“The Mandela Effect (parallel realities)”


“The Mandela Effect (parallel realities)”

A Visual Mantra by M. D. Friedman
The Visual Mantra Collection is mandala-themed art created with specific healing intent. This artwork shares a circle within a square format and is designed to allow your eyes to wander but always draws them back to center, much the same way that a mantra does in meditation. Sacred geometry and numerological elements as well as color, symmetry and repetition are used to “tune” each painting to promote balance in specific energy fields in the human body and associated organs and tissues. Subtle interplay of these elements creates a different experience for every viewer, and each viewer can experience something new every time they interact with the artwork. Musical pairings featuring Cranial Sacred psychoactive music are available to enhance your experience as you view each.

“The Mandela Effect (parallel realities)”
Healing intent: Listening, communications and verbal and musical expression.

Body connections: Throat, mouth and ears.

Musical pairing: “Wormhole Whispers” from Between Two Worlds. (https://maddogfriedman.bandcamp.com/track/wormhole-whispers)

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