Animals Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenges – Animals

Animals are one of the most popular subjects for photography and art so this month is your chance to show off your furry friends, your one-of-a-kind wildlife shots or your candid captures of your adorably goofy pet. Why not try something unique and put your creative skills to the test by creating a collage or turning your best grumpy cat photo into a social media meme? We invite you to upload your photos and images, graphic designs or digital paintings to our gallery below, and see what others are sharing.

This Week’s Challenge: Birds

Whether it’s the majesty of an eagle in flight, or the wonder of a tiny hummingbird hovering over a flower, our feathered friends are a subject for some amazing photography! It can be difficult to capture just the right shot but the results make it definitely worth your time and effort. Upload your photos and artwork of birds, and browse our gallery to see what others are sharing.

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