Graphic Design for Your Personal Brand

Graphic Design for Your Personal Brand

We live in an age of social media. Deciding how to present yourself is becoming more important, not just to your social life, but also to your professional development.

Take control of this process by learning how to design and craft your own personal brand. Whether you’re a blogger or a performer, a community organizer or a computer programmer, the simple projects covered in this video will give you tools to control the image you project into the world.

How to Design a Poster

Poster design is quite a bit different than any other design piece that may be done, simply because there are very few design rules that should be followed. There is no one way to design a poster. Posters offer design freedom that no other document design can.

Create a School Mascot

Designing a school mascot is a sure-fire way to boost team morale. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a school mascot by enhancing an existing ClipArt image with some basic shapes and artistic text to create an emblem.

Make a Facebook Cover Photo

Learning how to make a Facebook cover photo is a great way to express yourself, or your business, on one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. A Facebook cover photo has a few peculiar dimensions that can make designing an image a little tricky.

Make Your Own Pop Art Poster

A celebration of mass culture, some of the most recognizable features of pop art are the bold, colorful graphics used along with an embrace of mechanized reproduction such as print and silk screen. Pop art is instantly recognizable and a lot of fun so why not make your own pop art poster?

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