Coming Up: November on the Discovery Center

Coming Up: November on the Discovery Center

As we hunker down in preparation for winter, it’s time to learn a lesson from the animal kingdom: when a bear sees the first snowflake, and feels the chill in the air, it prepares to sleep the entire winter away; if only we could do the same! But before it goes into hibernation, the bear does one thing that we can do even better: it eats. And eats, and eats, and eats.

Food! Of all the possible subjects for photography and art, food is one of the most consistent; even the very oldest of human art we’ve ever discovered is often about hunting and gathering food. And that just makes sense: it’s colorful, evocative, and exciting, and if you’re anything like me, you spend a pretty fair percentage of your time thinking about it.

This month on the Discovery Center will be all about food, with tutorials focused on lighting and labelling your meals, holiday feasts, favorite wines, and more!

Upcoming Themes:

Each week, we like to focus on a different theme – these are the themes for November!

Week 1: Candy!


Who doesn’t love candy? It’s often just as exciting to look at as it is to eat, and the world of color that your favorite candies present are the perfect opportunity for art. Plus, just looking at it has no chance of upsetting your dentist! In this week, we’ll be getting into the details of color and lighting for your food photos.

Week 2: Your Favorite Foods


Everyone has that favorite food that they just can’t resist, and sometimes you discover a new favorite you never knew you had. How food looks is often just as important as how it tastes – ask any chef! – and sharing your very favorite dishes in photos and recipes is a great way to show them off. In this week, we’ll talk about customising your food art, from labels to drawings.

Week 3: Baked Goods


Baking allows for some of the most artistic expressions in cooking, from colorful icing, to fantastic shapes and patterns, to simple, well-made loaves of bread, the varieties of baked goods are immense, and the options for depicting them correspondingly immense. In this week, we’ll be looking at posters and paintings.

Week 4: Holiday Feasts


We all like to do something a little bit special for the holidays, and as the season fast approaches, our minds turn, naturally, to the food. I mean sure, you can talk about family and togetherness, but we all know what it’s really all about. In this week we’ll be helping you prepare for parties and family and friends.


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