CorelDRAW Macros

How to Fit Objects to a Path

Learn how to use the Fit Objects to Path command in CorelDRAW, that lets you fit any type and number of objects to a path of your choice.

Adding Borders and Grommets

Learn how to use the Border and Grommet tool for CorelDRAW, which allows you to quickly and efficiently prepare banners for printing and post processing.

Prep and Stretch Extension

Prepare your artwork and photographs for canvas printing in three easy steps with the Canvas Prep docker in PHOTO-PAINT.

Convert All to Curves Extension

See how the Convert All to Curves extension for CorelDRAW lets you convert text to curves with one click.

Color Chart Creator Extension

Learn how to create color charts from stock or custom color palettes with this CorelDRAW X8 extension.

File Converter Extension

Learn how to quickly convert all files in a folder to another file format using the free File Converter extension for CorelDRAW.

Creating a Calendar with the Calendar Wizard

This tutorial will show you how to use the Calendar Wizard in CorelDRAW to create a custom calendar with your own photos in a few easy steps.

Photo Cocktail Extension

Learn how to use the Photo Cocktail extension in CorelDRAW to create a stunning mosaic image using your favorite photos.

Creating Mosaics with the Pointillizer

This tutorial will show you how to use the Pointillizer extension for CorelDRAW to create high-quality vector mosaics.