Crux Planetcracker USDTG-1 M1D1.cdr

Crux Planetcracker USDTG-1 M1D1.cdr

The Five Horsemen of the Dandopocalypse



A new derivative version of Mat Salleh Carina Newstyle, VAu 1-291-132, 2016

A proposed new final specification for The Flag of the United States of America.

A Planetcracker Series special variant version for The Climate Activist Community.

Shown here in this worksheet as a 1:5 ratio scale of the 3′ by 5′ production version.

A new 52-star union in the form of 26 Binary Stars each representing two States, together with the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico; and nine fourfold Carina Blossom Nebulae (demonstrating a conjunction of the Planets in the Constellation of Scorpius) offering up to 36 new additional positions for future Space Colonies, Lunar Bases, Undersea Cities, etc.

A new color-corrected optical art fly featuring a Coal/Oil into Green Energy Sevenfold Emerald Rainbow. Shown here in CorelDRAW 2019 PANTONE® solid coated 115 Belgium Yellow, 179 South Africa Red, 279 Citadel and 281 Texas Blue, and 358, 361, and 364 Emerald Green.

Fonts by Ray Larabie/The Ultimate Font Download; Microsoft.

Copyright © 2016, 2018, 2019 David M. Frost. All Rights Reserved.

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