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Ariana Estariel

The very first computer program I ever legally purchased was WordPerfect 4.2 in 1987. I was very poor at the time, but the money spent on WP then and through all subsequent upgrades, has made such a difference in my life. My proficiency and passion for WordPerfect provided me a valuable skill, enabling me to be hired for the job I have been in for the last 25 years. I have amusingly pointed out to my co-workers that I literally owe my career to the cut and paste feature. On a personal level, WordPerfect has allowed me to continue keeping a journal, which is now close to 6,000 electronic pages long, and includes vibrant graphics and expressive fonts. As I am dyslexic, the QuickWords, spellchecker and other language tools have proved more than invaluable in working around this learning disability. Also, I now have essential tremor, which causes my hands to shake, making my handwriting almost impossible to read. WordPerfect is part of my solution to this potentially crippling and incurable syndrome. For me, and I cannot say this sincerely enough, WordPerfect is more than just a program, it is a companion, providing me an invaluable aid for maintaining my mental and physical health, not to mention my job.


Flynn Warren

I really enjoy being able to automate the functions I want to happen automatically without feeling that I am not in control of my documents. The ability to change formatting and font with one simple command rather than drag over the entire document is great. I absolutely LOVE reveal codes for cleaning up web downloads and finding and fixing problems in a document. Direct importation and editing of PDF documents is much appreciated. The ability to open and edit virtually every other document format is especially valuable for those of use with 30+ years of documents.


Joan Rattray

As I work in a law firm and have done so since 1988, I need to have a user friendly, feature packed, reliable word processing programme. WordPerfect fits that bill. I have even taught WordPerfect at Trade Schools and to Youth Services Programmes. When I completed my Paralegal Diploma and Computer Based Information Systems course, I used WordPerfect. I have never understood why Word was used so much as I find it a very user unfriendly programme with a mind of its own. WordPerfect by far has the best features and interaction with the User. It can also be customized to my preferences. The Macros and Merge features are so easy to use I have to say I love WordPerfect!

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I have used WordPerfect for years, even when it was the software of choice installed on all new computers. It is, by far, the most user friendly and versatile program in the word processing world and has evolved into so much more. I am currently using ver. X7

Sheryl Whisenhunt

My first experience with WordPerfect was back in the blue screen days. Ever since then I’ve used it in several computer systems and have recommended it to many associates.

I have access to several word processors, but still prefer WordPerfect. By the way, I’m now 83 years old and still using word processors!

Don Butler

I love WordPerfect since it allows me to create great documents at work. Easy to use, easy to revise, easy to teach others how to use. Love it.

Beth Dekoker

I miss Word Perfect so much–I have ever since I was hired for a college teaching position and discovered that they used Word. I stubbornly kept on using my beloved WP program, but found that correspondents often couldn’t open my documents. I loved Word Perfect’s creativity in the form of its many programs with innovative features. I was fascinated with what I could do–make script conform to line shapes, make borders out of words or clip art, make beautiful, fancy envelopes–there were so many that I have kept. Eventually, of course, you run into obstacles–the program won’t work on certain machines or with Windows operations, for instance. But I subscribed to a disk-of-the-month program which had so many wonderful operations on each disk. I eagerly looked forward to each month so I could create all the sensational projects Word Perfect came up with! The clip art was great, but these stand-alone little programs which enabled you to create a border with your own name and other enchantments was so sui generis that Word Perfect occupied a special place in my affections. Since I was an academic too–going for a doctorate in English, I appreciated Word Perfect’s sophisticated vocabulary, which I notice made it the program of choice in the legal world. The feature known as Reveal Codes was also so unique–in no other software could you find what had caused something not to work by looking at the commands. In short, WP was my preferred software. It still is, and I look forward to the day when I can reinstate it in my writer’s toolbox. I have been a poor student for the seven years I was enslaved to academia, but I have always held a special place on my bookshelf for Word Perfect. I hope to one day find my finances in more robust shape, so that I can once again embark on an adventurous journey with my favorite software. When I purchased PaintShop Pro 8, I was euphoric, for it meant one step forward towards a future time when I can own again the latest version of Word Perfect. Then I will feel confident that I can start to work on my novel!

Dianne Armstrong

It is an excellent desk top publishing program which is perfect for writing nooks and I have written more than 20 books using WP.

Heinz Richtre

I`m a big fun of the Corel Platform, since June 1991, when I began to use it. And of all its products, WordPerfect is the one I love most, with its unique features -reveal codes, mail merge, columns, labels, etc…- that makes our live easier. In my opinion, it is the best text editor ever, easy, simple,… perfect.

Paula Ramos

I love WordPerfect since it is easy to use. I have used Microsoft Office 2000 and it had a flaw that you could only save to the hard disk. I never had this problem with WordPerfect. I save most of my work on flash drives. To me that is an important feature that makes me buy WordPerfect editions for so many years.
It is also sold at a reasonable price for what it contains. It is amazing how much you can do with this package. The how to guides are wonderful to use, since I am far from an expert using all of the features. It also works well with a separate program called Corel’s WordPerfect Essentials that I got a while ago.
So that is why I love WordPerfect.

Arthur Michaelson

Simple, Reveal Codes; Tables & Macros!


I have used WordPerfect ever since I have owned a computer. I have found the format to invite writing. It is intuitive and easy to learn. The Reveal Codes is one of the best features I have ever seen. Although I must use Microsoft Word to send documents to some people, I find that WordPerfect seamlessly translates a document into Word and translated Word into WordPerfect. The Table feature is far superior to the equivalent in Word.

I could not be more pleased with WordPerfect. I will always use this program!

Ken Shull

WordPerfect is flexible. You can use reveal codes to change everything anywhere in any document. You are not restricted to setting a paragraph style and then fighting with the program to make a small change within the body of the paragraph.

Andrew Zuckerman

I did not know what a word processor was until 1988. Then I got a job and was introduced to WordPerfect. I was astonished! It blew my mind that one could be able to write, revise, edit, reedit, and then print, reducing the waste of paper.

The years went by, and I went through all WordPerfect versions. There was no doubt in the IT community that WordPerfect was the best word processor in the market. But then something happened: WordPerfect lost market, Microsoft Word took off, and little by little WordPerfect became unknown.

I am grateful that Corel has kept WordPerfect alive. When I show it to other colleagues they can’t believe of all its capabilities, and everyone agrees that it is a mystery how a poor product as Microsoft Word has become so popular. Users have got used to deal with its limitations ignoring that WordPerfect got them solved since the very beginning.

Life is full of ironies: WordPerfect is a real word processor, whereas Microsoft Word is a mediocre one. Leonardo’s L’Ultima Cena is a poor painting compared to La Crocifissione painted in the opposite wall by Giovanni Donato Montorfano. However, L’Ultima Cena became famous, and La Crocifissione is pretty much ignored.

Popularity is not a synonymous of quality. WordPerfect was, is, and hopefully will continue being the best word processor in the history of computing. Eudora was by far the best e-mail client application, but they let it die. I certainly hope this never happens to WordPerfect.

As a writer I use WordPerfect. As an IT professional I use WordPerfect. I recommend WordPerfect to everybody. Thanks again, Corel, for keeping it alive!

Ale Garofalo

I was introduced to Wordperfect DOS when I bought my first computer in college. Since it was the first word processing program I ever used, it naturally became the one I prefer. I have tried other word processing software over the years, but have always immediately returned to Wordperfect. For me, it is a perfect fit. Everything about it seems tailor made to my specific processing needs. I would be lost without Wordperfect as I use it daily in my ministry.

Eric Riley

The earliest I can remember (Version 4.2), got me started on word processing. I probably use the Reveal Codes most of all, but the ease of using columns, graphs, importing images, text attributes, Avery label formats, cut-copy-paste capabilities I have learned to love over the years.
Years ago, I was on vacation and as we came through Orem, Utah, I said to my friend, “Let’s stop in at the Word Perfect Company and see if we can get a tour.” Needless to say, we did get a tour (they were surprised that someone would drop in for one) and I was gobsmacked at the facility there. The sheer number of people answering phones was incredible, something that I have never forgotten.
At present, I am trying to write a novel and have hopes of becoming an author in the next year or two and the ability to ‘go back’ has been of immense value.
Now, at almost 79 years of age, I still look forward to new versions of WordPerfect. I just downloaded the latest version and am anxious to see what new improvements have been added.
Love it,

Bob Boyer

WordPerfect, in my humble opinion, is the best word processing program on the market. I always tell people using something else, especially that other program that shall not be named, give me 10 minutes and I’ll make you a WordPerfect fan!

Steven Vesely

I never ever considered any other word processing program, as I was totally and convincible happy with my WordPerfect’s. Many times my work or home colleagues and friend tried to convince me to change, but I still liked my WP. I also had for many years your original WP magazine, which I did love and was sorry when it ceded operation, upon being bought by another company.
I believe I started with WP 3 or 4, (Long time ago, being now over 80, can’t always no longer remember all these numbers) and now I am contemplating to change to WP X8.

Thank you for WP, made my word processing work a lot easier.

Susanne Bertschinger

I love that WordPerfect allows the user to customize their documents with exacting specificity. In the legal profession it is important that your document, whether it is correspondence or a pleadings, meet the exact aesthetic standards and filing procedures befitting the court. Only WordPerfect allows the level of customization necessary to efficiently and precisely prepare such documents.

Samuel Munson

I love Word Perfect because the formatting and table functions are so easy to use. I prepare budgets all the time and I wouldn’t use any other program for this!

Rose Swan

I have used WordPerfect since the 1980’s. I worked on ANSI Standards as editor and WP was the only program at the time that would go across all platforms (i.e., mainframe, Windows, and Apple) – it was the ideal development tool for multiple engineers. I write a lot of documents and talks and these are all on WordPerfect. Sometimes, I have to use other word processors, but the ease-of-use of WP far surpasses these programs. I just downloaded X8 and hope that I continue to get the same service from WP as I have over all of these years.

Horst L Truestedt

I have been a loyal fan and user of WordPerfect since Version 2 when it was developed and produced in Utah. It is the only word processor and office system that I have used continuously. Its universality does not require me to have to purchase Word; I can easily prepare and convert documents to Word where I have to use that software when required. I can prepare .pdf documents, spreadsheets, do some statistical calculations, econometric formulas, finished papers ready for publication, and so on. It is the only truly universal office system software on the market. It is way less confusing to use than Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. With WordPerfect and other Corel products, I need nothing else to do my work as an independent scholar and economic consultant.

Edward Heler

It makes it so easy to process anything that needs to be shared and preserved.

Paul Powell

I make a lot of complex documents, often with many graphics that I make myself in WP. Word Perfect gives me total control over my documents. With the help of Reveal Codes, I can format my documents quickly and exactly how I want them to appear. WP Help is always clear and easy to understand so it is easy to do fancy stuff that I don’t do often. I can produce much better documents much faster in WP than in any other word processor I have used. I wouldn’t be without it. There is no competition in the same league.

Chris Brooks

WordPerfect, even the ‘new fangled’ Windows versions, still opens and saves my now ancient WordPerfect and LetterPerfect DOS files. A few years ago I had to find a 14 year old letter (for the tax man). I was able to find it, open it, print it. This removed a $14,000.00 tax liability for me!

