The AOI Media Vault


The AOI Media Vault

The two clips in this video are pulled from a 12-minute variety show I made (which was obviously too long to qualify). All artwork was created created using Corel products (i.e., CorelDraw, PhotoPaint, VideoStudio). The opening electrified logo, which appears before all my videos, was created using seven audio tracks and 22 objects (created in CorelDraw) on 14 video tracks and manipulated with customized motion.

This project used 16 video tracks, two title tracks (plus two additional video tracks) and six audio tracks. Methods utilized were: the use of basic customized movement to bring elements on and off the screen, and to reduce and increase object sizes and transparencies; the Corel FX Sketch effect was applied to some photos; some of the ‘sketched’ pictures were transitioned to their normal state using Adorage proDAD Dissolve; the impression of depth for the moving background was completed by blurring image plates with varying densities of cars, layering those plates (up to seven tracks), and moving them by at varying speeds. The music was added via Corel VideoStudio’s wonderful Auto Music feature.

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