Catasaurus Rex is the Best Way to Shave a Cat

Catasaurus Rex is the Best Way to Shave a Cat

Why do people shave their cats to make them look like dinosaurs? I’ll be honest: I’m not entirely sure. But I’m very glad they do.

Sometimes, the most important thing about a photo is the subject, as when the mighty Catasaurus consumes its victim.


Source: Instagram user PVLH

Or rests in the shade, lord of the prehistoric jungle:


Source: Tumblr user portagechicago

Even if they don’t always suffer the indignity gladly.


Source: Reddit user crandell84

Luckily, it takes a lot to phase a cat.


Source: Twitter user @mofumiya

And after all, there are a lot of reasons your cat might need to be temporarily hairless. At least this way, you get to have fun with it.


Source: Pinterest user BettySuzie



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