WordPerfect does practical and useful things that no other product does! Just for example:

I can not tell you how many times friends, customers and co-workers, have given me a Microsoft Word (TM) file because they could not sort out the formatting. Opening problem files with WordPerfect, hitting [ALT][F3] to reveal codes allows me to quickly sort out problem documents. Nothing else on the planet does this as well as WordPerfect.

The split line left and right justification [ALT][F7] is excellent for everything from sales proposals to Hymn numbers on church service bulletins to military memo format. Yes, this can be done after a fashion with left tabs on other word processors, but then any margin change requires much work. WordPerfect makes it easy and fast.

I have written letters, booklets, contracts, proposals, lesson plans, papers, thesis, legal briefs, regulations, training documents and manuals, military memos; published church bulletins and whole service booklets (even the canon of the mass) with WordPefect. WP works better than everything else.

WordPefect is more that a word processor – it has serious page layout features that are intuitive and easy to use. WordPerfect has kept a consistent user interface, allowing easy access to powerful features without having to relearn. I have used Word Star, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Open Office, Libre Office and others in Academic, Business, Government, and Non-profit environments. In every case WordPerfect has performed better, not just a little bit, but much much better than any other product designed to produce documents.

Rodney Longmire

because its still the best wordprocessor

Rainer Ahues

Since I discovered the program back in the 1980’s I have always used WP as my word processor of choice. It is by far the most user-friendly program I have every used….especially when it comes to formatting. I can always see and easily fix formatting issues. Many have tried to make me change over to Word and all have failed. I do not understand why anyone would use Word. It just doesn’t have the same functionality. Thank you!

Elaine Bengts

At that time, options for word processors were limited, but WordPerfect was recommended by a friend stating that I could use color (on my color dot matrix printer) on my printed pages to show foreign languages (I was working on my Master’s at the time and I had to show via italics and preferably color whenever I used Greek or Hebrew). Also, WordPerfect had the ability to use the foreign languages on the screen and I could print them out (this was all in DOS), which WordPerfect was pretty much the only word processor that I was able to complete that task. I was using version 4.2 for DOS. When version 5.0 was released, I readily upgraded, because now I could use graphics and I could position them anywhere on the page (only visible on print preview, though) and have the words wrap automatically around the graphics – even between columns! WordPerfect was/is the only word processor that I could use instead of having to buy a desktop publishing program. Without going into the tabs settings, I could left align, center align and right align all on the same line (headings and issue numbers in newsletters)! When Windows 3 came around, Microsoft was not nice in giving the WordPerfect people incorrect codes so that the program was slow and buggy at first, but even after the dust settled, WordPefect has been and is a better program than Word and Ami Pro. I love being able to make my own macros. I am forced at work to use MS Word, but I have also made my company purchase a single copy of WordPerfect so that I can work comfortably. I export to Word and everyone’s happy. I still tell everyone that WordPerfect is the only word processor to use. When they try to show me the cool things that Word or some other company has done, I love saying, “oh, that? It’s been available in WordPerfect since DOS days, or since version 7 or 8.” The I proceed to show them what I can do in WordPerfect and they stop in their tracks. Thanks, WordPerfect!

Timothy Watkins

Best word processor, reveal codes, footnotes, everything, all of it, it is just perfect. Just do not discontinue it.

Manuel Jose Berrocal

Word Perfect remains the Holy Grail of word processing programs. The ability to set up text and page are unsurpassed. The essence is the respect the authors of the program give to the writer. There is no need to “over-ride” choices that may not be appropriate. Simply and comfortably, all of the choices such as font, margins, spacing, pagination are in the hands of the author. The reveal codes reveal quite a lot more than most any program. This allows output of a clean document that will have fewer surprises as the publishing process continues.

Jeremy M. Miller

Although I have been forced to used MS Word in many cases, I always compose originals in WordPerfect. There is simply no substitute for reveal codes when editing a document, and I really like being able to open Word documents without losing formating and even save WP documents as Word files to share with others. I have always found WP to be easier to use and more intuitive than Word and am not about to give it up!

David Bertelsen

I think I still have version 4.2 on diskette somewhere. I found WordPerfect when IBM was about to quit making DisplayWrite II, III & IV, and have been a loyal fan ever since. WordPerfect is so much easier to use than Word and I’m an IT guy, albeit self-taught. I can fix almost any problem with the reveal code feature. And I still know most of the old DOS keyboard commands as well. It’s functional and it’s a great program.

Tom Marier

I like using WordPerfect because it is simple and easy to use. I run a rental company and use data names, spread sheets, and data bases, all of which works very well with WordPerfect. I am not a pro as doing letters but it makes the job easy and looks nice.

James M Lynch

As a former professional typesetter, I love that I can appropriately format any document. When WP5 came out, I was able to use the tables function to create government forms that we previously had to purchase from the Government Printing Office and fill out in a typewriter, so that we could now prepare our government forms on-screen that were indistinguishable from the purchased versions. I created letterheads using scans of official logos and customized letterhead info for our various offices. Now, using Reveal Codes (and editing the codes), I find it is a snap to find and fix formatting problems and errors. No other wordprocessing program has all of the features of WordPerfect for professional typesetting and layout of any publication that I might want to create.

Robert Julia

Why do I love WordPerfect? Because it is easy to use and I can do things simply. I especially like to be able to set up an A3 Landscape page divided in to two and print out Annual Report Booklets for Scouting and Preservation Groups that I belong to. This creates a very professional looking booklet for the Annual Reports. It is easy to insert photographs and size them to fit. I only wish that there was a version for the Mac. Unfortunately I have to try and convert documents in to MS Word to send anything friends. Not impressed as the conversion does not usually work how I have in WordPerfect. Would not swap WordPerfect for quids.

Geoffrey D Dean

I have always loved WP since I began using it as a (mature) student studying for my BA. It came with me through an MA, and then through a PhD, to a tenure-track university job. And now it’s with me in retirement. It was always miles above the competition, and it’s just got better and better. I am now able to write comfortably as always in WP and submit my work for publications in the Other Format Which Cannot Be Named, as it has unaccountably become a universal requirement. This has been true for a number of years, but with this new version it is absolutely terrific in this, and in so many other aspects. Thanks for nearly thirty years of a happy relationship!

Lindsay Bryan

I find Wordperfect easy to use and much more user friendly than Word. I just upgraded to Wordperfect X8 and enjoying the upgraded features from Wordperfect X5 that I had been using for a number of years.

Nancy Flagler-Wilburn

I’ve used WordPerfect since 1986 (version 4.2 for DOS) and love it. Whenever someone sends me a Microsoft Word document for redlining, I cringe, because the result will be horribly mangled. By contrast, Reveal Codes and other WordPerfect typesetting features enable me to create print layouts precise enough to rival dedicated page composition products. Combine that with macro editing, superior column and paragraph formatting, easy sort and merge setup, and built-in PDF features, and you have a clear winner. Thanks, WordPerfect!

Don Solomon

Ensimmäinen tekstinkäsittely-ohjelma jolla aloin kirjoittaa ja tekemään eri luetteloita, ja siitä lähtien on WP ollut käytössä.

Hannu Vilén

…In 1991, I was made the City’s Supervisor of networks. By 2002, we had expanded to a 121 site, 4800 person network with WordPerfect Office as our standard office suite. We were training about 2300 people per year in our dedicated classrooms to use the WordPerfect Office Suite. We had four levels of classes so that each department could have an expert. This in-house training program won awards from a local government research group..

We did not stay with WordPerfect because it was the only programs we knew. We would compare each version of competitive products as they came out and make our recommendations based on what the departments needed. The WordPerfect Office Suite was the best and fortunately the most economical solution generally for the network…

Read More

Darlene Walk

I have loved WP since I began to use it. It is more flexible and easier to find solutions to perform an operation than many other word processors. I worked at a church which began to use this program and I bought it for home. I am always told how wonderful Word is as opposed to WordPerfect. I never found it to be true. When I tried to learn how to change line spacing in Word I was told it changed for the entire Paragraph or Page. I only needed it for a few lines within the paragraph. Creating Bulletins required creative spacing to accomplish the task and still have a great document. A bulletin is a booklet so to speak. WP did it with easy and sent to the printer so all I had to do was fold the pages together. I love Word Perfect.

Curryanne Hostetler

I love WordPerfect—simply because it virtually is. Format, Layout, View , Tables, Fonts, Drop Caps, and Graphics placement. The easiest text correction and adjustment of proportion, plus “fit to page” simplicity. Incomparable and peerless professional possibilities have increased with every version. So many delights for busy writers at any level to explore and apply.
It’s very friendly too. What more could I say, when it’s–WordPerfect?

Milton Engleheart

Because it is a solid WP with tons of features that set it apart from the competition


WordPerfect is so user friendly compared to any other word processing program that I have ever tried. The ability of the program to manipulate graphics within a document makes it ideal for both business and personal use. And the addition of the capability to save a document as a .pdf file makes it even more valuable. I will continue to use WordPerfect and will upgrade every time a new version is available.

Tony Felice

Where do I begin? First, it does what I want it to do, in an intuitive way. When I delete the number in a numbered list, I don’t wind up having the font change in three other places, or formatting disappear throughout the document. When I indent something, it indents it. On and on, WordPerfect demonstrates that it’s unnecessary to fight with one’s word processor to get a document done.

Second, reveal codes. That’s it. Reveal codes is perhaps the most amazing thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. No more banging my head on my desk because formatting is going haywire and there’s no rhyme or reason to it. No more wondering why I can’t resume a numbered list, or what-have-you. Reveal codes. It’s like seeing fire for the first time.

Third, power. I can export my documents – properly formatted and all – to other word processors, to PDF, to wherever I want, and I know it will look the way I want it to look.

Simply, WordPerfect far outstrips its competition in every measurable way. There is no software I would rather use, and I am vociferous in my recommendation of it to others.

Chris Harwood

In my estimation, its much easier to use than the other popular word processing program. “Quick format”, for example, can be applied many times without going back and forth to the menu; and “make it fit” is an invaluable resource. And writing in newspaper columns, too … what a breeze! How about “line spacing”? I can format it the way I want, not on how the program authors decide is best for me. I’ve been using Word.Perfect since it came on a floppy disk and was written in DOS, and will never choose another program for my word processing. Yay!!

Marilyn Maxwell

I have written 26 books, countless papers, and lord knows how many presentations. All with Word Perfect.

The reasons are simply three:

1. When compared to Word (which is a four letter ‘word’), whenever I make a composition mistake, I can only guess as to why in Word, but via Reveal Codes, the reason and the solution is 100% clear, obvious, and easy to accomplish.

2. When compared to Word (which again is a four letter ‘word’), whenever I need to make a table, it is always easier and much more professional looking in Word Perfect than in Word.

3. Whenever I am REQUIRED to deliver a product in Word (there I go again, cursing), I make the document in Word Perfect and save it in the Word format. I’m happy. The useful idiots to whom the document is a deliverable are happy.

