AfterShot Pro 2.4 Arrives, Delivers Top Requested Cameras & Enhancements

It’s time!  We’re excited to officially announce our first AfterShot update of 2016, now available at

AfterShot Pro 2.4 adds support for three new cameras, including two popular community picks and a recently released model from Canon that’s been getting some rave reviews lately.

Don’t see your camera yet? Submit your requests.  We got the list started below, but feel free to add anything you think is missing and we’ll get your selections on to our list for an upcoming update.

In addition, AfterShot 2.4 offers a handful of enhancements including a much-desired fix for the green hue issue affecting Nikon P330 and Nikon D3300 RAW images. We’ve also brought back the progress bar showing preview generation and image processing status I know many of you had been asking about.

Download AfterShot 2.4 now (or get it directly in-product).

Don’t have AfterShot Pro installed yet? Test out our 30-day trial–absolutely free.

New Camera RAW support

  • Canon EOS M3
  • Pentax K3-II – Top Community Pick!
  • Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GX8 – Top Community Pick!

Issues addressed

  • Green hue issue addressed for NEF files from Nikon P330 and Nikon D3300
  • Mac OS: Fixed stability issues that occurred when exporting batches (including sending files to an external editor)
  • Fixed comma issue: Typing a comma no longer causes values to reset to zero in some number boxes
  • Restored progress bar that shows preview generation and image processing status

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  1. Petr Mandys says

    Hi, I am very glad to see the support for Pentax K-3 II raw files. However it seems to me that only DNG raw files are supported. Here is the log message of folder scan:

    Scanning file “/…/Pictures/2016/k-3 ii test/IMGP0125.PEF”
    Importing: “/…/Pictures/2016/k-3 ii test/IMGP0125.PEF”
    Loading EXIF failed

    Scanning file “/…/Pictures/2016/k-3 ii test/IMGP0147.DNG”
    Importing: “/…/Pictures/2016/k-3 ii test/IMGP0147.DNG”
    defaults: “DefaultRaw.xmp”
    Adding master versions
    Extracting RAW data: “/…/Pictures/2016/k-3 ii test/IMGP0147.DNG”
    Decoding RAW data: “/…/Pictures/2016/k-3 ii test/IMGP0147.DNG”

    Only the DNG file appears in the application.

    Do you plan to fix that issue?

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Petr, thanks for getting in touch! Yes, we do plan to add support for the PEF files. No exact date yet, but I know the team has it has part of their list for an upcoming update. Thanks again.

  2. Tomas Paier says

    I’ve installed the update hoping the Pentax K-S2 camera will be finally supported… Nothing, again. What a disillusion. A time before this camera was listed on the supported cameras, I’ve asked the support why it not works and… it is disappeared from the list 🙁 So, after i bought Aftershot it is nice, fast,… and perfectly useless. From now also Pentax K3-II is supported, but other one-year old Pentax cameras.. nor PEF nor DNG 🙁 What can I do?

  3. Omen says

    What about Micro Four Thirds built-in lens correction data? Or at least own correction data for M.ZUIKO Premium lenses?

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Thanks for letting us know you’re interested in adding the lens corrections for the M.Zuiko premium lenses. We’ll let our development team know as we’re working on expanding our lens corrections database. Stay tuned!

      • Omen says

        Get inspiration from i.e. Rawtherapee and others. Built in correction profiles work very nice. This way you can support full range of Olympus M4/3 lenses without testing each of them by your self.

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