Laeken Greenhouses, Brussels


Laeken Greenhouses, Brussels

I like to use VideoStudio to create simple, short videos of less than 59 seconds that can be shared on the main social media networks.
I love to keep the original sounds recorded on the spot adding smooth transitions to convey a natural feeling, reproducing the same atmosphere you can find where the video was taken.
This video actually combines 4 different files of less than one meanute each.
It has been created using VideoStudio X7, adding Crossfade transactions as well as some additional stabilization (Mercalli 2.0), and coloring (ColorFast filter).
I also like the way you can create some pan and zoom clips in post processing.

Filters used:

Stabilization: Mercalli 2.0, Anti-Shake, Pan and Zoom
Coloring: ColorFast
Transitions: Crossfade
Location: Laeken Royal Greenhouses in Brussels, Belgium

I hope you enjoy your visit. 🙂

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