Michael M Gorman

I love the alt F3 feature. I love the fact that I can view the codes that are part of any document.

Harriet Rhodes

When you find a good thing, you stick with it! Having utilized Word Perfect since 1989, it has helped us get through all of the word processing needs with our company, now 36 years old. Many of our early Word Perfect documents were specialized tables for accounting – extremely helpful for our growing company. Templates for invoicing and faxing have been well-used features of even the early versions of the program. And the ease of adding graphics and Symbols, have added much to the value of this versatile program. A broad range of pdf capabilities, Quick Formatting, and just all of the tools available have become easier and more versatile with each new version.
We’ve tried working with other word processing programs, but always felt them to be unnecessarily complex, whereas Word Perfect has always been quite intuitive and just plain comfortable to use.
The definitive word for Word Perfect Office is flexibility, (ital.) with multiple features such as all of those mentioned, and so much more. I think it may be time for an upgrade!

Patrick Paine

The Reveal Codes feature in my opinion places WordPerfect above all other packages. I have been using it since around the 1980’s when I became Manager of an office where WordPerfect was the choice of all the secretaries. Can’t argue with the secretaries. I took it with me when I retired in 1995 and now at age 86 I am still using it. Number One in my eyes. So easy to pick up and use. I update with each release. Wouldn’t be without it.

Jack Fryatt

Your Reveal Codes is far superior to Word’s I have never had to strip out the formatting by converting to ASCII, this is a frequent occurrence in Word documents.

WordPerfectis much easier to use than Word. It is great for complex documents, and problems are easy to fix. Word is cumbersome and Googles Docs does not a lot of features that I need. I have seen legal sectaries struggle to do things in Word that are easy in WordPerfect.

By not supporting Active X I know that I cannot get a virus from a WordPerfect document.

I have used WprdPerfect for 25+ years and find the alternatives cannot live up to the usability and reliability it provides..

Laura Balsam

I have been using WordPerfect since forever, beginning with the DOS 5.1 version. I upgrade with almost every version, just because. I am a writer of novels, novellas, and short stories, and I will use WordPerfect every time. For starters, it is so easy to create different headers for chapters, to start and stop them, and to prevent their display. In addition, I totally love the Master/Subdocument feature. I write my content with only paragraph indents as my formatting. For specific formatting, I create the appropriate master document and expand the document as necessary. This way, I have only the single original, so when I make changes, those changes, revisions, whatever cascade down through all the different versions of my story merely by updating the master documents. Finally, no other word processor beats Reveal Codes. I create forms for daily use at work, and reveal codes allows me to be precise with every aspect of the form. In total, WordPerfect is simply the best tool out there- it’s true what they say: professional word processors use WordPerfect.


By not supporting Active X I know that I cannot get a virus from a WordPerfect document.

I have used WprdPerfect for 25+ years and find the alternatives cannot live up to the usability and reliability it provides..

Charles LeBrasseur

From the days of blue screens and white text I’ve loved WordPerfect.WP has other features that are just as useful to me. For example, I love having its regular editing, dictionary/spelling, and graphic tools visible as icons at the top (or side) of the screen workspace. Then there is the easily customizable menus that I just take for granted–until when I have to work on someone else’s computer which does not have WP, and I have to deal with the frustration of trying to customize the competion’s menus!

I appreciate especially WP’s pace-setting upgrades. One of the most valuable is its file-saving in just about any format, and its ability to read any format. The competion are always having to copy its features. However, while they might imitate, they can often fall short of duplicating or exceeding.

Finally, I just love the overall appearance and feel of WordPerfect. Whenever, I return to it after having worked on someone else’s machine, its as if I’ve returned home.

Halsey Peat

WordPerfect is so much easier to use that Microsoft Word. You can also do a lot of things in WP that you can not do in Word faster. I have had family members come and use WP on my computer and have said that it was easier to use that Word was and have gone a bought a copy of WP. Keep up the good work in making WP #1.
Now if I may, there is one place where you could improve WP. When you go to Format and bring up LABELS, it would be nice if there was a place to enter the number of the label that you wanted to use (IE. 8163, 18660) and not have to scroll through the whole list to find your label. It would make it so much easier and faster

Dale Stahl

WordPerfect has more features, is more creative, and yet is more simple to use than its competitors. With other word processors, I struggle to get my documents to look how I want them to look. With WordPerfect, I have all the tools I need to format and finish documents exactly as I want them to be.

Dennis Glenn

I’ve used Word Perfect since I had my first computer. At first it was for business with the usual letters, spreadsheets, and data bases. I continued to use WP after retiring from the business world but in a different way.
Traveling for 6 months a year in an RV for a dozen years, my husband and I produced a newsletter, writing about and including photos of where we were and what we were doing. It started with a small list of a dozen family members and grew to our final list of well over 100.
For the past 12 years, I’ve produced (and continue to produce) a newsletter for our church district, with a mailing list of hundreds. This is where Word Perfect works so well. I receive articles and photos from 60 of our churches and have to make them conform to my format. Why do I not use a publishing program? To my knowledge, Word Perfect is the only program that allows me to see (and correct or delete) all the hidden codes in a document – and there are many incorrect codes in the documents I receive!
It is also very easy to insert graphics into the document. I have produced brochures for the church and just finished a twenty page book of the history of our church.
Bottom line…wherever I am in life, Word Perfect will be right there with me.

Gail Peterson

WordPerfect is focused on the needs of the user, rather than on forcing us into the Microsoft monopoly. I can read and edit documents sent to me in Word, and convert them back to Word to send to the poor folks who no longer have (or never had) WordPerfect. Even government attorneys have told me that they loved WordPerfect, but were forced to switch to Word. The Microsoft cabal won’t let their users open WordPerfect documents, or even convert them to Word. I find that offensive. Substantively, I love the “show codes” function of WordPerfect, and the ease with which I can create tables of authorities. As an attorney who does a lot of federal court briefing, that function saves a lot of time, and gives me confidence in my work product. And I can still open documents written in WordPerfect years (decades?) ago, when I encounter a similar issue. Thanks for caring more about the user than about the bottom line.

Lisa Brodyaga

I’ve more or less “grown up” with WordPerfect, first back in the “DOS days” (maybe version 2.1 or so) and now, after many upgrades, with X8. I’m sure I don’t take advantage of all its features; but everything that I need to do, I can easily, dependably accomplish. I find each new version to be intuitively built on its predecessor(s) and quite easy to grasp. It’s no secret that my work environment defaults to “the competition,” so I’m happy I can switch documents back and forth. I always conclude that WordPerfect just simply makes so much more sense, is so much more user-friendly!

H.E. Singley

I love WordPerfect because of the absolute control available for the appearance of the text, formatting, etc. I have enjoyed watching progression of the WordPerfect versions over the years. WordPerfect X8’s seamless integration with Adobe PDF formatting is a very viable and useful feature. Of course, it’s Reveal Codes feature sets it apart from any other word processor available on the market. There is simply no better way to prepare a

Thomas A. Pendarvis

I started with WordPerfect in 1989 with the Dos version and quickly upgraded to Windows version 5.1, and have upgraded to every version since, (I have kept all boxed version on my History self). I am now on the current version X8.

I have never found a easier to use Word document. I have tried most of the others, but no avail. The easier to find menu items than any others, great autocorrect, and many others. However I guess the most useful tool is the Reveal Codes. I have always kept it open and it makes corrections so easy.

I tried many years ago to use Word, since so many went to it, but I went back to WP quite quickly. Sure was glad when it was made easy to save as word and to export to PDF.
Now I can use WP, export to PDF, send that document, and never have to use word again, (well almost never).
I am a CPA, still working at 78, and still writing reports.
Thank you Corel for taking up the banner!!

Dave Lay

I have been writing General Operations Manuals and Aircraft Training Manuals for charter airlines since 1978. I started using a program call Electric Pencil on a home made computer. In the early 1980’s I used WordStar and changed over to WordPerfect when it first came out. The manuals I create are over 1000 pages with multiple cross references. The manuals are created using information from a database and mail merge. The mail merge in Word couldn’t possibly do what I am capable of doing with WordPerfect. In fact Word falls apart with number of pages I produce. Over the last 30 years I have produced over 3000 manuals using WordPerfect. My business couldn’t exist without it and I refuse to change to a different software. Thank you Corel for the best product on the market and for giving me the tools that enable me to to make a living and run my own business.

Paul Bosshold

WordPerfect has always been easier for me to use than other word processors. In particular it is far easier to design and complete complicated Table layouts than with any other program I have tried.

Brian Matthews

Word Perfect is the easiest word processing program I have ever found. I use other processing programs, because I have to for the others I work with, but 99% of the time I create a document in WP and then save it in another format. I love that I can, with one click, see what I have done (Open style:Document style) and make corrections. The ease of doing documents and macros and printing them. The ease in changing line height, word format, and inserting icons or pictures. The ease in formatting and creating tables. Things I type actually hold their positions. I could go on and on, but I am sure there are more computer savvy people who will be able to do a much better testimonial. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for such a great product.

Candice Wyckoff

WordPerfect is more functional than Microsoft Word. I use WordPerfect every day, so as each later version is created, I am among the first to purchase. Getting WordPerfect 8 was a natural. I find setting prompts, fonts and text sizes to be a very easy thing to do. When I receive an e-mail I want to forward on, I often want to change the color or the format of the text. Reveal Codes is a very useful product that allows me to modify text and color without disturbing the document. WordPerfect has many useful fonts that I use in all my documents to create a better looking and more professional document. When I use a term or phrase that is unique to my business, I find I can add the text to my spell checker easily and then it will not be questioned in the future. I couldn’t live with out it.
Tony A. Russo, Retired Vice President of Bank of America, and former Chairman of the Board, Delta Pacific Bank.

Tony Russo

My husband taught me to use this fantastic tool since 2012. Since that time I have always used for the design of technical manuals, as WordPerfect is the best choice for the design of complex documents, which makes it easy and fast. An important detail that have always admired WordPerfect is the Display Codes option and the ability to do arithmetic in tables. I love WordPerfect.

Mercedes Ochoa Barona

Started using WordPerfect in the late 1980’s and have had no reason to change over to anything else. Glad to see some conversions come along the way to work through the rest of world using MS products. I will continue to use and upgrade as necessary as long as the software continues to evolve into better tools for Word Processing. I am currently using X8 and find it with some nice upgrades. Thank you!

Lonnie Elley

WordPerfect is perfect for academic writing. It’s easy to use and its footnote feature makes documenting one’s work a breeze. I would not want to be without my WordPerfect when I begin a project.

Leslie J. Hoppe

I have used at least six different word processors, usually as a result of job requirements; but I always use WordPerfect given the option. Its table and graphics capabilities far outstrip the competition, and its “reveal codes” capabilities makes editing far faster and efficient than any of the others. As for the WordPerfect Office suite, I can do almost anything with it and still be compatible with the competition when necessary. Furthermore, its format is far more intuitive than the competition. WordPerfect is hands down the best.

