Five Bunnies in Sweaters

Five Bunnies in Sweaters

As Autumn sets in and a chill is in the air, who doesn’t want to bundle up in their favorite sweater? But we’re not the only ones who can manage that: these adorable bunny rabbits are ready to stay warm and look stylish doing it.

You might ask why we’re posting pictures of bunnies in sweaters, but then you clearly weren’t paying attention. Bunnies! In Sweaters!

Like this fellow, who could not be more ready for Fall:


Source: imgur user brainsquiggles

Or this incredibly dapper individual:


Bunny Fact: a group of rabbits is called a “herd,” but several scientists and linguists are pushing to change the word to “fluffle.” A fluffle of bunnies:


Source: Pinterest user Pit Amber

Sometimes, all you need is your sweater and you’re ready for a big adventure.



But on the other hand, especially as it gets colder, sometimes you just have to find the softest possible thing to curl up in and take a nap.




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