Diego Jourdan Pereira

Diego Jourdan Pereira

Diego Jourdan Pereira is a Silver Morosoli Award winning artist, writer and graphic designer. He studied Western-style woodcut and etching techniques in Chile, and water-based woodblock printmaking (known as ‘mokuhanga’​) at Japan’s MI Lab. He writes articles about his craft for various magazines, and is the author of two Spanish-language books which seek to inspire a whole new generation of Latin American artists in the pursuit of their goals. Diego is also renowned for his work on licensed properties, such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Toy Story, and many others.

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1. What do you use PaintShop Pro for?

As a professional artist I work in two distinct commercial areas: comic strips restoration and adult coloring books illustration; and use PSPX9 on both, as my main coloring, retouching, and picture management tool.

2. How did you get started in photography or art?

According to family, been drawing since I could grab a pencil, but professionally, I started out as an assistant to professional text-books illustrator Mariano Ramos, and “Donald Duck” comic artist Victor “Vicar” Arriagada, doing chores such as inking, coloring, cleaning-up, scanning, etc.; all the while, moonlighting as a freelance illustrator for newspapers and magazines down here in Chile.

3. Describe your style?

I don’t have one! Seriously, my style is whatever the commercial need of the day requires, and I gleefully adapt to any assignment my clients need from me. When it comes to restoration and recoloring, in particular, I happily take the back seat, and let the work of the masters shine through.

4. What inspires your photography or art?

Personally, I’m partial to the “ligne-claire” of Hergé (creator of Tintin). As a woodcut printmaker, while being trained in Japan I fell in love with the work of “shin-hanga” artists, such as Hasui Kawase, whose approach to line and color informs my own.

5. How long have you been using PaintShop Pro for and why PaintShop Pro?

Back in 2000, personal and financial circumstances saw me drop out of college, where I studied Graphic Design. While I simply kept on freelancing as an illustrator (started as a sophomore) for the publishing industry (both local and international), it always pained me not to have finished my studies, so in 2016 I returned to school to get my degree.

Then, as I worked on my thesis and came across the works of non-conformists such as Walter Benjamin and Victor Papanek, it hurt to see both the academic and publishing worlds enslaved by a single software package monopoly. Something had to give, but change starts with the individual, so I saw a chance for me to ditch old habits, move away from my comfort zone, and experiment with new art software options.

PaintShop Pro, as it turned out, produced the same results as its competitors, with greater performance, control, a slicker design… and the chance to own it, instead of demanding its “pound of flesh” every year!

6. What is your favorite feature in PaintShop Pro?

For starters, I love PSP’s sleek, highly customizable, user interface, which is invaluable in my line of work, allowing me to adapt faster to different types of commissions, in addition to the capability of working both on raster and vector layers simultaneously. Secondly, I am delighted at how it’s been optimized for 64-bit Windows 10 systems, and runs like the wind, without eating up my PC resources. And last but not least, it comes with so many packaged extras and handy tutorials, there’s no new challenge this tool will not help me overcome!

7. Why should others try PaintShop Pro?

Think of a carpenter being told he’s only allowed to use a given brand of hammer, one which he’ll need to lease from the manufacturer on a monthly or yearly basis for the rest of his life, or else he be banished from his craft forever! Ludicrous, huh? Well, for over a decade I bought into the whole “industry standard in graphic software”, only to find out it is made-up BS. I don’t care how the carpenter made my dining room table as long as it stands evenly and looks beautiful, and neither do my own clients in publishing care how I came about a given result, as long as it works.

Not only does PSP deliver top-notch results, but it is a tool you can actually OWN, for a fraction of the cost, and none of the hassle.

Images by Diego

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