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Working with Picture Tubes in PaintShop Pro, featuring Carole Asselin

Tuesday March 6, 2018 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST

The Picture Tube tool is a feature unique to Paintshop Pro, enabling you to paint with a collection of objects – like adding butterflies to a picnic setting or framing a photo with flowers. You can use one of the Picture Tubes included with Corel PaintShop Pro or create your own.

Although Picture Tubes can be used like a sticker or a stamp, they are much more powerful than that. PaintShop Professional, Carole Asselin, has been creating unique picture tubes for many years, that help users to create a wide variety of projects.

In this webinar, Carole will demonstrate:

  • The difference between Picture Tubes in PaintShop Pro and ‘Tubes’ (from Tubers)
  • The various types of Picture Tubes available
  • How to install Picture Tubes
  • Different ways to use Picture Tubes, depending on the type of Tube
  • How to create your own Picture Tubes

Webinar attendees will be entitled to an exclusive discount offer on creative content, picture tubes, plugins, scripts, and more, redeemable in PaintShop Pro’s 2018’s Welcome tab.

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