Robert Houghton

I have used WordPerfect since version 4.something. I especially loved 5.1 (as lots of users did). I prepared two camera-ready book manuscripts using 5.1, including generated Table of Contents and Index. In those days, one of the greatest strengths of WordPerfect was the support staff. I spent hours on the telephone with support people in connection with those manuscripts, and they sent me more than one patch for the program to correct little problems that cropped up (such as blocs of pages that disappeared when I generated the Index). Two other things I especially love about WordPerfect are (1) Reveal Codes and (2) the way WordPerfect deals with tables. I have served as Treasurer of two campus organizations, using ledgers set up in a table. I have used tables to organize flyers and hand-outs for classes I teach.. I have a file of nearly 1500 case study hand-outs that I used in my classes. The “Make-it-fit” tool has been invaluable in organizing those. I would not trade my WordPerfect for any other word processing program!

Glenn C. Graber

I started using WordPerfect when I went back to college in 1980. I had music degrees, but began to use computers when I started studying accounting and computer science. I also began to teach WordPerfect at the community college on a part-time basis. We all loved using Wordperfect. It was so easy to work with and we could do so much with it. I also soon began to attend WordPerfect Baltimore Users Group to learn more about the program. Our group still meets once a month and I am the president. Our numbers have dwindled, but a few of us are determined to keep using WordPerfect. I have also taught my husband to use WordPerfect in his writings. He is a retired Army General, and sends recommendations for distinguished nominees to his Army Regiment. Unfortunately, too many other people use the ‘other’ word processor, so we have to translate into it. But, thank goodness, WordPerfect does a grand job of translating back and forth for us! We are determined to continue using WordPerfect. Every so often, I hear my husband saying bad things to his computer, and I realize, someone has sent him a document in the ‘other’ program. I even have my computer open any ‘other’ documents into WordPerfect. I don’t even want to see them in the other program. Three cheers and more for WordPerfect!!!!!

Deloise Wilkie

I find WordPerfect to be extremely user friendly. I don’t have to take multiple steps to do a simple task. For example, if I want to print something, I don’t have to go to a different page to print. Everything is right in front of me. I am also completely sold on “Reveal Codes.” There are so many times that I have been able to solve any problem I am having within a document simply by going to Reveal Codes and seeing right in front of me what is happening in the document and how I can change it

Joseph Pellegrino

I have used WordPerferct exclusively for 23 years, except when kidnapped, forced into a van and manhandled into using that program mf-Orifice, or similar. WordPerfect has never tried to take over the kitchen appliances like the Austrian self sharpening razor blades. It has never thrown out my work and refused to sit at the dinner table with me because it considers my formatting inferior. WordPerfect acts as a partner. Its Reveal Codes lets me collaborate with the program to solve problems when these arise (usually after importing from the aforementioned hostile program). It has great legal templates, allows me to convert templates on the fly, when a different style is requested by a different client. It has saved my assets many times.

John Scialli

I like wordperfect because the written text is far more accessible to manipulation and change. There are no mysteries as to why a particular paragraph or text is formatted a certain way since I can always look up in reveal codes section to determine why something is happening, and can change it there as well.
I love the Perfect Authority legal citation table creation tool, as what took hours now can be done in minutes, amazing to watch and ponder all the time I had spent doing it manually in the past.
Overall, I find wordperfect to be less obtuse in usage over MS word, and somehow just more user friendly.

Gary Trieste

Word Perfect has allows been and excellent Word Processing program. The reveal codes allows location of formatting issues without having to delete entire sections of text and re-enter. You simply locate the code and delete. I have also enjoyed the ability to be able to open documents within the current version of Word Perfect regardless of the version it was written in. I have opened documents written in the first versions I ever used (~ 1987 timeframe). I also enjoy the ability to open files developed under a different word processing program (i.e. Word) and save in that format. I am required to use Word at work and have been able to work on a Word Document at home and then save as a Word document and be able to continue working on at work. I also like the table features within Word Perfect. I would take Work Perfect over Word any day.

Bryce Denning

I love writing with WordPerfect. No, I’m not a Luddite. In my view, the Reveal Codes ability of WordPerfect justifies using it forever. Sure, Microsoft Word is the standard word processing program, but that doesn’t make it better. For formatting, table of contents, clear header and footer detail, WordPerfect rules. I use WordPerfect to write, then save it as a Word document for those who are blind to its superiority . For the money, this can’t be beat.

Brenda Frank

Bin sehr zufrieden, besonders mit der Makro- und Misch-Funktion.

Wilm Steinmetz

I was sent on an international exchange assignment to Mexico, where I was exposed for the first time to WP in Spanish. I honed my skills using that software, and have been with WP ever since. For some practical reasons (correspondence with others) WORD has become a necessity, but I still use WP wherever and whenever I can as it is a preferred software for me. My colleagues often simply get a PDF.

Thomas D. Ellison

It “thinks” the way I think. However doesn’t get ahead of me, allowing me to make my own decisions. Very user friendly!

Kareen E. Fosse

It is intuitive and easy to use. Also, very predictable, no unexpected surprises and extremely flexible.

Frederick G. Weinstein

I started using Wordperfect on DOS – version 4.2. At that time my favourite word processor was XyWrite, which unfortunately became obsolete shortly after. Over time, I got to know Wordperfect very well, and with the exception of the Novell era it steadily improved over the years.

These days I use Wordperfect whenever I can avoid using Word (which is truly a terrible product), and especially when creating large documents. I regularly create documents which are 100 pages long or more, typically including graphics.

The one feature in Wordperfect which is the most valuable in my opinion is “reveal codes”. That alone makes Wordperfect my word processor of choice.

Clive Thomas

I began using WordPerfect with version 2 that had white letters on a blue screen back in the early 1980’s as I recall. It was the best word processor available at the time. I have upgraded with every subsequent version because Version X8 is still the most flexible and feature rich office program available.

I particularly depend upon the Alt-F3 option that lets me see and alter the formatting and the Alt-RV command that formats envelopes automatically including the Zip code in the word processor. QuattroPro is the easiest and most flexible spread sheet.

Before I retired 12 years ago, I used many other features on a regular basis. Now I use WP Office every day and still love it.

Lawrence Lockman

Wordperfect for me? Love at first write! Here are the main reasons:
1. Hidden codes gives me complete control on my layout
2. Macros: I got plenty that help me work faster
3. Temporary macros: I create them for special tasks.
4. Quick words: they are great. I work mostly in French. so, for instance, “auj” will write “aujourd’hui”; “c,est” will write “c’est”. I got plenty of quickwords.
5. Styles: I could’nt go without them…
And I could go on…

Georges Madore

Over the years I have accepted Word Perfect as integral to word processing. I can do thing using this program that I haven’t found on MS Word. The ease of using macros, of formatting a document, spell checking is unsurpassed. When I “talk” word processing it’s always WP. I have and will continue to highly recommend it to friends. I have gone through many iterations of the program and find each to greatly facilitate whatever project I am working with. – progress with usage familiarity. Thanxxx!!

Fr Bob Baden

WordPerfect is by far the easiest to use powerful word processing software I have seen in 35 years. I am an especially huge fan of the Reveal Codes feature – this allows you to see exactly what you are doing as you do it and to insert or correct formatting and other document characteristics to make your document look exactly the way you want it to.

Colin Isaacs

Wordperfect was my first program to use consistently. I became used to its system, and it has never left me. I am compelled to do a number of things in WORD, but it is painful. I love Wordperfect and still depend on it. Many times I prepare a product in Wordperfect, and only save it in WORD for transmission. I truly hope that you never stop. I consider your product the same way that I recall my first girlfriend. She has not been my wife, but she is still precious in my life.

Leroy (Lee) Jenkins

WordPerfect is straight forward and intuitive. I have tried other products and I am forced to use other products because others in my industry use these other products and I need to be able to work with them. But I am constantly frustrated by the other products and come back to WordPerfect. And the more compatible you make WordPerfect with other products, the better you make my life. By the way, the other products are Microsoft’s.

Walter Bullington

As a user of Wordperfect since 1988, and an occasional user of Word, but only when required for ‘compatibility’, I can only say that there is no comparison. Wordperfect provides complete control of formatting with simple easy to understand commands. There is no reliance on ‘unpredictable’ algorithms when setting up documents, nor the frustration of formatting changing unexpectedly.

Having written many technical manuals, reports and general correspondence with Wordperfect I have no doubt that Wordperfect has made achieving the results required much easier than would have been the case using other word processing software. It is hard to imagine how many of the complex documents I have prepared over the last 28 years would have been possible with Wordperfect.

John Docherty

When I got my first computer, I got wordperfect. It was esy to use, easy to understand and very user friendly. There is a huge variety of features, the help is easy to use and understand. When I got a job that I needed to use a word processing application, they had another product, I could not for the life of me, use it, understand it, adapt to it or deal with with. I manage to get them to change over to Wordperfect, and then things ran smoothly. Every member of my family as well as my friends use Wordperfect and everyone is satisfied. I always strongly recommend anyone to use Wordperfect, you will not regret it. Thanks for this awesome product.

Joan Bazinet

The first version of WordPerfect that I reviewed was version 4.2 running on a couple of floppy disks. We acquired version 5.1 after reviewing multiple other word processors that were available at the time because I felt it had the most features and would do what we needed and wanted it to do. Through the years, I regularly found reasons to like WordPerfect more as I attempted to help people with other word processors to do things that were simple in WordPerfect, but apparently impossible in their program. I have used WordPerfect features from Table of Contents and indexing to put together books to the equation editor to prepare notes, homework assignments and tests for math classes. I also appreciate being able to use the merge feature to personalize letters and print mailing labels easily on any type and size of labels. I regularly get asked why I am still using WordPerfect and my answer has never changed. I am still using it because I have still not found any other word processor that I think is better or easier to use.

Robert Jenson

I have been using WordPerfect© since I got my first computer. I am self taught, using it at work and at home. I made use of various self teaching manuals and tutorials, both free and purchased. The functionality and structure of the software make learning intuitive to my individual needs, and I particularly like the Reveal Codes function, particularly as I do a lot of OCR work in order to put pre-existing documents into digital form for updating and editing. I have been forced to use other word processors, as my employers were established with different software suites, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not learn as quickly or become as skillful on them. I still come back to my first love for personal use. If anyone asks what software to purchase for business or personal word processing, the answer is always the same: I love WordPerfect©.

Gerard Haliburton

I’ve used WordPerfect for about 33 years. It was better than WordStar and MultiMate then (Word hadn’t emerged) – WordStar had no safety backup and MultiMate’s save over the original whenever you went from page to page was dangerous, given its backwards command syntax of verb than object, which could lead it to chase to the end of the document, deleting as it went, if your finger brushed a non-typing character.

WordPerfect worked properly, and frequently incorporated suggestions from its users, as it used feedback and statistics from its support line to guide its programmers.

It is still more capable, customizable and reliable than Word.

Phil Olenick

I love the flexibility of WordPerfect because it allows me to have tremendous control over the attributes of my document. Reveal Codes is the best feature and it allows me to easily change the why my document is formatted. There is so much functionality built into the software that allows me to create impressive documents in one application.

