Recompiled AfterShot Plugins Now Available

Recompiled AfterShot Plugins Now Available

Z Series Plugins Feature_B

Popular Community-Developed ‘Z Series’
Now Compatible with v2.2 & Up

Some good news from the AfterShot Pro team today! We’re excited to announce the release of the updated Z series plugins, recompiled by creator and dedicated community member Martin aka. tintin.

The Z Series is a collection of plugins that adds some really handy extra functionality to AfterShot. The set consists of six popular plugins (each listed below) that have been heavily requested by the community since the launch of AfterShot Pro 2.2, returning the ability to add text to your photos, correct perspective and more.

These newly updated plugins are now ready for 64-bit, compatible with Windows, Mac (including Yosemite v.10.10.1) and Linux versions of AfterShot and AfterShot Pro, versions 2.2 and up.

The zPlugins now available for download include:

  • zText
    Enables writing on an image in any font, color, size, opacity, in any perspective view, with shadow effect and more. It also supports text effects like italic, bold underline, etc.
  • zShadow
    Designed to put your image on a background and add a drop shadow to your image.
  • zPerspector
    Provides the ability to correct the perspective of your image inside AfterShot Pro. Each corner of the image can be moved in up/down and left/right direction to adjust the perspective.
  • zChannelMixer
    A channel mixer plugin that supports direct black & white conversion before or after (or both) mixing the channels.
  • zFrame
    This plugin draws up to five frames around an image. Each frame can be set with different size and color.
  • zSoften
    Introduces a soften filter with choice of several algorithms to AfterShot Pro. Also included is the ‘Orton Effect’ and the possibility to apply the filter as a vignette.

Become an AfterShot Pro Plugin Developer

Learn about AfterShot Pro’s plug-in SDK to get started with developing your  own plugins for the community. Our SDK provides the only RAW-level plug-in interface in the industry, while also delivering complete, tightly-integrated access to AfterShot Pro’s fully multi-threaded image pipeline.

Get in touch and tell us how you’d like to contribute to the development of new plugins for AfterShot family!

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Comments (13)

  • Duncan McEwan Reply

    How about the Google NIK collection? No problem using it in PSP 9x. PSP 9 pretty much told me to get Aftershot Pro 3 if I wanted a more feature friendly RAW editor. So I bought AS 3 Pro and have no obvious way to continue using NIK

    June 23, 2017 at 10:41 pm
    • Adam Reply

      Hello Duncan,

      While AfterShot Pro 3 does not have native support for the NIK collection at this time, several users have reported that you can get them working as an external editor – here’s the help file entry on setting that up.

      Hope this helps!
      Corel Discovery Center Team

      July 24, 2017 at 12:03 am
  • Marek Zgorzelski Reply

    Can you please add the Olympus om-d e-m10 mark II and Olympus STYLUS 1s. Thanks.

    May 31, 2016 at 7:54 pm
    • Alex Brazeau Reply

      Thanks for letting us know, Marek. We’ll share your requests with the dev team, both have been climbing the list lately.

      May 31, 2016 at 11:11 pm
  • Johan Reply

    Hi Alex, could you look in to this issue from the ASP-forums? Perhaps you could leave them a reply also.


    January 5, 2016 at 10:46 am
    • Alex Brazeau Reply

      Hi Johan, I can definitely look into the issue with you. I clicked the link you posted but I’m getting a message saying the thread no longer exists. I’m assuming from a tweet it could be related to 64-bit Mac version and installing plugins, is that right? Thanks.

      January 5, 2016 at 6:57 pm
      • Johan Reply

        Hi Alex and thanks for your quick response!
        Strange that you get that message, I don’t…

        Ah, well, go to this page:

        And click on “Olympus TG-4 raw support”. Another user wanted that so I tried to post it here, as you answered another question of mine 🙂

        Thanks again,

        January 6, 2016 at 1:20 pm
  • gpe Reply


    When can we hope to get the RAW support for the Olympus TG-4 ?

    December 30, 2015 at 8:55 pm
    • Alex Brazeau Reply

      Hi gpe, thanks for letting us know about your interest in the TG-4. What a neat little rugged compact! I’m curious, what have you been shooting with it? I noticed it’s been getting some love in our forums recently too, so I’ve added it to our list for a future update. No confirmation of when just yet, but we’ll be sure to keep the community in the loop on when it’s coming.

      January 5, 2016 at 7:21 pm
      • Yvan L'Heureux Reply

        Can you please add the Olympus om-d e-m10 mark II,
        Its a really nice camera


        January 8, 2016 at 10:13 pm
        • Alex Brazeau Reply

          Hi Yvan, thanks for letting us know about your interest in the OM-D E-M10 Mk II. I’ve added the profile to our backlog, but no official date for support just yet. Hang tight and we’ll keep you posted as more info becomes available.

          January 12, 2016 at 8:19 pm
  • Mariusz Reply


    Any news about green cast issue with Nikon cameras? We are waiting long months and still nothing. After Shot Pro is totally useless for lots of Nikon users.

    December 22, 2015 at 11:07 pm
    • Alex Brazeau Reply

      Hi Mariusz, the team has been working on this as part of the next coming AfterShot update. Hang tight and we’ll have some more news for you on this soon. Thanks, and happy holidays!

      December 23, 2015 at 3:58 am

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