Announcing AfterShot Pro 2.3: Tighter Integration with Photo Editors & Better RAW Options for Photoshop users


On behalf of the photo team here at Corel, I’m pleased to announce the release of AfterShot Pro 2.3.

AfterShot and AfterShot Pro 2.3 marks an important development for the Corel photo lineup, introducing an easier way to work with your photo editor of choice, whether that’s Corel PaintShop Pro, Corel Photo-Paint, Corel Painter, or Adobe Photoshop.

Lately we’ve seen increased interest in alternatives to Lightroom, and with the end (back in July) to Adobe Camera RAW camera profile updates in Photoshop CS6, we think this is an excellent time to showcase the incredible potential of AfterShot to photographers of all skill levels.

Here are a few reasons why we think the new AfterShot and AfterShot Pro 2.3 are worth a look:

  • Simple Integration with Photo Editors – It has long been possible to launch external editors, such as PaintShop Pro or Photoshop, from AfterShot, but it simply hasn’t been as convenient as it could be. With AfterShot Pro 2.3, we wanted to change that.

    We knew we could simplify our ‘send to external editor’ workflow and provide a workaround for CS6 customers so they could add AfterShot to their workflow and stick with Photoshop CS6 if they weren’t inclined or able to use PaintShop Pro.
Fig 1.0:  AfterShot 2.3 and AfterShot Pro 2.3 adds a new button to the top-most menu bar that identifies your editor of choice and lets you send your working image(s) for detailed editing in TIF format.
  • Price — Lightroom can still be purchased on a perpetual license for $149. But many customers are renting it today for $119/year as part of the Adobe Photography subscription. AfterShot 2.3 (support for one catalog; great RAW performance) has a retail price of $49.99. AfterShot Pro 2.3 (insanely great RAW performance, supports many catalogs, includes HDR and a variety of other advanced tools) is just $79.99.For most, the value proposition of AfterShot and AfterShot Pro is excellent–but despite that, we keep hearing people say that the Adobe photo subscription is “just $9.99 a month.”  The fact is subscriptions add up.  Over two years you’ll spend $240 or more, compared to the $79 you would have paid if you bought AfterShot Pro at launch. To encourage more photographers to give our latest version of AfterShot and AfterShot Pro a try, for a limited time, we’re cutting the price in half.  Depending on where you live, this means you could pay as little as $19.99 for AfterShot and $39.99 for AfterShot Pro. Visit in the next three days and use coupon code ASP23  We think this provides an exceptionally compelling reason to add AfterShot Pro to your photo workflow. Even dedicated Lightroom users can benefit from the sheer performance gains when working with large batches.
  • Performance – AfterShot Pro offers impressive processing speed.. Corel’s internal testing shows that performance in batch processing can be 4-5 times faster than in Lightroom. Whether you’re a professional where time is money, or you’re an enthusiast for whom time is just as precious, this is a huge advantage. You deserve to have that time back.
  • Productivity – Users often cite Corel products as easier, more affordable and more straightforward. In this regard, AfterShot Pro is a Corel product through and through. We strive to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you to achieve your best work.

    Fig.2 - Use catalogs within your AfterShot Library, or leverage your file system--the choice is yours. AfterShot Pro supports both.
    Fig.2 – Use catalogs within your AfterShot Library, or leverage your file system–the choice is yours. AfterShot Pro supports both.

    A great example of this in AfterShot is the software’s straightforward approach to importing photos. Yes, we have all the flexibility that comes with importing to catalogs, but inherently AfterShot also allows you to work directly from your file system, without importing. Many photographers have spent years organizing photo collections by date, folder or other organizational models and we support that. There’s no need to complicate things with catalogs unless you need to.

You can get our free trial today at, or just go ahead and buy it right now — our special price won’t last long. We thank you in advance for your support.


Other Updates in AfterShot Pro 2.3

By now, AfterShot Pro users are used to our regular free product updates that deliver new features, new camera profiles and other updates. Here’s a summary of the updates you’ll find in version 2.3.


  • New external editor button on toolbar
    • To set an external editor for the toolbar button, click the Edit with External Editor ASP 2.3_3 button on the top toolbar, choose a photo-editing application from the Editor drop-list, choose the settings you want, and click OK. The button displays the application icon.
    • To change editor settings, click File > Preferences, and click External Editor.
  • External editor: Added auto-scanning to populate Editor list with installed photo-editing applications
  • For Mac OS plugin developers: The latest framework is available on the Mac virtual machine. For more information about plugin development, visit

New Camera RAW support

Four new cameras have been added.

Please note that the large files generated by the Canon EOS 5DS and 5DSR mean they can be supported on 64-bit versions of AfterShot only.

  • Sony Alpha ILCE-7R II
  • Canon EOS – 5DS
  • Canon EOS – 5DSR
  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 II


  • External Editor: Editor list fixed–can now include multiple photo-editing applications

You can find all the related system requirements info in our release notes

Stay tuned, there’s lots more to come from Corel!

Yours in photography,

The Photo Team

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  1. Tom says

    4 new cameras? Is it a joke? Pentax doesn’t have profiles for HDR yet, you doesn’t give a ***k about customers reporting bugs and you are talking about how fast it is? Well, Aftershotpro2 can be slow like a hell, wrongly renders DNG files etc. DO SOMETHING WITH IT.

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Tom, most of our new cameras and bug fixes come from customer feedback, and we’re keen to listen. If you can let me know which Pentax camera you’d like to see supported, I’ll check it out with the team for an upcoming update. Thanks.

      • Tom says

        1. Pentax support for HDR “Camera response curve profile”. Pentax is being ignored here.
        I created case #02367594 22.8.2015 – no reponse.

