How to Make a Panorama

How to Make a Panorama

By Discovery Center Team

Learning how to make a panorama gives you one more tool to ensure your memories are preserved just as you remember them. Because the human eye has a much wider peripheral than the average camera lens, making a panoramic photo is sometimes the best way to capture that breathtaking skyline the way you saw it. When you make a panorama, you are actually taking several pictures, side-by-side, and then stitching them together. PaintShop Pro helps you ensure that the photos match up correctly, and that the lines between each photo are not noticeable.

You will learn how to:

  • Select and import the photos you want to use.
  • Assemble the photos into one image.
  • Clean up any lines or empty space left behind.

Panoramic images are a great way to show off a wide landscape using several shots of the same scene taken from different angles. For best results, use a tripod when you are capturing the images.
Step 1: For this example, well use five pictures that were taken from a dock overlooking a lake. Keep in mind that youre not limited to two shotsyou can use as many as you want.

In the Manage workspace, browse to your images, highlight them all, right-click on them and select Edit Photo.


The selected images will be opened in the Edit workspace. Select Cascade from the Window menu to view them all in the workspace.


Step 2: Now create the canvas for the panorama by going to File> New. In the New Image dialog box, you can use the preset image size designed for panoramas by choosing Panorama from the Preset drop-down list. Since we will be using five sample images in this tutorial, and all of them have image resolution, we need to customize the canvas to fit them all.



Step 3: Now, one by one, drag each photo to the panorama canvas using the Pick Tool. In the Layers palette, drag the layer of the first image and drop it on to the panorama canvas.


The image will be placed in the middle of the canvas.


Move it to the far left side to begin creating the panorama.


Drag and drop the second image to the panorama canvas and move it beside the first image to line them up.


In the Layers palette, decrease the opacity of the second image to help you blend the edge of the two images.


If theres a noticeable line between the photos, you can blend the two images by choosing the Eraser tool from the Tools toolbar and then adjusting the setting in the Tools Options palette. Start off by lowering the Opacity, Density, and Hardness, and adjust accordingly. Its a good idea to erase slowly and a little bit at a time, so you dont lose all your work if you have to undo a mistake.


Do the same to the rest of the images.


Step 4: Next, use the Crop tool to remove unwanted areas of the canvas.


Step 5:Merge all the layers to finish off the panorama by right-clicking any layer in the Layers palette, and choosing Merge > Merge All (Flatten).


Step 6:Finally,Savethe image, and your panorama is complete.


That ishow to create a panoramic image in Corel PaintShop Pro.

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