5 Instagram Accounts You Should Know About

As you may be aware, the Discovery Center launched it’s newest photography contest, giving our visitors a chance to showcase their absolute best smartphone photos. We’ve already started seeing some excellent photo submissions, but we thought we’d take this opportunity to offer up some extra inspiration. If you’re not already on Instagram, you should definitely check it out. Having a daily source of fresh and exciting mobile photography can be a great way to stay motivated to get out there and shoot.  Though filtering through all those photo posts and tracking down awe-inspiring shots can be a mission, have no fear. We’ve gone ahead and combed through those accounts, and hand picked some of our favorites to share with you.

Julian Bialowas fills his Instagram with a great mix of exquisite nature shots and cool city shots. With the best of both worlds, this account is guaranteed to have a little something for everyone!


Scott Rankin takes absolutely stunning shots of people in front of breathtaking landscapes, making his Instagram a great source of creative photo inspiration.


Austin Tott makes the everyday look photo ready. If you want to shoot your daily life and not just adventures in picturesque places, this account is for you.


Blaine Nadeau will wow you with his gorgeous scenic shots. This account is certain to make you want to spend your time exploring nature and documenting your exploits.


This last account from anjemarie, is an absolute must-follow for anyone who finds inspiration in those precious family and childhood moments. Family photographers, this account is for you.


Feeling inspired yet? Find Instagram in the Apple app store, the Google Play store, and at instagram.com. As always, we encourage everyone who is interested in our photography contest to explore our extensive offering of photography tutorials available to everyone. Rules of photo composition apply even if you are using a smartphone, and that’s what we want to show the world. Smartphone photography can be so much more than a selfie (although we do love a good selfie), so get out there and inspire us.

A big thank you to Jonathon Reed for sharing some of his favorites for our list. Check out our Q&A with Jon Reed we did recently for more inspiration.

Get inspired & get shooting mobile photographers!

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