Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Creative People and Creative Dads

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Creative People and Creative Dads


Father’s Day is approaching, and if you are anything like me, that means that it is time to start scrambling to figure out what gift to give him. So this week, the Discovery Center team put their heads together to come up with some Father’s Day gift ideas for creative, talented people like you (our users).

If you are a creative type…

A homemade card

For years, my go-to father’s day gift was a handmade card I had scrawled on some construction paper that morning. But now that I’ve finished elementary school (ok, graduate school), it’s time to give things a little more polish. Between you and me, this PaintShop Pro tutorial will go a long way toward making sure your card this year has a little more class, while keeping all that luv-you-Dad charm.


A homemade deck of cards

See what I did there? If one card is good, fifty-two is surely better! This PaintShop Pro script from Cassel makes creating a totally unique deck of custom playing cards simple.


A thoughtful slideshow

For some, Father’s Day can be an occasion to get the whole family together, perhaps to celebrate Grandfather’s Day. A simple slideshow is a great way to get people talking and reminiscing fondly. Try FastFlick instant slideshow maker and a cool slideshow template to make the whole process easy. Just add memories!

An attractive portrait

If these suggestions seem a bit too easy for you, first of all, congratulations on your artistic talents. Your father must be proud. But second, I’ve always thought it would be cool to paint a portrait for father’s day. Corel Painter makes painting a portrait from a photo easy, as Aaron Rutten demonstrates. And if you’re looking for that extra je-ne-sais-quoi, try out the creative portraits or fine art portraits brush pack.

Aaron Rutten Portrait

If Dad is a creative type….

Sometimes you don’t want to create something for Dad, but instead help him create something himself. Giving a tool to help or inspire his creativity can be another excellent and meaningful father’s day gift.

Moleskine Classic Notebook

Everybody needs a notebook. Whether he’s a carpenter or yoga instructor, having a place to write down ideas as they come is the first step in the creative process. Plus there’s lots of room to write a thoughtful note on the inside cover.


Inspirational Photo Book

Put this one in the Dad gets the gift, but everybody gets to enjoy it category. Steve Simon is an outstanding and inspirational photographer, and nobody can have too many beautiful things.


Limefuel battery packs

Ok, so maybe batteries aren’t the most creative thing you’ve ever heard of, but bear with me. These days, more photographs are taken with cell phones than cameras. All that photography drains a lot of juice, never mind all the emailing, web browsing, and music listening. This practical product carries multiple charges, so even if your dad is traveling for several days, this will ensure that his phone is charged. He’ll thank you next time he doesn’t have to go sit in a coffee shop for an hour just to plug in his phone.

Of course, the possibilities are endless. If you are creating something for Father’s Day, we would love to hear about it! Let us know, or ever better, post the project to our Facebook page.  And have a happy Father’s Day!

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