        2. Strange color dots when I open my night photos created with Pentax k-30 (ordinary DNG files(!!)). If I zoom in to 70% and more, it is better, but still some of pixels are shown badly.
        It is terrible to do something with the photo, when your application (AftershotPro2) hides it behind a green, red and blue fog.
        Screenshots are here:
        I created case #02367331 22.8.2015 – no response.

        3. There are not basic lenses for Pentax, like Pentax DA-50 F1,8, may be you can add them.

        4. Basic plugins do not work and have to be installed using third-party packages, that are often not prepared for > 2.1 versions and for 64bit too (!), what about adoption few of them to provide them IN the AftershotPro 2?

  2. Ron says

    Your team is doing an excellent job in bringing Aftershot Pro to the lead of Raw software. More publicity would help get the word out in the photographic media and to people that don’t care for Lightroom.
    Having the options of cataloging or using file mode is what made me choose Aftershot over Lightroom.

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Thanks, Ron – appreciate the feedback! We’re working hard to introduce AfterShot / AfterShot Pro to photographers everywhere looking for a legitimate alternative. Help us spread the word by sharing stories from the blog with friends or over social media. Cheers!

  3. KK says

    Fixed your abysmal highlight recovery yet?

    “More publicity would help get the word out in the photographic media and to people that don’t care for Lightroom”

    Many of us continue to choose Lightroom over AfterShot because it delivers IMAGE QUALITY – something ASP fails to do across the board for many of us.

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi KK, have you had a chance to download the latest trial to give it a try? Our team is continually working to improve the overall AfterShot experience, so I’ve passed your comment on to our dev team re: highlights for further evaluation. Thanks for the feedback and here’s a link to the free 30-day trial!

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Tom, not to worry. We’ve already gathered up the concerns and requests you shared with us and have passed them to our development team for evaluation, no intent to leave you hanging! I’ll take a look into your open cases and escalate them with our support team for follow-up. As for plugins, some are still being recompiled for v2.2 and up and we continue to explore new ways to improve the plugin experience, so stay tuned. Thanks again, Tom.

  4. Twan says

    Still use ASP 2.1.10 due to lack of supported plugins
    and several bugs first introduced in update versions
    Bugs, like moving files(drag and drop) into new folders, adjusting autolevels values jump to zero, copy and past withe balance set value to user kelvin..

    Thanks in advance,


    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Twan, thanks–appreciate the feedback. I have some good news coming on the plugins front, so stay tuned to the blog and I’ll get a post up soon to fill you in! I’ve received your Facebook message, so I’ll reply there and let’s chat in some more detail about the bugs you’re seeing. Thanks again.

      • Twan van den Hombergh says

        A quick overview of the latest update 2.4.0119 ASP installed on MAC OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan.

        What does not work:
        – Moving files in the file system tab (Drag and Drop)

        Serveral Plugins not available in plugin tab in MAC version 64 bit

        Bez-Tools for manipulating tonality
        Silicon Bonk-New generation Black & White

        Also I tested version ASP on Windows 10 64 bit.

        – Same problem with Drag and Drop files.

        Plugins on Windows 10 (64bit) system , all 64 bit plugins are available and working as far as I can see.

        Unfortunately for my MAC 10.. 11.2 (El Capitan) I go back to version 64 bit version ASP
        everything is available and working,as in Windows 10 64, except the Drag and Drop problem.

        What also miss,is the Gradfilter plugin.

        Kind regards,


        • Alex Brazeau says

          Thanks for the feedback, Twan. I know the team is aware of the drag-and-drop issue and they are looking into it. I’ll look into those plugins on OS X to see why they may not be appearing for you. I suggest checking in with our support team, just in case there is some technical issue. Thanks again, Twan–appreciate it.

      • Ivan Berger says

        The inability to use drag and drop is inexcusable! That’s a Windows basic, not an esoteric photo feature. And it used to work just fine — in Bibble, in AfterShot Pro 1. It should be simple, if time-consuming, to compare the code in versions where it worked with the current version and check out the various changes to see which screwed it up. Any chance you ever will?

        I like ASP. I really really do. But I can’t do basic image management without shifting to another program (and I’ve found none as good as ASP was before you broke it).

        • Alex Brazeau says

          Hi Ivan, our development team is aware of this and they’re working on it. I’m hoping to have some more news soon!

  5. JUAN says

    An Spanish translation would be great. It’s kind of weird working with Aftershot in English and with Paintshop Pro in Spanish, which is my first language.

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Juan, thanks for letting us know you’re interested in a Spanish version of AfterShot Pro–that’s a great idea. I’m not sure about a timeline of when it might be implemented, but I’ll chat with the team to see what we can do there for a future update. Thanks again!

  6. Mike says

    Just bought the upgrade to try out AftershotPro 2.3.
    Sadly the vast majority of the plugins don’t work on this version and the plugin page has no information about which Aftershot version the plugins work with.

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Mike, appreciate the feedback. I’ve got some good news to share on the plugins front coming very soon! Hang tight and we’ll have a post up with the details shortly. Not sure if you noticed, but several plugins have an extra download link for the 2.2 & up compatible versions. I’m also working with our web team to see how we can layout the plugins page a little more intuitively to help ease the process. Thanks again for the comments, Mike!

  7. Doug says

    I would love to use your produce but you do not support Sansung NX1 or Adobe DNG formats.

    Do you have plans for updating to these formats. These formats work in PaintShop Pro X8 with no problems.

    I use DNG in Lightroom 6 and would like to use AfterShot Pro 2.


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