Interactive Fill

To apply an interactive fill, click the Interactive Fill tool.

Click the object and drag.

To change the colors of a fountain fill, drag colors from the color palette to the square handles

or to the fill path.

To adjust the direction and […]


Interactive Envelope

Click the Envelope tool.

4 different modes of the tool are available on the property bar. The default mode is Unconstrained.

To apply an envelope to an object, click the object and drag any node.

Drag over multiple nodes to select them, […]


Interactive Drop Shadow

Click the Drop Shadow tool.

Drag from the object to where you want to place the drop shadow.

To change the direction of the drop shadow, drag the end handle.

To adjust the opacity of the drop shadow, move the slider.

To change […]


Interactive Contour

Click the Contour tool.

Drag away from the object to create an outside contour.

Drag towards the object’s center to create an inside contour.

To change the contour offset, drag the end handle.

To adjust the number of steps in the contour, move […]


Interactive Blend

To blend two objects, click the Blend tool, and drag from the first object to the other object.

Hold down Alt to draw a freehand path for the blend.

To adjust the distance and color progression of the blend simultaneously, move […]


Fills and Outlines

To fill an object, drag a color from the color palette to the object.

To apply an outline to an object, drag a color from the color palette to the object’s outline.

To fill a selected object, click a color on […]


Enhanced Font List Box

With the new Font list box in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT, you can view, filter and find fonts easily. Click the Font List Options icon to group fonts by family or show recently used fonts. Access the Font List Options […]


Drawing Curves

You can use drawing tools to manually trace a bitmap.

Click the Bezier tool.

To start drawing, click in the drawing window.

To stop drawing, press the Spacebar twice.

Click the Pen tool.

To draw a curve, click and drag.

Release the mouse button, and […]


Correct perspective distortion

When photographing subjects that have many straight parallel lines or flat surfaces with texture, it can be difficult to ensure the lines and texture are preserved and not distorted by perspective, camera tilt, etc. With the Straighten Image dialog […]


Basic Transformations

To move an object, select the object with the Pick tool, and drag it.
To constrain the movement to the horizontal or vertical axis, hold down the Ctrl key while dragging.
To scale an object, select it, and drag a corner sizing […]


Basic Shapes

This video was recorded with the alignment guides turned on (View > Alignment Guides).

Using the Rectangle tool, the Ellipse tool, and the Polygon tool, drag to draw a rectangle, an ellipse, and a polygon.

Hold down Ctrl while dragging to […]