Suzanne Smith Content Creator

Suzanne Smith has been a Corel UK employee since 2002 and has an in-depth knowledge of Corel products. Working first as a technical support agent for German and Dutch customers, Suzanne has been providing corporate product training now for many years as well as regularly attending UK and European trade-shows where she provides Corel customers with all-day seminars, showcasing the latest software tools that can be used to develop skills and enhance business potential.

Steve Bain Author/Content Contributor

Steve is a communication consultant working in hardware and software development industry. He is also the founder of Definio Communications, Inc. whose mission is to help companies migrate from print-based authoring to cloud-based knowledge delivery. In his younger days, Steve worked as publications designer, technical graphic illustrator, photographer, and publishing specialist before the advent of digital technology. He was also an early adapter of digital illustration software and later added “writer” to his skill set, which enabled him to...

Stefan Lindblad CorelDRAW Master

Stefan Lindblad has been in the graphics profession working with CorelDRAW and PHOTO-PAINT since 1997. He took a break from art and illustration at age 31, working with other things. Then the lust came back again, after two years, and he remembered what it was he wanted to work with. He registered his own company as a freelancer and has worked with it full time since then.

Joseph Diaz CorelDRAW Master

Joseph Diaz is a graphic designer and sign artist who grew up working in a family-owned sign shop, Diaz Sign Art, which has been providing quality signs and designs for well over thirty years. Joseph started by sweeping the shop floors at the family business as a kid, and when he showed interest in what his parents were doing, they began teaching him how to layout signs. Before long he was creating simple layouts, and by high school he...

CorelDRAW Experts Graphic Design

Corel works with a number of experienced graphic designers and visual artists to produce high quality learning materials. These veteran CorelDRAW users have the skills you need to take your designs to the next level.

Ariel Garaza Diaz CorelDRAW Master

Ariel Garaza Diaz was born on 1965 in Montevideo, Uruguay and started with graphic design on 1980 at age 15. Of course, at that time it was all hand drawings. He studied Advertising, Media and Journalism, and from there he started to use the computer in his daily work. When he discovered CorelDRAW in 1989, he changed his way of working and his task performance increased. After teaching at various institutes, in 1995 Ariel founded his own school where...

Anand Dixit CorelDRAW Master

Anand started his career in the Advertising industry in 1983. He used to see the creative artists working with great visuals and was fascinated with their thought processes and the designs they created. In 1991 Anand and his wife, who is a qualified Commercial Artist, decided to start their own business, and have been running a design studio ever since. Together, they have created over 5000 pieces of art in the past 20 years, including brochures, leaflets, corporate identity,...

Roger Wambolt Specialty: CorelDRAW

Roger Wambolt’s career is the culmination of 24 years in graphic design and education. It began in the trenches at Corel, where Roger provided user support, training and championed Corel’s partner programs. Over the years, he acquired extensive knowledge through his relationships with graphics professionals in many industries, including print, sublimation, screen printing, sign making, engraving, and embroidery.
A CorelDRAW Graphics Suite expert, Roger has been a popular presenter at industry trade shows. He has developed and conducted classroom training...

Discovery Center Team Content Creator

The Discovery Center Team is a collection of creative and talented individuals from within the entire Corel organization including customer service, product management, product development, training, social media support and of course the Web and Graphic Design departments. Their backgrounds and experiences are as diverse as the projects in our gallery, but what they do have in common is a passion for creating outstanding art using Corel products and the desire to share their product knowledge and creativity with...