i can see you. you cannot hide.


i can see you. you cannot hide.

Vanilla was my inspiration for my upcoming book on Meditation and discrimination. Vanilla cannot eat grass where the Quarter horses eat grass, They will kick or bite her. She eats alone and meditates about thinking for yourself and not following like cattle just because everyone else follows. I use her eye on the front cover of my book as a symbol of your conscience, I can see you, You cannot hide, Please watch for my book. It’s a gift of love.

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  • nelia gay Reply

    Thank you for accepting my image for an entry. Please notice that she has a tear in her eye for the loss of one of her twins. She is fine now. I could not ignore her standing and eating alone, because the other horses discriminated against her, just because she is an Appaloosa, the color of vanilla, while the quarter horses are brown. I have written an entire book on meditation because of her. She is beautiful and a wonderful horse. I hope you will watch for my book, “I can see you. You cannot hide.” I am a published author and enjoy writing. My author name is Nelia Faye Gay.

    July 6, 2018 at 3:58 am

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