10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Photographers that won’t Break the Bank

10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Photographers that won’t Break the Bank

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It is never easy to shop for the photographer in your life, mostly because all of the fun stuff costs more than is feasible to spend. Here is a list of 10 things, from $18-$500, that I as a photographer would be stoked to receive on Christmas morning.

Gifts for Photographers Under $30

Clever Photo T-Shirts

I found this fantastic t-shirt printer on Etsy last year while searching for Christmas gifts for my photo editors. They were a hit to say the least! Looking for a more personal touch? Learn how to design your own t-shirts and sell them online.

Moleskine Classic Notebook

If you can’t get your ideas on camera when they strike, you had better be able to get them on paper. I keep Moleskine notebooks in my office, laptop bag, at the studio, and beside my bed. I constantly hash out business ideas, sketch lighting designs, or jot down items to be dealt with at a later date.

Eneloop High Capacity AA rechargeable batteries

These are the best batteries for high-drain electronic devices that I have ever found. I use them in all of my flashes and battery packs. Not only do they have great recharging times, but they also hold their charge very well when not in use.

Bonus: get the LaCrosse BC-700 battery charger to go with them

Inspirational Photo Book

Steve Simon is one of the best photographers I know. His passion for photography and his ability to create beautiful story-telling images is amazing. I have all of his books!

Trigger Trap Mobile Kit

This little cable gives you the ability to remote control your DSLR camera using your smart phone. It can be used as a simple trigger and remote timer or use it to create amazing time-lapses!

Gifts Under $100

Kick-ass Photojournalism Photo Book

The photographers at Magnum are among the best photojournalists in the world. This book gives you deeper insight into the shooting and editing process that they go through on each assignment.

Seagate Slim Plus Portable Drive

Photographers need somewhere to store their images and this small, fast drive makes it easy to do while on the road. I always use a portable drive when I’m working away from the office.

MagMod Flash Modifiers

MagMod is a flash modifier system that uses strong magnets to attach grids and colored gels to your flash; instead of using straps and Velcro. It is a simple and low profile way to control the light from your camera’s flash. The basic kit is a great place to start.

Gifts Under $500

Lensbaby Spark

A Lensbaby is a simple way to add creative flare to your photographs. Bend, squeeze and stretch the lens to focus your shot. This lens easily gives your photos a unique look!

1.4x Teleconverter

For Canon

Or for Nikon

Teleconverters are adapters placed between your camera and lens that make your long lenses even longer! Plus, they are a fraction of the cost of larger lenses. Add a 1.4x teleconverter to a 200mm lens to give your camera an effective focal length of 280mm. Add it to a 300mm lens and get an effective focal length of 420mm! Get closer to your subjects without breaking the bank!

Hopefully this list gives you some good ideas as to what to get the photographer in your life (or yourself!). Sometimes shopping for someone with a specific hobby or career can seem a little impenetrable. Surely everything they need they already have, and everything they want is way too expensive! Not the case. There is always going to be something interesting, something useful, and something special that won’t break the bank.

It helps to have someone giving you hints though.


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  • Sam E Reply

    Hey, this is a great gift list for photographers! I’m going to send this to my wife so she knows what to buy next month when I have a birthday… 🙂 Sam

    March 20, 2017 at 9:03 am

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