Join our weekly photo challenge!

Join our weekly photo challenge!

It’s a new year (Happy New Year!), which means it’s a great time to step back and think about what we want to focus on for the next twelve months. For photographers, it’s a great time to commit to one of the coolest ways to improve your photography – a weekly photo challenge.

A weekly photo challenge involves committing to take at least one photograph each week. Often, people will choose a theme for the year – something broad like landscape photography or macro photography. Then each week the goal is to find a new perspective on that theme. Maybe one week you do pastoral landscapes and the next week you do cityscapes.

A weekly photo challenge is a great way to get your 10,000 hours of photography practice, the magic number which Malcolm Gladwell popularized as the key to mastering any discipline. But If you are anything like me, then coming up with a new topic to photograph each week is a challenge enough!

In a way, we have decided to make that our challenge this year. Each week, we will suggest a topic for all you photographers to focus on. Then all you have to do is get out there and take photos. We’ll try to come up with creative, fun topics that will stretch your photographing muscles and produce unique and interesting photographs. All we ask is that you return the favor by sharing your photos with us on your preferred social media!

We’ll call it the DCC, the Discovery Center Challenge. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

When we were trying to think of our first weekly challenge, the DC team was huddled in our office, looking out at the cold (-20 celcius) wind blow outside. So we thought it would be appropriate to focus on things that keep you warm. #DCCWarm

So get creative with it! It might be a fireplace or a hot beverage but it might also be the smile of a child or the affection of a pet. Share what keeps you warm on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram with #DCCWarm.

Because you are what keeps us warm. (awwwwww)

The Discovery Center Team

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