All-New Update for PaintShop Pro X9 Has Arrived!



Say Hello to Our New Update for PaintShop Pro X9!

We’re excited to officially announce the latest update for PaintShop Pro X9 — our 3rd since its release. We’ve also made another all-new pack of Fall-themed templates available to help you start—and finish—your next photo-based project faster than ever before!

What’s New in Update 3?

In PaintShop Pro X9 Update 3, you’ll find a whole bunch of enhancements and improvements that will help to smooth out your workflow and make the entire editing, layout and design process more enjoyable.

One of the biggest changes is to the Gradient Fill tool (new in PaintShop Pro X9), which now includes an extra level of control, enabling you to set color and transparency nodes for your gradient.

We’ve also added more than 20 new lens distortion corrections, with new profiles of glass from Canon, Nikkor, Sigma, Sony and Tamron all ready to go.

In addition to the improved features and lens profiles, we’ve also bumped up performance by making some changes under the hood and addressed a selection of issues reported to us by you, the PaintShop Pro community.

Celebrate Fall with All-New Project Templates

As the seasons change, so does the content available for download in PaintShop Pro X9. With Fall upon us, we’ve introduced another batch of new Project Templates and frames to help you get even more creative your photos!

Check out this sample from our new Fall pack, available for download right now in-app, then fire up PaintShop Pro X9 to browse through the whole collection and pick your favorites.

Download Update 3 Now

Alright, of me enough telling you about what’s new… let’s get you to the good stuff!

Update 3 is available now — for FREE — for all registered owners of PaintShop Pro X9.

In-product notifications have started rolling out, or you can skip the line by downloading the update from the PaintShop Pro Updates Center, where you’ll also find our full release notes.

Haven’t Tried PaintShop Pro Yet?

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  1. Jan De Groot says

    Hi Alex,
    PSP does not support the RAW’s from my Sigma DP2 Merrill camera. No other editor does either so us Sigma users are stuck with the Sigma Photo Pro software, which is very limited and slow.
    There is one other program out there which can deal with these files, X3F tools, which is open source. This software will convert these Merrill files into TIFs or DNG’s.
    Would it be possible for Corel to incorporate this software as a plug-in so that we would be able to work with our RAW files directly in PSP?
    Thousands of Sigma users would be extremely grateful as we are desperate for an alternative to Sigma’s Photo Pro.

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Jan, thanks for letting us know you’d like to see the Sigma DP2 Merrill’s RAW profile added to PaintShop Pro. I’ve passed your request on to our development team. You may also want to contact the X3F development team. As open source, they may have community developers who can help integrate their program as a PaintShop Pro plugin. Thanks again for sharing your feedback and hope this helps!

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