Small is Beautiful! New AfterShot Pro Update


New update for AfterShot Pro adds support for
small-but-mighty cameras from FujiFilm & Sony

The Corel Photo Team is happy to announce our latest update to AfterShot and AfterShot Pro 2. To get download version 2.2.2, visit the Updates page on our website. 

In this new version, you’ll find a variety of improvements, along with support for the following cameras:

  • Fujifilm FinePix S1
  • Canon EOS Rebel T6i / 750D / Kiss X8i
  • Canon EOS Rebel T6s / 760D / Kiss 8000D
  • Sony RX100 IV

We’re excited to add support for these new cameras–particularly the small form factor Sony Cyber-Shot DSC RX-100 and the Fujifilm FinePix S1. Smaller cameras—small enough to drop into a pocket or purse—are really popular right now, as image quality on these small cameras improve to the extent that the difference in quality between these and our DSLRs is narrowing.

Both cameras have received great reviews so far. B&H reviewers love the Sony RX100 IV ($948 at B&H) for its versatility,  ability to shoot 4K video, and its amazong 20.1MP stacked sensor. The new stacked backside-illuminated design of the sensor really improves clarity and image quality when working in low-light and has a max native ISO value of a whopping 12,800!

Another of our new cameras supported in AfterShot 2.2.2 is the Fujifilm Finepix S1. Launched in 2014 (and just $399 from our friends at B&H), the Finepix S1 is a more affordable small camera, and is getting great reviews for its usability. Easy to use, with great zoom performance, image quality and a spacious, clear LCD display, the Finepix S1 is a super camera to take with you on a short walk or while travelling, so you never miss a shot. Some users love it as a solid second camera for those times when you don’t want to take your main camera with you—but the solid performance and price of the S1 makes it a viable option to be your number 1–especially if portability is a factor for you.

A Note on Camera Support in AfterShot Pro

Some of you may notice that we’ve added one recently released camera, one from last year, and a couple from times in between. Our goal is to add RAW profile support for the cameras you, our customers, are using or planning to use. We love to hear what cameras you’re looking forward to and what you’re planning to use next—so leave us a comment here, we would love to hear your plans for the future!

Release Notes for Version 2.2.2 

If you are running AfterShot or AfterShot Pro or earlier, this update includes major improvements to AfterShot’s underlying technology framework.

These improvements help us deliver support for high-resolution displays, improved performance and other benefits. Current versions of AfterShot plugins will not work with AfterShot or AfterShot 2.2 or greater.  If plugins are integral to your workflow, please check to ensure your required plugin is available for AfterShot 2.2 or greater. To download AfterShot 2.2-compatible plugins or for more information on plugin availability please visit:

*To check the version number for your product, in the application window, choose Help menu › System Info

System requirement changes (for AfterShot/AfterShot Pro or greater)

  • Unsupported: Windows XP and Windows Vista
  • Linux OS support for Ubuntu 12.04 or later and Fedora 16 or later

New Camera RAW support

  • Fujifilm FinePix S1
  • Canon EOS Rebel T6i / 750D / Kiss X8i
  • Canon EOS Rebel T6s / 760D / Kiss 8000D
  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV


  • Cannot select a printer (list empty and grayed out)
  • Layer instability (crash) when dragging a selected region from one Adjust Layer to another
  • Adjustment values (displayed to the right of the sliders) not refreshing after resetting the slider or switching to another image

Quick Instructions
To install this update:

  1. Download the update onto your system by saving it to your hard drive.
  2. Double-click the new installer file to start the installation.
  3. Follow the instructions, review the Software License Agreement, and complete the installation. If you encounter any technical difficulties installing this update, please contact Corel Support Services.


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  1. Jack Tummers says

    Great to see that ASP is still improving. It’s fast and a joy to use. I even use it for my jpeg images, although not all options are available for jpegs. Since using ASP I dont’t use Gimp as much as I used to.

    I work with Nikon cameras (700 and 810) and lenses, and the Fuji XT-1 and lenses. Personally I would like to see more work on the xtrans raw files, and automatic lens corrections, so reading the info that is already within the files and applying corrections automatically. When I open a Fuji jpeg the corrections are there, but not in the RAF files. My next camera will probably be a second Fuji body.

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Jack, thanks for the feedback! I love shooting with the X-T1 and our dev team is working to make even more improvements to how we handle the Fuji X-trans profiles. By default, ASP is designed to not apply any adjustments to the RAW file (including lens corrections) so you have a chance to see the photo exactly as it was taken. The team is working on growing our lens database to make applying the necessary adjustments even easier. Are there any particular lenses you’re using that we can pass along to the team for you?

      • Jack Tummers says

        At the moment I have the 14mm, 23mm, 35mm, 56mm and the 50-140 2.8 zoom. Perhaps I will buy the 90mm and the macro lens in the future, but for the moment these lenses cover all my needs.