Matthew Smith

I have used WordPerfect since it was a DOS based program and used it through my corporate professional career. It was an essential tool when I started my consulting career. I convinced others to switch from Word to WordPerfect when many tried to convince me to switch to Word. I was always a loyal user and always sang its praises. Now that I am retired, WordPerfect handles all my information and correspondence. I may soon start my life’s story so I can pass it on to my grandchildren and it will, of course, be written in WordPerfect.

Philip Guzelf

WordPerfect allows me to control how a document looks and is formatted. It does not suggest and consequently restrict my options to default settings. I have total control over where graphics are places, how they are anchored and how they print. With the aid of detailed reveal codes I can quickly set up any document in any manner I wish, even if it is not a conventional set up. The same situation exists for tables–set up how I want; I am not forced to comply to some template (although many excellent tablets exist). Bottom line, I control my software; I am not controlled by my software!

Kelly Zuber

I love WordPerfect because it has the reveal code feature and also because it is, in my opinion, much easier than Microsoft Word to create a case style at the head of a pleading. I have been using WordPerfect since 1989. My boss recently tried to get me to shift to Microsoft Word because most law firms we deal with are now using Word. However, I refused. I know all the short cuts and have made macros for just about everything I need to do. I am 62 years old and told him if the other lawyers needed a Word document they could convert it themselves. By the way, my boss is also my husband so I got away with telling him I would not switch to Word.

Susan Rideout

I am a paralegal and have used WP in my field since I began my career in 1981. I have never used any other word processor. I started with the function driven platform (I had macros for every letter on the keyboard) through the mouse driven platform. I upgrade periodically and am now using WP8. As these upgrades increase my ability to convert MS documents, they are essential.

In the 1990s I taught WP to paralegals at a proprietary school and University extended education class. I have taught many individuals over the years, including some lawyers for whom I have worked. My reason for staying loyal to WP is twofold. First, I couldn’t work without “reveal codes” and secondly, the ability to search my files globally by keyword has enabled me to archive a lifetime of documents and files and pull them back up after years of “storage.”

I am still working part time in the legal community at the age of 80. I hope to keep going a few years more and hope that WP will continue to stay with me

Reed K. Bilz

Oh, I love the WP, I am a user since very first one 5.0, then continue using upgraded versions and just now I’m using WPX8, love the software with all the options and easy to use.. I am a 75 years old retired lady from Fortune 500 company.. I can only say that, I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU WP.. hope you enjoy creating all the things I ask from you (ha.haha..)

Nuran Giampaolo

I have been using Word Perfect for so many years and I like it better than any other programs I have tried. I keep going back to Word Perfect because it is so easy to use

Helen Shaak

I’ve used Word Perfect since it first came out, I even landed one job at Honeywell because I was trained in WP. I especially like the macro’s and the reveal codes.

Dan Yates

I started with Word Perfect 4.1, loved it, and have moved on to each new version. I particularly like the Reveal Code feature and use the Master Document feature all the time. It’s invaluable for writing novels!

Germaine Kennedy

The WordPerfect product has served me very well for over 32 years. During that time I have written innumerable pieces of correspondence and technical reports required for my professional engineering practice. Although at times I have used Microsoft’s products for interoperability purposes, I find that I am most comfortable with the WordPerfect interface and feature set, so I continue to rely daily on WordPerfect to complete much of my textual work. I would hope others have derived similar value, and continue to support the development of this wonderful software tool.

Thomas Heuer

I have found WP to be more manageable and easier to learn. The merge feature is fantastic! The use of the outline feature, entering of pictures through either graphic boxes and the text art features are second to none!

Willilam Lego

It has more flexibility than any other word processor. The “reveal codes” allows the deletion of a specific code. You are able to left justify, center justify and right justify all on one line, as well as EASILY change the line spacing. This is very important for some of the work I do. The layout is more logical than other word processing programs. While everyone else in the office continues to use another popular program, I, however, have, am and will continue to use WordPerfect. After all, God has called us to be perfect as His Heavenly Father and as a Catholic Priest I must stive to be perfect, so it makes sense I would use WordPERFECT! 🙂

Mark F. Bauer

WordPerfect is a truly versatile word processing system.  It is infinitely more flexible than its biggest competitor. When I have something complicated to compose or construct, I will do it in WordPerfect and then save it in that other format for others to use. I do not know why anyone wants to use that other product. It is cumbersome and inconsistent.

Leslianne Braunstein

Love the “reveal codes”, conversion from PDF, and other features which I find fascinating

Jim L. Garcia

I was taught WordPerfect about 40 years ago and I have stuck with WordPerfect.  Trying to do the same work on Microsoft Word has always been a challenge to learn compared to WordPerfect.  You have stuck with the same methods all along.  I love your software!!

Patti Morgan

Since 1986, I have worked with DOS- and Windows-based word processing and desktop publishing programs for business projects, legal work, business plans, correspondence, presentations, memoranda, flyers, brochures, executive summaries, and many other tasks since. Although I have seen some improvements in a competitor’s office suite since the early 1990s, even up to the present date the “Gold Standard” for word processing (especially in a law office environment) remains WordPerfect. Why?

If you want ease of use; tight integration with presentation software (“Presentations”) and spreadsheets (QuattroPro); quick revisions when last-minute changes are needed by panicky bosses; simplicity of architecture; powerful features that are available in the background but never in the way; fantastic help functions; and a much easier learning curve than the competition, then you’ll want to go with the WordPerfect Office Suite. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s much less expensive than the competition.

The smart money is on WordPerfect. They got it right the first time; their changes are actual improvements, not corrections. If you want great value, go with WordPerfect.

Steve Watkins

It was in the early 1980’s when I was working in the computer center for a large industrial firm in Salt Lake City, Utah. At that time in our company, Word Processors consisting of a large 9″ floppy drive connected to a special typewriter. These were the standard for office reporting and documentation. Personal Computer were just moving out of the “isn’t this a cool toy” phase and into a useful tool with great potential for office application.

I was part of a committee to evaluate the then current computer software programs and make recommendations to management for the “Best” Word processing and Spreadsheet programs which would be adopted by our company. The winners were Word Perfect and Lotus 123.

Spending my entire professional carrier in the computer department of that company I witnessed, first hand the growth and development of the DOS base WordPerfect into what it is today. At one point I had one of the large 9″ floppy drives connected to my PC so that I could download all of the old Word Processor documents onto 3 ½ inch diskets so the secretaries would have access to their old electronic documents.

I recall very vividly, the WordPerfect “Hold Jockeys” who played music during the hold times. On one occasion when I was experiencing a difficult problem with the software, a tech from WordPerfect drove to our company site and gave us a tutorial on the proper use of the particular feature we had in question. No wonder WordPerfect tech support was rated so high.

WordPerfect has always been my program of choice when it comes to Word Processing. It is installed on my computers at home and is kept up to date with the latest releases. (I am writing this testimonial using WP – X8.) My analysis of the current word processing software market is that WordPerfect is, by far the best program available, even if other companies have better marketing strategics.

I place WordPerfect in the same category as my Nikon SLR camera. It has all of the buttons, knobs, whistles, bells, and settings available to be very technical in the set up and use; but then it also has the Auto mode which makes it very easy to use when you do not need to go into great depth in setting up a project.

When I do volunteer community service I am forced to use another Word processing application because that is what is installed on their systems. More than once I have brought documents home so that I could work on them in WordPerfect because it was so much easier.

I do a lot of work importing documents from other sources into WordPerfect for my own use. The Revel Codes is an invaluable tool to use during that process to clean up all of the spurious codes that come in with the text.

Thank you WordPerfect for making my life easier

Wayne Wride

I am a medical researcher and senior academic at the University of Melbourne in Australia. I have been using WordPerfect for more than 30 years. In my profession, I have to use other word processors from time to time, mostly MS Word, but every time I do this, I am reminded of the superiority of WordPerfect in every respect. This includes reveal codes, searching and replacing codes, all aspects of tables, ease of formatting, access to special symbols, referencing, indexing, etc. – in other words, just about everything. Did I mention reveal codes and the ability to open and save PDF, MS Word and other files, which are other big pluses? When I tell my colleagues that I use WordPerfect to prepare scientific papers and teaching material, they look at me peculiarly. Then, when I show them what WordPerfect can do, their look changes to a mixture of disbelief and envy. Keep up the great work.

Roy Robins-Bornw

Best software to draft patents, specially when combined with corel technical suite

Jean-Christophe Hamann

It’s very simple; Reveal Codes is why I love WordPerfect. Reveal Codes is the roadmap/blueprint/schematic/bread crumb trail of everything I write with all of my formatting functions AND mistakes! This makes my writing life so much easier and productive! I also love WordPerfect for its’ flexibility and ease of use. I can mix formats within a single page and rest assured that the printed hard copy will match what’s on the screen. I love WordPerfect as my best software friend because since 1989 when I started to learn its ins and outs, each upgrade has been evolutionary that builds upon my accrued knowledge; and that’s just great!

James Mcgrew

Because it works. I HATE that four-letter ‘word’
It is impossible to work with. It makes you do what it wants you to do and it is impossible to make it play nice. I do not want to be forced to format things the way Bill Gates wants me to. I am so angry that the world has been taken over. They are all a bunch of mindless idiots in lock step with Bill Gates.
I am an attorney in California. Perhaps you know the pathetic looking pleading paper that my brethren at the pass off as “professional” work. It is so disgusting the way lines do not line up and how pleading paper margins are not what they are required to be by the Rules of Court.
If there is anything I can do make WordPerfect the standard again I would. I’d pay money to get other attorneys to use it. When I have to deal with a WordIMPERECT file I go nuts. Perhaps WordPerfect can improve the opening of WordImperfect files in WordPERFECT.
I could write volumes as to how much I LOVE working with WordPERFECT!

Brad Tubin

I archive environmental reports by scanning old documents and using OCR to convert them to text, then save them in WordPerfect format. After re-creating those hard copy reports, I generate PDF files from WordPerfect. Many of those reports have complex tables with up to 900 cells. WordPerfect is simply the best software for managing/formatting large tables, since is it very easy to control all of the parameters and generate a professional looking product. I have been archiving for more than 20 years, and upload the reports to my web site at: http://agrienvarchive.ca. I have archived more than 960 reports over the 20-yr period.

Bruce Bowman

I have been a WordPerfect user since it first appeared for the DOS operating system. During that time I have used almost every feature contained within WordPerfect and found those features to be easy and well documented. Part of my practice includes the drafting of appellate briefs and WordPerfect has made the creation of tables of authority simple and easy to manage. I have a copy of Microsoft Word on my computer and am very familiar with it. I use it only when absolutely necessary when I receive a document from a client or opposing counsel in Word. I have always found WordPerfect to be superior for editing over Word. WordPerfect’s reveal codes feature makes any formatting issues easy to solve.

