Graphic Design for Your Small Business

Graphic Design for Your Small Business

Learn how to bring your graphic design in-house with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

Small businesses have all kinds of graphic design needs – a compelling logo, a professional business card, and other basic marketing materials – that require graphic design tools and expertise. CorelDRAW is an easy-to-use and affordable solution that will save you the considerable costs of hiring a graphic designer. This series of tutorials shows you how you can tackle these common graphic design projects yourself.

Create a Calendar

Creating unique personalized calendars is one of the many fun projects you can do using CorelDRAW. This tutorial will teach you how to create a custom calendar in a few simple steps.

Create an Effective Logo

CorelDRAW has numerous tools you can use to create an effective and professional logo to suit your unique business needs. Enhance your brand recognition by creating an attractive logo!

Create a Magazine Cover

Learning how to create a magazine cover can be applied to all kinds of projects. A school report, a community newsletter or just an actual magazine! Creating a professional looking magazine cover is made simple with the power of CorelDRAW and the PowerClip feature.

Setting Up CorelDRAW For Adobe Illustrator Users

In this tutorial we are going look at some of the features that are available to help ease the transition from Adobe Illustrator to CorelDRAW, including the Illustrator workspace, help documents and Hints docker.

Make a Facebook Cover Image

Learn how to design, modify and export a cover image for your Facebook page, using clipart images and a few simple tools in CorelDRAW.

Design a Vehicle Wrap

Designing a vehicle wrap is one of the most advanced projects you can undertake with CorelDRAW. It’s great for small businesses, or anyone who wants to give their vehicle a special flare. This tutorial will show you how to design a vehicle wrap that you can be proud of.

Design a Business Card

Designing a business card is a critical part of getting any small business going. This tutorial will show you how to design and print your own custom business cards using CorelDRAW.

Design a Custom Wine Label

Design a wine label and take your brand to the next level! If you have ever ordered a bottle of wine at a fine restaurant, you know that they are always presented to you label first. CorelDRAW helps you take your creativity outside of the bottle to make a wine label as unique and expressive as your wine.

The Essential Tools for Garment Decoration

Product specialist Roger Wambolt covers several of the tools in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite that are indispensable when working on designs for garment decoration.

Create an Invitation Postcard

Impress your clients with a unique invitation to your next event! Creating custom postcards in CorelDRAW is a great way to get the word out about your business.

Make Your Own Barcode with CorelDRAW

There is a lot of work that goes into managing a business, no matter what its size – whether it comes to marketing to a targeted sales audience, or tracking and identifying products. Why not make the process as easy as possible, and simplify where you can?

Transform Your Graphics to Digital Signs

Make more out of your finished graphics! In this training session, CorelDRAW specialist and trainer Suzanne Smith shows you how to turn traditional images and vector artwork into eye-catching videos for digital signage.

Creating Variable Data Printing Files

Learn how to create a file that’s suitable for variable data printing, where information like a list of names is taken from a database or spreadsheet and inserted into individual  design elements (like a page of business cards) during printing. This saves a lot of time when printing things like employee ID cards, team badges, inventory stickers, etc.

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