Gifts for Photographers: The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again and as is tradition we’ve scoured the web for both essential and unique gifts and gift ideas for the photographer in your life, even if that photographer is you!

Essential Photography Gear


Let’s start with things a photographer can’t live without. These gifts are great pairings if you know a beginner is going to be receiving a new camera or if they already have one and are looking to get more serious.

Tripod$10 and up – Camera stabilization when and where you need it. Tripods come in a wide range for all kinds of activities from traipsing through the jungle to climbing a mountain and everything in between.

Camera BagAs low as $10 – You’re going to need a place to store all of your gear. These rugged bags are suitable for not just helping you stay mobile, but for protecting your gear as well.

Photography Tips eBook – Important lessons for every new photographer. Very affordable and easy to understand guides on some of the fundamental photography theories and techniques.

UV Filter$6 –  A UV filter isn’t quite as important as it used to be with modern digital cameras however it can help reduce fringe discoloration in daylight shots. Couple that with the fact the filter acts as a second skin for your expensive lens and it becomes an affordable way to tidy up pictures and protect your camera from dust, prints, and scratches.

Grey Card – $8 – A simple card that can be carried around and used to calibrate your white balance perfectly wherever you go.

Rechargeable Batteries Less than $20 – Extra rechargeable batteries should probably be at the top of this list. They are always required. We recommend Eneloop Pro’s.

Memory CardsLess than $20 – If you’re taking pictures you need storage. Memory has become a lot cheaper over the years and you can get 64gb for less than $20 these days. Remember to make sure you match the card type with your camera.

Photo Software – Software for photo editing or for RAW editing and photo management is essential in any photographers kit.

Cool Photography Stuff

Sometimes you just want something unique. These are some of the coolest things we’ve found that are sure to please any photographer as they offer interesting and creative function and form.

Tabletop Photography Studio


This awesome kits comes with an popup light box, 2 lights and a camera mount allowing you to turn anything into a small studio perfect for photographing small items. With the rise in popularity of online markets like Etsy having affordable ways to take great photographs of your products is essential. This is perfect for arts and crafts or jewelry photography.

Camera Strap Scarf


These gorgeous creations made by crafters over on Etsy turn standard equipment into a fashion statement. The lovely camera strap scarfs come in all kinds of materials and patterns.

Bokeh Kit

These super cool screens changes the way light enters your camera, allowing you to use the Bokeh effect in completely new ways. This is not just a really cool gift idea but it’s a great way to get new photographers to experiment with lenses and light and create cool images like this!


White Balance Lens Cap

Remember that Grey Card we recommended? For something so essential, why not build it right into your lens? This handy two-in-one is a unique gift for all levels of photographer.


This cool device allows you to turn your smart phone into a remote for your camera! How cool is that! Available for most major camera models.


Smoke Drops


This has to be one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen this year. These two chemicals, when combined, create smokey plumes from whatever you put them on! The smoke is harmless and allows you to do all kinds of creative things with photos. Take a look at this!

smoke in a glass (4) redone

Hopefully this guide at least serves as some inspiration for your gift searching needs or even for yourself. Have a great holidays everyone!

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