Allen Landerman

I was first introduced to WordPerfect in 1986. My computer tech at that time said it would be easy for me to learn to use. Well, I fell in love with the program from day one. The ease of creating files and documents made me feel at home with my computer, which once had filled me with fear to use–it was equipped with a different system. I have been able to create beautiful posters, newsletters, and master copies for stationary for our ministries with the ease of headers and footers. I enjoy the ability to using the reveal codes to be able to make changes to other documents that are sent to my office so that I can make them more acceptable to our needs. I’m thrilled with the ease of using F7 to make documents more creative in presentations. That function alone would make me a believer of using WordPerfect. A competitor’s system in creating documents has virtually been impossible for me to learn to use; it causes great anxiety in trying to create an acceptable presentation. I lost many documents by using a WordPerfect quick code in the other system. I am so glad for the ability now to convert those documents in to the profiles I am now accustomed to using. Your Quattro Pro makes spreadsheets and reports easy to use. I love having the ability to take a spreadsheet that may have as many as 20+ columns of information and make a separate report that only uses 4 o5 different columns of the stored data. Making labels of that same file is so simple to do. My 30 years of using WordPerfect has been a tremendous experience. I make certain that all my computers and laptops–at work & home–are equipped with a full WordPerfect system.
WordPerfect user for life,

Nancy Henry

Our clients depend on us to provide accurate information and analysis that aids them and planning, administration and operations. We communicate with tailored documents suitable to their individual needs.

This means that we continually test products to use in our business that will aid us in our operations as well as servicing the document needs of of our clients. We tried other software but always return to Word Perfect for our ease of use because of its functionality and adaptability for our and client needs.

Roberta G Kinohi

I have tried to learn Word, but keep comparing that program with Wordperfect, and Wordperfect is still better (at least for the legal field). I have been a legal secretary for 40 years, and Wordperfect is still a better program for the legal field. Of course, nothing can beat Reveal Codes, and creating templates, macros, and just about everything else. I love how you can see the margins on the screen and adjust them accordingly with ease. When people tell me that Word is better, is only because they don’t know Wordperfect, or if they have used Wordperfect, they didn’t use it correctly. If some of the schools would offer training, I would think Wordperfect could make a great come back (at least in this area).

Yvonne DeCarlo

With you I can see everything that’s happening, and I am in control. Line height within a thousandth of an inch, letter and word spacing, and much more.
I used to write on an IBM Correcting Selectric. My first computer was a Vector Graphic, run by CPM, something before DOS . The newest Printer had sprockets that engaged holes in perforated edges to folded reams of paper. The computer had Winchester boxes for something, and only 45 Megs of memory. Maybe it was only 45 KB. WordStar was my second word processor; the first came with the Vector Graphic, and I THINK it typed in green on a black background. I kept looking, and switched to WordPerfect as soon as I saw it. I may have been among your first couple of hundred users. I might be the only LIVING customer you have from those days.

I like it because I am in control. Word acts like a nurse. It thinks it has more intelligence and better taste than everybody. It does stuff and you can’t see what. I know it is stupid and only does what it is told, and so it is Microsoft that irritates me with its supercilious manner, but there it is.

Donald Grey Barnhouse

For over 30 years I’ve used WordPerfect. It reigns supreme in it’s ability to let me intuitively create documents with varied margin settings and other complications. I keep “Reveal Codes” on all the time to micro-manage my document. At one time, I was CFO to a company providing therapy services (at one point there were 96 staff members). Computers were made available to the staff to enter their notes and reports – in WordPerfect, of course. I was the in-house tutorial and found that with only 10 to 15 minutes, everyone was able to use the program (and this was in the last century when, although it may be hard to believe, everyone did not grow up using computers).

Today, my love for the program is no less than before. I am frequently asked to work on documents created in another program. Some times I can work with their program, but frequently I find that I am better off opening the document in WordPerfect, making modifications then saving it in the original program format. Most of the time I will let the other person know what I’ve done, but no one has ever commented when I’ve forgotten to tell them about the switching.

Keep up the good work.

Lawrence Rabine

It is the only office program I trust for my needs and my sons homeschooling needs.

Jacqueline Shular

I started in 1990 with WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS (4.xx) and have bought every single version since, including 6 and 6.1 for DOS, then 7 through the current 18 for Windows (Win 3.11 through Win 10). It is simply the BEST word processor (as we used to say in olden days). I used WP 5.1 originally on a heavy DOS laptop with a tiny screen using white text on a dark blue background. Love at first sight! I still have the hardcover 3-ring binder holding the Manual pages for WP 5.1 DOS.) What a stunning revelation to someone who had cursed typewriters (manual and electric) for decades. I began using WP on my laptop between takes “on set” in my work as a Script Supervisor in H’wood (one of the first to do so) and then at home for all things involving text and graphics. Now 79 and long retired to the AZ desert, I still rely on WP for anything I write and create. Love the macros (have written many)! Love Reveal Codes! Love customizing and enlarging the toolbar icons (for old eyes) and making it look and work the way I like. Too many great features to go on about here. Did I mention how easy it is to use? All in all, it is tremendously superior to that giant kludge known as MS W_rd. I will only give up WordPerfect when MS pries it from my cold dead fingers. Corel, please keep it going! (Still waiting for a 64-bit edition though.) Thanks for letting me have my say about something I feel so passionate about.

Larry K. Johnson

From the outset I have always found WordPerfect superior to any other word processing software. During a time after my computer crashed in 2014 I was unable to get my WordPerfect working well [Win7Pro] until I got Win10Pro. During that period I Used Libreoffice, and while it was quite good, it like all others does not have Reveal Codes; this one element is the piece de resistance of WordPerfect, because without it, the word processing effort becomes much more difficult, especially when importing text from elsewhere mainly from various versions of the Bible, as I teach adults about the Scriptures]. Therefore, I am continuing to use WordPerfect and happily explain why to all who will listen.

Donald Champ

While there is a number competitive word processing programs available, the choice of Corel WordPerfect is a logical decision for two fundamental reasons:
the ease of learning and using the software combined with regular upgrades based on user input. Over the last twenty years WordPerfect has been a clear winner in this competitive arena because they have maintained the integrity of the basic approach and look. All too often manufacturers make completely new software packages that demand a new learning curve. In particular the ability to reveal codes is a necessity for any editor to quickly make appropriate corrections rather than fuss with the delete key as with Microsoft Word. Many colleagues using other systems are greatly impressed when the functionally of the reveal codes feature is explained to them. Upgrades to improve utility for the user over the years, from version 6.1 to the greatly improved latest version of WordPerfect 8, features have been added to expand the range of work products that can be produced. As an editor of both books and newsletters the welcomed addition of adding translation from .wdf files to .pdf files (multiple choices to include digital publishing) was a excellent winning move on the part of Corel. When reviewing the development of word processing packages many competitors have fallen by the wayside, particularly PageMaker because they completely change the ease of use. Not so with WordPerfect! In addition, the companion software packages from Corel (graphics and presentations) are wonderful bonus options to avoid employing programs from diverse competitors with translation issues.
Corel you deserve the Gold Medal for brilliant Word Processing!

Tommy Cairns

WordPerfect remains my preferred processor because of its ability to provide elegant typesetting. It simulates the end results of my writing so well that it assists me in composition with a focus on the graphic outcomes. Its internal tools and features such as tables and their ready conversion to a data base have been crucial to much of my work since the 1990s. The ready compatibility moving forward through generations of editions of WordPerfect have made its continuing use a pleasure.

Peter E. Hanff

I have tried several office suitees, of which Corel WordPerfect Office is clearly the best. A major reason is the WordPerfect word processor.

WordPerfect allows the most rapid creation and editing of outlines, especially incomplex documents where the outlines are broken up by boxes or straight statements. The Reveal Codes feature, which is unique to WordPerfect, allows me to see the document formatting and allows me to edit the formatting more easily and much faster with fewer errors. For example, I can edit inDocument Styles very easily, then save the new style as my default by clicking on Document Styles in Reveal Codes. No other word processor allows such ease of formatting. Also, the choice of Western fonts is the best I have seen.

I cna edit imagges in WordPerfect documents with less difficulty than editing in other word processors. I can tie an image to a page or to a paragraph; the latter allows test editing while keeping the images where I want them.

WordPerfect lacks the ribbon found in at least one other word processor, for which I am very grateful. I have always had to search around in such ribbons, and usually find that the cammand for which I am looking must be added to a bar. Every single WordPerfect command can be found in the taskabr or property bar.

When I need to save a file to PDF, the suite allow me to save in a variety of subformats, including the secure PDF/A. WordPerfect not only can open PDFs that allow selection of text, it can open scanned PDFs that were saved as images so that the text can be edited. That feature saved me from having to re-type two documents I intend to use over and over.

The Help function in WordPerfect is the best one I have seen. A search term does not produce twenty to thirty results whcih require reviewing to determine relevance. I fI do not find the answer there, I can go to Corel on the Web to get help.

I have to use another word processor at work on occasion, but whenever I can, I compose and edit in WordPerfect. To put it another way, why drive an entry-level make and model when I can drive a top-of-the-line sports coupe or sedan for about the same price?

Wales P. nematollahi

I love WordPerfect because it is more user-friendly than Word. I think of WordPerfect as the “happy” servant (You want to do that here? No problem!) and Word as the “rebellious” servant (I know better; you really don’t want to do that.). I also like being able to see the codes, which you can’t in Word.

Caryl Block

I have been using WordPerfect and other Corel products since the early 1980’s. At home, work, and in school, almost everyone was Microsoft Office, and I toyed with switching to Microsoft myself. However, in terms of advanced features, user interface, ease of use, and efficiency, WordPerfect wins on all fronts. It goes without saying, reveal codes is a life saver.

Lester E. Love

I can do everything I want to do with ease — no mysteries. I passed from PaperClip to Multimate to WordPerfect seamlessly.

Ignacio Götz

I have used WordPerfect since 1982 and will never change. It has always been the most user-friendly word software on the market, and it still is. I worked part time for a real estate firm 10 years ago and they used Microsoft Word. I struggled each day trying to use Word, but it took me twice as long to format any document. And I’ve convinced several others to use WordPerfect and all concur it is the best word software on the market!

Marie Stults

I have used WordPerfect since it was in blue screen. It is by far the easiest to format and the current version is no exception. From Quick Words to Alt.F3, WordPerfect is user friendly and easy to configure to forms, both public and private. It has always been far ahead of its competitors in innovation.

Dennis R Trent

I am a CPA and I find myself going back to WordPerfect every time I use Word. WordPerfect is easy, and just takes less time. Addressing envelopes, making address labels, and mail merge are just a few of the things that are 10 times easier to do than doing them in the competition word processor. I would find it hard to run my tax and accounting business without WordPerfect!! Thanks for being there to help me out!!

Nyle Taylor

To me, it all boils down to “Reveal Codes.” This one feature puts WordPerfect heads and shoulders over MSWord. It is an extremely user friendly product, which is easily formatted and edited. I originally beta tested WordPerfect in 1984 for SSI Software at the law firm, Friedlander, Gaines, Cohen, Rosenthal & Rosenberg, P.C. in Manhattan. The person at the firm who brought it in was named James Oppenheim, who later became somewhat of a tech guru. But, for me, it was the ease of use and editing. I have tried many programs. Nothing comes close to WordPerfect’s ease of use. Thanks for a great product.

