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Weekly Challenges – Weather

Ah, the weather. Some days we love it, some days we hate it. There are so many different types of weather, each with a unique beauty that we are forever trying to capture in photos and art. Like the summer sunset that turns the sky into a million different shades of pink, yellow, red and orange. Or the stark contrast of a vivid green tree against the indigo sky of an approaching thunderstorm. Check out our weekly weather-related themes below. We invite you to upload your photos and images, graphic designs or digital paintings to our gallery below, and see what others are sharing.

This Week’s Challenge: Clouds and Sky

What is the most interesting sky you have seen? Was it a cloud formation that clearly resembled an object or animal? Towering thunderheads of an approaching storm? Or maybe the vast expanse of a clear blue sky as far as the eye can see. Upload your photos and artwork of Clouds and Sky, and browse our gallery to see what others are sharing.

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