Working with Photographs in PHOTO-PAINT

Working with Photographs in PHOTO-PAINT

This collection of written tutorials focuses on using CorelDRAW and PHOTO-PAINT to edit and improve your photographs. Learn how the variety of photo editing tools can help you do anything, from a quick adjustment of your snapshots to a detailed design project using effects and image manipulation.

Correct Images Quickly and Easily in Corel PHOTO-PAINT

In this tutorial, we’ll look at several methods of adjusting and correcting images in Corel PHOTO-PAINT in a few, easy-to-apply steps.

Fix Photos Fast with the Image Adjustment Lab

Learn how to easily apply automatic, custom, and advanced image corrections to fix common photography issues, using PHOTO-PAINT's Image Adjustment Lab.

Image Manipulation using PHOTO-PAINT

In this written tutorial, CorelDRAW Master Stefan Lindblad shows you how to use photo filter lenses and halftone effects to manipulate your photos in PHOTO-PAINT.

Use Photo Effects to Look Like a Photo Professional

This tutorial shows you how to use three powerful photo effects - Vibrance, Grayscale and Photo Filter - in Corel PHOTO-PAINT to improve your images.

Using Corel PHOTO-PAINT brushes in CorelDRAW

Did you know that you can use the photo-realistic effects of Corel PHOTO-PAINT brushes in CorelDRAW? This written tutorial will show you how.

Working with RAW Files and Snapshots in Corel PHOTOPAINT

In this written tutorial, get some tips from CorelDRAW Master Steve Bain on importing and editing RAW files in PHOTO-PAINT.

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