Snow Photography with Your iPhone: Skiing and Snowboarding

Snow Photography with Your iPhone: Skiing and Snowboarding

By Blair Gable

Nothing quite compares to the spectacular beauty of shimmering white snow and bright blue skies stretching as far as the eye can see. However, if you’ve ever tried capturing all that beauty on camera, you know it can pose a challenge. Avoiding overexposed photos, and achieving proper exposure and white balance are common challenges in snow photography. In this video, iPhoneography enthusiast and professional photojournalist, Blair Gable, shows you how to use your iPhone in this beautiful yet tricky environment. As snow photography often goes hand in hand with action photography, Gable guides you through exactly what you need to know to capture those unreal action shots with your iPhone. Learn how to use different angles to keep backgrounds clean and how to capture your subject in the height of the action with Gable’s expert advice.Take advantage of Gable’s tips and techniques, and keep pushing the limits of iPhoneography like one of the greats.

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