Jonathan A. Stein

Dear Word Perfect software programmers,

Around 1985 this teacher discovered a 3.0 version of Word Perfect in his high school office and was given permission to install it on a school issued computer provided for his exclusive use – an extremely rare privilege in those days. Once installed, from a never ending stack of 3.5 floppies, it began to seem like Christmas. Week after week new discoveries of the never ending depth of WP goodies could only be summarized as “Wow!, Wow!, Wow!,” For the past thirty years though thick and thin this writer’s allegiance to Word Perfect has never waned.

Since those early days versions 5.1 (what a dream boat that was), 6, 8, 11, X3 (a savvy name change), X4, and X7 have found their way onto this user’s multiple collection of business and family computers. Original copies of 8, 11, X3, X4, and X7 are still at hand neatly stashed in the software drawer a few inches to the left of this keyboard.

WP pluses –
1. Robust and flexible outlining features outshine all challengers
2. Margins easily and quickly formatted contrasted with the “do it our way” tendency of others
3. Flexible page numbering is downright easy compared to similar processors
4. Attractive headers and footers, after the learning curve, are superior to other options.
5. Conversion to and from other formats — what’s not to like about that?
6. Reveal Codes – easy on the eyes
7. Quattro Pro – Second to none
8. 1500 two sided color brochures, produced on an average of three times per year for a nonprofit corporation for more than a decade (45,000 copies).
9. Over a 25 year period – 150,000 church bulletins produced and printed for a small local congregation.
10. A 300 page ten year summary of the legal and historical actions of the four quarterly meetings of the 22 Orthodox Presbyterian Churches in New Jersey is over 1,025,000 typed characters. On any word processor, other than Word Perfect, the task would have caused this stated clerk serious heat burn.

Thank you for your tenacity in what might be characterized as un-sportsmanlike environment in the business world of software. Over the years it only strengthened this writer’s allegiance to Word Perfect and to Corel’s diligence in maintaining a software treasure.

Cordially Submitted,

Jon Stevenson

I’ve loved WordPerfect since the year it came out. I was in my 40s then, and I’m still using it in my 70s. I worked at the University of Montana in Word Processing Services, and at that time, the entire campus used WordPerfect. Then it moved to Word. I stuck with WordPerfect. Why? REVEAL CODES! I can do anything in WordPerfect that can be done in Word. And I can make corrections easily because of Reveal Codes. Also, I can do delicate designs with no problem. I hear my husband cussing because he can’t find where his Word design problems are. If he used WordPerfect, his life would be easier. I hear lamentations from former colleagues who rue the day they switched to Word, primarily because of glorious Reveal Codes. And did I mention Styles?

Susan Matule

I love the edit undo function; the ease of editing; the document access. The simple design of the program. I cannot sufficiently emphasize my preference for WordPerfect over Word for Windows. I am a lawyer, and almost all of the lawyers I know share my preference. Good job WordPerfect!

Barry Bien

I have always preferred WordPerfect over any other word processing software. I really came to appreciate when I had to prepare a monograph camera-ready copy several years ago. WordPerfect enable me to meet all of the publisher’s requirements. The manuscript I presented was accepted completely, with no revisions in fonts, margins, headings, etc. I especially like the fact that WordPerfect does not add any formatting unless I request it. The “Reveal Codes” window is so handy. The choices in footnote design are especially helpful to someone writing academic papers. The functions under headings seem so much more intuitive than in other programs, where I have to hunt them down. I cannot imagine ever using another software for word processing.

Curt Bostick

WordPerfect is SO easy to use compared to other word processing programs. I am attorney and I have to format long documents. The reveal codes option is instrumental in making my paragraphs line up and fixing other formatting glitches. I also love how I can make a pdf directly from the program. I have memorized many of the keyboard commands, so I can perform tasks without using the mouse. I have been using WordPerfect for over 20 years and I have not found better option out there.

Sarah Colegrove

I love writting macros for WP. have for years!

Ron Coffman

WordPerfect is the first word processing program I learned to work on, and I can’t remember the exact year. It was so long ago, it was in DOS! I had such a hard time learning it. I was well into my 30’s, had not grown up using computers, let alone the internet and it forced me to think in a different way. I’ve used WordPerfect over the years, and we sort of grew up together. That’s why I love WordPerfect…..

Charlotte Parscal

My then-boyfriend (now husband of 22 years!) was obsessed with computers and convinced me to try this new word processing program called WordPerfect. I LOVED it and have used it ever since. In fact, not only did I obtain my college degrees with WordPerfect, my daughter (who was not even born then!) just finished her Master’s Degree in Special Education and utilized WordPerfect the entire time. 🙂

Cathleen Clark

It’s the best and it saves me the bother.

Maxime Kaplan

I’m a writer. I’ve used WordPerfect since 1987, with only a few temporary couldn’t-be-helped side trips through Word, XYWrite, and even Broderbund’s old Apple Bank Street Writer. For me, WordPerfect has always been much more intuitive than any other word processor. It’s feature rich, highly customizable and can be “dumbed” down or up, depending on the user’s needs or experience. For writers, it has useful features that deal with spelling and typos, global search and replace, character, word, and page counts, table of contents and index, footnotes and headers, and so forth. The software isn’t plagued by bugs, and it smells really good. (OK, I made up that part about the smell.) The Reveal Codes is tremendously useful in formatting. The competitor software does absolutely nothing I to do that WordPerfect can’t do. If there is any justice in this world, I will never have to use a word processor other than WordPerfect.

Stephanie Evey

WordPerfect has always been a word processor, very easy to use, it offers lots of great features, some compatibility with other word processors, is always updated, had always during all those years, a fantastic tech support. I love it as well as my Lawyer !
I have just purchased the latest edition “WordPerfect X8” and love it, very easy to use and to switch everything from one computer to an other one, more modern ! I have it recommended WORDPERFECT to several friends and business associates, who are also very happy of their choice, including their employees using it.

Gerard Bunge

It’s the best better than MS Office.

Ronald E Greenslade

No other word processor is as easy or as flexible in controlling page layouts, especially when producing documents with parallel columns. [Others resort to using tables as a work around].

Stewart Pearl

WordPerfect was always the best word processor and it remains so to this day. It has EVERY feature ANYONE could want and they are logically grouped by function. The use of reveal codes was a miracle from the start. It gives one UNSURPASSED control over a document and the ability to troubleshoot — after all, we all make mistakes! The ability to do complicated processes easily — like mail merge, page layout, graphic placement and editing, tables, columns, equations, etc. — makes it the best program for professionals of every profession. Thanks for keeping it going!

Mitchell Portnoy

When I am asked what version of MS Word I have, I respond, “I don’t”. When they laugh, I respond, “Let me show you what WP can do that Word can’t” or I might say, “There might be a reason every law firm I know uses WordPerfect, could it be b/c lawyers write…all of the time” or I might respond with a dismissive profanity to describe a word processing software that is NOT WordPerfect.

Greg Bryant

As one who remembers the day of carbon paper and whiteout tape, WordPerfect 4.2 was a small miracle when it appeared in our law office. Preparation and editing of documents became simple and fast. It was a new world for all of us, but particularly our assistants.

Since my first encounter with WordPerfect, I have continued to use Wordperfect both at home and the office, although I have been forced to add other word-processing software for those who do not have WordPerfect and cannot open my documents. It is still the most user friendly, and your customer service is exceptional. My favorite feature is Wordperfect’s ability to open almost any file. I am constantly amazed when Word cannot open other versions of Word documents yet WordPerfect not only opens them but reformats them into a readable document that can be edited and returned to a Word format when necessary. I look forward to the day when WordPerfect is compatible with Apple products. Keep up the good work.

Rebecca Daffin

I produce the monthly newsletter for my Church. I have both Word Perfect and Word on my system. The majority of subscribers are Word users. I have tried to switch to be compatible with them, however, Word is much harder to navigate than WP. Therefore, I compose with W and save as a Word document to send out to the subscribers. There is no way that I would consider using any other Document Writer than Word Perfect. Keep up the good work. God bless.

John Cramer

WordPerfect is the system that I learned on back in the 90’s. I have tried several other word processing systems and when I used them it felt like they were designed by engineers and they were clumsy and difficult to use. WordPerfect feels like it was created by word processing professionals. It is easy and very comfortable to use. It is the only word processing program that I use and recommend to my friends and associates.

Yale Bertolucci

I have used WordPerfect since 1988 and given the limitations of word processors of those days was happy with its features that included longer file names (beyond the 8plus extension). Since that time the inclusion of what was Borland spreadsheet was most welcome as a compact and logical spreadsheet, with features such as ‘home’ that do just that..

I have always appreciated WordPerfect as software that treats you to seeing formatting codes and cleaning up the file rather than assuming you don’t want or can’t cope with such considerations.

There have been challenges to keep abreast of Windows and Microsoft Office compatibility. But the success of doing this, and the unappealing features of Microsoft Office suites keeps me a firm supporter of Corel, despite having to convert results to Microsoft Office formats when sending to others.

Ian Martin

WordPerfect simply knocks the competition out of the ring!

A Bryden Black

WordPerfect. There is and only ever will be only one reason I use and love WordPerfect: because it is simply word perfect. Period. Without equal. I even run Windows on my Mac almost exclusively to run WordPerfect. Awesome, in a word. “Word.” (That’s so nineties.)

Larry Farquharson

When I bought Wordperfect 4.2 in 1988, WP was the best available. Now I bought WP X8 this week and I still believe it’s the best available.
I have no problem opening files from way back. The WP format hasn’t changed like the other fellows did (several times).
And do I need to mention reveal codes ? It’s a rare document that I can’t correct using reveal codes.
And do I need to mention the friendly selfhelp groups, like the Office commmunity or WP universe. Never a degrading remark to a user with little or no WP knowledge.

I’m proud to say I never created a document with any other program than WP

Willem Waltman

Having started with such an early version, It was so easy that I have seen very little point in moving to other programme and the improvements to this current version are simply superb


It provides many formats for me so I have very little problem dealing with a lot of PC users

Ken Kuzma

My first computer, many years ago, came with WordPerfect installed – I believe it might have been version 2. Ever since then I’ve used it in several computer systems and have recommended it to my children and many friends. I’m now 80 years old and still using WordPerfect!

I have had to purchase several new computer systems to replace outdated (or crashed) ones, many of which came with Microsoft Word, and I had to ask my eldest son to install WordPerfect on them.

After using WordPerfect which is so easy too use and understand, that I found trying to use Word seemed like getting used to a foreign language.

Christopher Lam

I began using Wordperfect in my Second Year of Law School . . . Version 3.1 for DOS, I think. My Law Office Management professor was a computer guru and a big fan of Wordperfect, especially (still my favorite!) “Reveal Codes” (still ALT-F3!) I still have a couple of boxes of Wordperfect 5.1, which I have heard is still recognized as “the best ever” In fact, I went to visit a friend and fellow lawyer about 7-8 years ago, before he was elected to a judgeship, and still used old “blue screen” Wordperfect 5.1 for DOS.

Over the years, I think I bought every iteration of Wordperfect for Windows and am now using Wordperfect 18 with great delight. Always, always, always — first and last — Reveal Codes is my go-to reason for not letting go of Wordperfect for “some other” (“Ahem!”) WORD processor.

