GRAND PRIZE – An AOI commercial for a Mystery


GRAND PRIZE – An AOI commercial for a Mystery

The video in this commercial is from a 12-minute variety show I made (which was obviously too long to qualify). All artwork was created created using Corel products (i.e., CorelDraw, PhotoPaint, VideoStudio). The opening electrified logo, which appears before all my videos, was created using seven audio tracks and 22 objects (created in CorelDraw) on 14 video tracks and manipulated with customized motion.

This mystery part of the variety show video used up to 18 video tracks, two title tracks (plus two additional video tracks) and six audio tracks. Methods utilized include customized movement, NewBlue/ProDAD/Corel effects, and literally hundreds upon hundreds of ;arts that were created using the CorelDraw software suite. The music in the video was added via Corel VideoStudio’s wonderful Auto Music feature.

The full video features many more wonderful effects to support a storyline that proposes a popular 1970s TV character might have been up to no good.

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