        As to the lens correction, perhaps it is an option to let the user decide whether to enable lens correction by default or not, and a simple checkbox to disable it. That would make the workflow faster, because one does not have to scroll throught the database. Also the lens corrections in the Fuji jpegs are superb, so it would be a shame not to read those settings automatically.
        Some things also don’t work as expected. I have the 16-35 4.0 lens by Nikon, and choosing this lens in the database doesn’t change anything to the image.

        • Alex Brazeau says

          Thanks for letting us know, Jack. I’ll pass these lenses on to the team and will alert them to the profile issue you mentioned with the Nikon 16-35 4.0. And great suggestion about a quick check box, I’ll be sure to share that idea with the team too!

  2. Mauro says

    I’m a ASP user since the first release and I like it. I’m a micro43 user, my camera is a Olympus em1 but I’m planning to buy the new Panasonic GX8. GX8 is a key camera for micro43 system due to its new 20mpx sensor but this new ASP release doesn’t still support it (as for G7 and Olympus em10 mkII).
    Is there a plan to support these cameras in the near future (2-3 months)?

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hey Mauro, thanks for letting us know what cameras you’re thinking about picking up. I’ve passed your request for those new profiles on to our development team, though I can’t comment on when they might be added just yet. Hang tight and we’ll keep you posted with new info when we can!

  3. Tomas Paier says

    Hello, nice update, thank you. However, I’m still waiting for any support (PEF or DNG) fo Pentex K-S2. The very strange thing is that on on official list of supported cameras ( ) it is listed as fully supported, but ASP don’t even displays the files. Nor PEFs nor DNGs. I’ve asked the Corel support (case 02416289), but no answer at all after 3 days…

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Tomas, thanks for getting in touch. I’ll speak with our support team about your case and we’ll in touch directly. I’ll also confirm the camera support with the development team and if there any models that are unsupported or have any issues, we’ll get them onto our backlog for a future update.

  4. Mart says

    Thans for your update.
    My Pentax K-3 II camera is not supported by ASP. This camera is around since april this year, so I am waiting for several months now to let ASP read the DNG files.
    If you need an example, please let me know.

  5. Karsten says

    I recently bought the Panasonic Lumix GX8 but unfortunately, it is not yet supported by ASP. What is the time frame for support of the GX8 in ASP?

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Karsten, thanks for letting us know about your new GX8. 20MP in a micro 4/3 sounds great, I’ll have to check it out and take it with me on a shoot! I’ll get the dev team to add this one to our list of cameras for an upcoming update. Thanks again!

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Thanks, David. Lots of requests for the G7, and I’ve passed yours on to our dev team as well. I’ve been looking try out some new 4/3 models, sounds like I’ll have to check the G7 out! Cheers and Happy New Year.

  6. Donald Horn says

    I have had ASP for about 9 months…great with my Panasonic G3. BUT still no support for Panasonic GX8, Panasonic TZ70 or Panasonic CR1. So too with Paintshop v7. These cameras have been around for quite some time now and until they are supported the software purchased less than a year ago is effectively redundant….and you will be losing potential new customers!

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Thanks for the feedback, Donald. We’ve added the GX8 in the 2.4 update and I’ve shared your requests for the TZ70 and CR1 with our development team. Much appreciated.

  7. Peter Marxen says


    I bought an Olympus OMD EM-10 (without II). According to your compatibility list their is support in Aftershot Pro 2. But its missing in the List for perspective correction…

    Can someone Help?

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Peter, the OMD EM-10’s a great buy! Which lenses are you using with it? We’re working on expanding our lens corrections database. In the interim, you might want to try using the zPerspector plugin, available here. Hope this helps.

  8. Peter Marxen says

    Hi Alex,
    thanks for your answer. I cant choose the EM-10 from the list, only EM-1, EM-5 and EM-5MarkII. Additional there are some different E-P….
    OS is Ubuntu 14.04, Aftershot the latest version. According to this it seems that you have a Problem with your compatibility list. I found out that it is possible to create own profiles for the em-10 and my lens. I’m not shure what happens if there came an update, but please check your compatibility list.

    begin camera
    group: micro43
    multiplier: 2.0
    menu_make: Olympus Micro 4/3
    menu_model: E-M10
    exif_model: E-M10

    begin lens
    group: micro43
    multiplier: 2
    aperture: 3.5
    calibrated: false
    menu_lens: Lumix G Vario 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6
    cal_abc: 12 0.02222 -0.06354 -0.05077
    cal_abc: 14 0.02389 -0.07355 0.00922
    cal_abc: 20 0.000000 -0.0088 0.000000
    cal_abc: 32 0.000000 0.00353 0.000000

  9. Ryuichi Kinoshita says


    I thought my DMC-G7 was supported.
    I bought Paintshop 9 Ultimate on an impulse for good sale &-|
    Could you please add my G7 to your support list?
    I’m waiting too.

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Ryuichi, thanks for letting us know. I’ve logged your request for G7 support with our development team. You can also request support from directly within AfterShot using the in-app Feedback button. In the interim, while not as powerful, PaintShop Pro’s RAW lab will support RAW files from the Panasonic G7. Hope this helps!

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