Make your friends and fam jealous – get your caricature done here!

Make your friends and fam jealous – get your caricature done here!

A few months ago I broke my record of Facebook profile pic likes. Not coincidentally, a few months ago I had also commissioned caricaturist Jon Casey to ‘cartoonify’ me. Obviously the result was fabulous! What I received was so much more than a cartoon. Jon Casey did what no app can – he created an authentic, high end digital caricature from scratch. See for yourself below!

annie by jon casey

The Discovery Center team was so impressed (and let’s be honest, slightly jealous) that we just had to get caricatures done for each one of us. We started using our caricatures for our Skype photos, social media profiles, avatars etc. and we kept getting the same comments: “How’d you do that?” or “Where did you get that?” and “I want one!”

Check out this video created by the artist to see for yourself how the magic happens. (Ps. If you ever want to make a time-lapse video we have a tutorial to show you how here.)

The exciting news is that we have now partnered with Jon. Through the Discovery Center store you’ll have access to Jon’s sharp caricature-drawing skills and we’re pumped to share that service with all of you!

As an introductory offer you can take $10 off your super-awesome caricature from now until May 1st, using coupon code CARTOONMEPLEASE. Enjoy!

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