Ahmya – Plague Ender


Ahmya – Plague Ender

This is a character concept piece I did recently. It draws inspirations from such recent Korean films and TV series such as Rampant and Kingdom. The protagonist here is a female warrior named Ahmya (Japanese for “Black Rain”). The plague riddled creatures she is cleansing the land of are somewhat of an amalgamation between zombies and Japanese Oni (demons). I wanted to go for something a bit more supernatural than the standard zombie fair. These are obviously resurrected fallen Samurai, however I wanted their bodies to be transformed in an unnatural way, hence the bulging spines and hunched over posture. To give a bit more demonic element I added the black, wispy smoke emanating from their bodies. This one took about a week of work between 3D elements and compositing and editing in Painstshop as I also was adamant about having this scene take place during a rainstorm. Overall I think it captured what I was going for.

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