Medusa Rising


Medusa Rising

Freehand, many hours, weeks….in Painter 2017. The moment Athena cursed Medusa, turning her from beauty into beast….I have kicked this around for some time, & when i began using new texture brushes in 2017 i knew this was time to paint her. I began with a few sketches until i was happy with pose etc.. then began painting with my custom go to brushes, ive developed over the years to suit my style. Once the leg work was finished, then the fun stuff happens…the new texture brushes were perfect to bring Medusa & her scaley friends to life, intergrating the texture seamlessly with plenty of editing & manipulation options helping the texture wrap around not just lay on top as paper & flow map texture (of course you can edit layers, but its a smoother workflow with TB) i finished of with a little magic in the form of particle brushes. Cheers- Lion Art

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