Kai Schuster

Kai is a digital artist and amateur photographer, who has been using PaintShop Pro for several versions now. His main interests are landscapes, nature photography, portraits and image processing of any kind. In 2005, he created the “Second-Kind” project for his image and media design hobby and it grew from there as he continued to learn about photography and the photo editing process. In 2013 he launched his first public photography site, Second-Kind Artfactory.

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1. What do you use PaintShop Pro for?

I use PaintShop Pro as my main application for image editing as well as for complex photo collages.

2. How did you get started in photography or art?

My hobby started in 2005, when I began occasionally to design artwork and imagery.

3. Describe your style?

My style isn’t so easy to describe. I love working with colors and the constant challenge of trying new techniques.

4. What inspires your photography or art?

I find my inspiration in nature, but also in the daily media.

5. How long have you been using PaintShop Pro for and why PaintShop Pro?

I started with PaintShop Pro X5. I find that PaintShop Pro is a comprehensive yet easy-to- use tool for image editing.

6. What is your favorite feature in PaintShop Pro?

Being able to work easily on multiple layers.

7. Why should others try PaintShop Pro?

It’s a program that will give you perfect results, even after a relatively short learning period.

Images by Kai

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