Old Guidestone USPN-1 M5D1.cdr

Old Guidestone USPN-1 M5D1.cdr




A new derivative version of Reg Nos. VAu 1-291-132, 2017, and VAu 1-393-433, 2020

A proposed new unified single specification upgrade for The State Flag of Georgia.

Agrees in style and design with the Old Planetcracker series U.S. Flag proposals.

Shown here in this worksheet as a 1:5 ratio scale of the 3′ by 5′ production version.

The U.S. State Flag that has undergone more revisions and complete rebuilds from scratch than any other now undergoes a final, radically superior one. In the Dexter Canton Bar, a glittering 300% Trinary Cluster Jalagiway Jack, arrayed as are the Minor Stars of the head of Scorpius, the Major Stars of Orion, and the Eastern Maria of the Waxing Moon.

The Tricolor fly features an Ovata Carina Blossom Nebula Clarke Monolith which at a distance becomes a Pyralis Firefly. Shown here in CorelDRAW® 2020 PANTONE+® Solid Coated-V4 Tierney Orange 2011, Red 483 and 2347, Blue 2133, Joe Navy 2766, Tierney Yellow 395, and Black 6 C.

Fonts by Ray Larabie/The Ultimate Font Download.

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