift Effect

Difficulty: difficulty-icon 2560 views

Tilt-shifting, or sometimes referred to as miniature faking, can create some eye popping visuals that seem to defy reality. The tilt-shift effect is most often used in architectural photos and portraits for its ability to create a stark and ultra-sharp contrast between the object of focus, and the background. Photographers create a tilt-shift effect with specialized lenses and specific camera movements. You don't need a large amount of expensive gear to achieve a similar effect though. Watch the video tutorial above to learn how to recreate the tilt-shift effect in a matter of minutes. Try it out on photos of city life and buildings, or experiment with your own ideas!

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to use Selective Focus
  • How to isolate your focus and choose its gradient.

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