Coming Up: September on the Discovery Center

Coming Up: September on the Discovery Center

For a lot of people, September is the perfect month to take on new challenges, try new ideas, and get new projects underway. As vacations end, we can buckle down to our day to day lives with renewed energy – whether that be returning to school or work, or starting something completely new.

To that end, this month at the Discovery Center is all about practicalities: from tutorials and ideas to help out small businesses, to making great use of the internet with well-designed logos and banners, to getting the most out of social media with powerful posts and images. We’ve seen your work in our contests and we know just how much creative energy you have; this month is all about harnessing it.

Upcoming Themes:

Each week, we like to focus on a different theme – these are the themes for September!

Week 1: Back to School


Once again, it’s every kid’s absolute favorite time of year, and this week’s features will be about the equipment and techniques used in the back to school business rush. We’ll also be kicking off our focus on small businesses for the month, with some webinars and tutorials aimed at getting the key components down.

Week 2: Memes and Quotes


What is social media without memes? But what even is  a meme – is there a proper definition? And how are they made – or do they just appear out of thin air, like unpaired socks and that jar of odd pickles at the back of the fridge? We’ll explore these mysteries and more!

Week 3: On The Job


In week three we’ll be taking a look at work-places and work environments – what’s it like to work where you work? We’ll be looking at tutorials to show this off – how to make logos and a demo video. I’ll also be taking an in-depth look at the world of product photography right here on the blog.

Week 4: Tools of the Trade


In the final week of september, we’ll be looking at tools and applications people use for work and education – whether software or hardware. We’ll be especially looking in-depth at some of the tools used for web design and online art, including photography, graphic design, and video.


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