Coming Up: October on the Discovery Center

Coming Up: October on the Discovery Center

It’s that time of year again: there’s a chill in the air, the leaves are turning and drifting to the ground, and there’s a distant smell of pumpkins; Fall has well and truly arrived. Autumn is an exciting time for artists, with a riot of colors right in front of their eyes.

This month on the Discovery Center, we’re taking a look at the colors and imagery of Fall, with its beautiful leaves, its fabulous food, its changing fashions, and of course, its spooky skeletons. The Fall Images Contest was one of our most popular in previous years, and promises to draw even more incredible photos – submit yours here! Further, our host of tutorials on color, light, and documenting the natural world can help you draw the most out of the scenery. Here on this blog, I’ll be taking a look at the increasingly-popular world of fantasy art.

Upcoming Themes:

Each week, we like to focus on a different theme – these are the themes for October!

Week 1: Fall Colors


Few things can match the beauty of the fireworks display of colors that is the turning leaves in fall.  Still too, nothing can be quite so powerful a symbol for change, the natural cycle, and the passage of time. What better subject for art?

Week 2: Fall Harvest


As the natural world prepares for winter, so too does the human one. It can be easy to forget where the food on our tables comes from, but at this time, with the harvest in full swing, it’s worth a thought – or perhaps a picture – to remember.

Week 3: Fall Fun


The games of summer are over; soon, only the bravest of us will still be swimming in the freezing ocean. And yet still, the outdoors holds some of its greatest adventures at this time of year, and every photographer should have the tools to help remember them.

Week 4: Halloween


And of course, where would October be without Halloween? The favorite holiday of children and college students alike, and a chance for everyone to try a crazy costume or decoration, or a creative new piece of art. This one explains itself: Halloween is awesome; we just hope we can help you make it more awesome.



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