Block Shadow tool

The Block Shadow tool in CorelDRAW lets you add solid shadows to objects and artistic text. Unlike extrusions, block shadows consist of simple lines, which makes them ideal for screen printing and sign making. The Block Shadow tool is located on […]


Impact tool

Two impact effect styles are available: Radial and Parallel.

Radial effects can be used to add perspective or bring focus to a design element.

Parallel effects can be used to add energy or signify motion.

Click the Impact Tool and drag in […]


Virtual Segment Delete

This short video tip shows how to use the Smart Fill tool in conjunction with the Virtual Segment Delete tool.
The Smart Fill tool fills areas where objects overlap (see Smart Fills video). Click the Virtual Segment Delete tool, point […]


Smart Fills

Use the Smart Fill tool to fill an area where objects overlap, or to create a new object from an enclosed area.

By default, the enclosed area is filled with a blue-grey color. To change the fill color, click a […]


Shaping Curves

We’ll use the Shape Tool to shape the curves in this drawing.

Press Z to select the Zoom tool.

Zoom in on the area that you want to select.

Click the Shape tool.

To shape a curve, drag a node or a control […]


Sampling colors

You can sample colors by using the Eyedropper tools available throughout the application.

Click the Eyedropper tool in the Toolbox. Point to a bitmap or a vector object to sample colors.

Click the color you want to sample, and then click […]


Node editing 2

To display the nodes of an object, click it with the Shape tool.

To round the corners of a rectangle or square, drag any node with the Shape tool.

Hold down Ctrl while dragging to round one corner at a time.

To […]


Interactive Transparency

To apply a transparency, select an object with the Transparency tool

and drag across the object.

To change the appearance of the transparency, move the handles and slider.

You can create a mirror effect by using the Transparency tool.

First select the text […]


Interactive Fill

To apply an interactive fill, click the Interactive Fill tool.

Click the object and drag.

To change the colors of a fountain fill, drag colors from the color palette to the square handles

or to the fill path.

To adjust the direction and […]