My children grew up and became Word users. “You’ve got to use Word, Dad!” they would say. So I tried. “It’s easier and more intuitive,” they pleaded their cases. So I tried. I have bought many iterations of Microsoft Word for Windows. It is a good program, I agree; but is it better than Wordperfect?

Not in my experience. I do not find it “more intuitive” that Wordperfect. I do not find it easy to use. I do not find it intuitive. Perhaps that is a matter of my age (64). But I believe that when I have a good software, I do not really need to be looking to replace it.

I do believe that every law firm should have a copy of each program, Wordperfect and Word, so it can share documents. But I will never stray. As long as I have need for word processing, Wordperfect will be where I start every project.

Wordperfect forever!

James P. Davidson

Sitting at a table of conversation with the younger generation, I was asked what word data processing program I use, to which I replied, “Word Perfect!” The looks of condescension were apparent, and one spoke up to say, “You just revealed your age,” because everyone uses _____ today. And everyone laughed. I replied, “I have used Word Perfect since 1986, but have used both (have both on my computer today), but will still choose Word Perfect any time. I only use _____ for those whose capability is restricted by one program.” And then I asked them why they used the other program, and if they’d ever even tried Word Perfect – to which they replied, “Because it’s on my computer. And, no, never tried it.” It was my turn to laugh. And therein is the difference between the two types of word processing program users. To me, the reveal codes has always been one of the highlights of the program, being able to convert to pdf’s, and now to Word, and its ease to use makes it my choice every time. And, I so appreciate not having to go to a la-la-cloud to work. My work is my work, (and I type hundreds of pages a year), and I do NOT want to work in, nor have my information stored out there in la-la-land, which is more for program owners’ convenience and ownership, than mine. In that respect, thank you for allowing your users to maintain our individuality. My gratitude to those who created Word Perfect!

Elizabeth Cuff

I began using Word Perfect in 1979. I installed it on a DEC PDP11 “mini computer.” I fell in love with it and I am still a loyal user, using it right now. In 1979, I was a CFO, and CPA, as that I not only approved all software. Yours was at the top of the list. The company I with, was an air, sea and land freight forwarder Because of my position, a direct line from my employer was installed in my home. Accessories also installed was a multiplexer and Dumb Terminal also installed in my home.While I was performing my duties, I also “played” using the dumb terminal. I learned more and more of the terrific usage of Word Perfect, through 1979 to present. I always got the newest version. Word Perfect has completely updated and expanded with many great applications.
I DO LOVE WORD PERFECT. there is no comparison between Word Perfect and Microsoft Word, Word Perfect beats it by far, there is no comparison.

Joel Goldman

I have used WP from v.5.0 blue screen. In 1984 I started working for a municipal government and began deploying the early Windows versions. For over 10 years we supported 5 versions until the X’s were released. We reduced our support base to two versions until X5 then I retired. I am using X8 in my day to day activities. Innovative and user friendly, I love Corel products!!!

Charles Schumacher

Many a year ago I use Microsoft Words, then I notice a reason to change to Word Perfect. Word Perfect has save me many a $$ for its expertise instructions and its very easy to use format and Instructions.

Robert E. Gooch

It is very easy to use and navigate. I also liked using Grammertik. It made my papers look more professional.

John Wolfgram

WordPerfect has always offered a product that leads the market and in particular its reveal code function which I have used regularly to resolve problems that Word users have been unable to solve.

Anthony G Thorne

Compared to its current & previous competitors, WordPerfect (WP) is far: easier to use and control; more powerful; and more user-friendly. WP maintains a logical and consistent menu structure. WP has completely back-word compatible work files. WP has a history of being bug-free. WP has the features and lay-out control of desktop publishing publishing software (including control over letter-spacing, kerning, and other typographic features). WP is simplely better across the board.

Robert Lindquist

I have always loved WordPerfect (I have bought every release) because of its ease of use. In particular, the Reveal Codes function allows me total control of the formatting of my documents. I also use the Macros function and the Mail Merge, both of which are easy and powerful.
By contrast, Microsoft Word is difficult to use for more than the most basic word processing.

Mark Perlgut

The reveal codes allows you to see precisely where a letter/word/sentence/paragraph/etc. is placed and to rectify the problems. It also allows ease of personalising page numbers and being able to start and stop page numbers at will. The menu’s are well thought out and set out with everything placed in logical positions and following a logical sequence.

Barry Grobbelaar

As a writer and published author, I use Wordperfect (Now on X8) to format and create all my manuscripts. First off, the menus and tool Bars. They are easy to work with and customize. I like the ease of configuring the save features and that I can cut part of a word out and combine it to another part of the sentence I’m editing. (Not the whole word. (Hard to find in another word processor)) Reveal Codes is a feature I leave in constantly. I use it to check the formatting, remove erroneous codes, (From fat finger typing) and keep the manuscript clean. Formatting a doc is simple , all the commands are in the format drop down not scattered in different places. I use WP to write my press releases. When I send my finished manuscript off to my editor, the conversion to Word is flawless, she can’t tell the It was ever in a Wordperfect format. The conversion to PDF is another feature that works without glitches. While I just scratch the surface of Wordperfect’s abilities, for me there is no other wore processor. WP is awesome.

Richard R Draude

Using the WordPerfect program is so much easier than Word. I love that I am always able to compose my document using WordPerfect and save it as a Word document or PDF document. It is so easy to do this!

The features of Word Perfect are easy to use and to be honest I know as I’m working with a new feature, I don’t have to read the help files to learn how to use that feature – the drop down menus have everything I need to be able to work with the feature. I don’t need to have a million different icons displayed on the toolbar for each feature. It is so easy to edit the toolbars by adding (or subtracting) the icons you actually use and need.

As I type mathematical equations (using MathType), I can easily place the equation any where I want it to be located. I can attach the equation to the document without worrying that it will be moved elsewhere, yet will remain with its accompanied text. The same can be said about including scanned images.

To be honest I am glad I am a WordPerfect user – it has all the features I need and use without overwhelming me with toolbars, icons and the need to read the help files to know how to do something.

Kathy Biga

It has remained consistent through its various manifestations from Data General through DOS to Windows 10 with ongoing improvements without losing significant unique features like reveal codes and its ability to read and save the file formats of other software suppliers.

Paul Bradshaw

Best word processor ever; and I’ve used all the others. Allows for easy and precise formatting of all kinds of documents.

Gary Smith

I love Word Perfect beyond any other system because it’s been a good friend to me since I discovered it in 1988. Shortly after I discovered it I moved into a new job and my new employer used Word Perfect as its preferred word processing system. We had a collection of simple guides with one page of instructions for each different command type eg a page for doing indents, a page for page formatting etc. I spent 20 minutes a day going through the instruction on a different page each day.

Word Perfect was such a user friendly system that I quickly mastered it and have recommended it to many friends over the years. No other system provides the divide page facility or the reveal codes facility, both of which I use extensively. My late brother created a data base within Word Perfect on which I keep all my contact details and from this I can print my addresses in a form suitable for my Filofax pages. I now even print my own diary pages every year. I also create my own Christmas cards using the divide page facility and they earn me great praise from anyone who receives one.

So here’s to Word Perfect – the greatest system in the world for anyone who wants to communicate effectively.

Tony Finnegan

It has been a long way from WP 4 to X8, and my continuing preference of WordPerfect resembles a bit a “first love” relationship. There are many features that other programs don’t have. I expect to use WP still for many years.

Mike Fuss

In the 1980s, my work was education and WP was way ahead of MS Word in ease and precision of work (ability of “revealing” codes by Alt + F3, ease of “find and replace” even codes), and composition of long and complex documents (e.g. PhD thesis with bibliography, footnotes, TOC, etc.). The superior quality of the help and of the main tools (spelling and grammar correctors, et al.) in several languages (I dealt with them in English, French and Spanish) made WP the only word processor to consider in a higher education context. IMHO, it could still be.

It should be mentioned that, while mathematics are not a favourite for “general purpose” word processors, with WP I was able to include in some documents, back in the 1990s, quite a few rather complex formulae.

While I am now 84 and a retiree, I keep using software tools, including word processors. And WP (X8) is still my “default word processor”, even for group work (it makes very easy to identify whose were those additions / corrections / deletions). Along all those years, it has added features. Ease and quality of document conversion to .PDF was greatly increased in later versions. However, the core of this excellent word processor remains – as well it should – in the spirit of those 1980s chaps who built it.

André Fabiani

I started using WordPerfect for DOS when I first became interested in computers at work in law enforcement. I used WordPerfect for writing reports, many of which typically had some boilerplate narratives and information in most every type of report. I was interested in making my job, writing memos, briefings, criminal reports, and other types of reports, more efficient and accurate. I foresaw the potential benefit of entering repetitive information in reports by automating the entry of those pieces of information to eliminate the often tedious, repetitive typing, or handwriting of reports. The repurposing of saved information from reports or memos was also an inspiration for me to learn everything about WordPerfect I possibly could access. I bought each new edition and upgrade of WordPerfect as soon as it was released and learned all the new features I could. I subscribed to WordPerfect Magazine from its inception until its sad, eventual demise, and I still have all my copies. I scoured the articles, especially about macros, to improve my automated documents and discover new purposes for applying them. I learned all the keyboard shortcuts and became very proficient in most of the features, including mail merge to automate my work and my personal tasks at home. I automated and produced a monthly shift schedule for work assignments and took on that responsibility for several years at one station where I worked. I also used WordPerfect to produce and publish reference materials for the deputies who worked for me. I shared my macros and boilerplate with fellow supervisors for their evaluations, reports and memos, and with deputies who were interested in word processing their reports and memos rather than handwriting them.

I also used WordPerfect to write my thoughts and stories about working in law enforcement, and I continue to write using WordPerfect because I have found it to be the most intuitive word processor I have ever used, and I’ve tried and briefly used a number of products over the years. I have found WordPerfect the most intuitive largely because of the reveal codes feature which gives me easy insight to what is wrong with the formatting of my document, allowing me to readily find and fix the issues I encounter. I still use WordPerfect for almost everything I have to write because I know how to use it to produce what I need, and where to look if I’m not sure.

Thank you for continuing to support and improve WordPerfect. I used it to write this testimonial!

Gregory McHenry

Very easy to understand with all the new features I can do my work easier.

Lal Ramkishun

Years ago, during my formal studies for graduate and post-graduate degrees in philosophy and theology, academic writing began its trek from typewriters {e.g., IBM ‘Selectric’} to the first portable computers. Several of my colleagues, who chose Microsoft Word to produce their formal papers, were forced to spend untold hours and energy in the identification and implementation of solutions for various ‘formatting issues.’ Thankfully, I chose to experiment with what was then the first edition of WordPerfect. I’ve used it ever since.

From the outset, WordPerfect eclipsed {and continues to eclipse!} Word, especially when it comes to the provision of INTUITIVE and PERSONAL CONTROL throughout the disciplines of formal writing and document production {e.g., footnote placement and size, hidden comments, line spacing, document sizing, paragraph styles, outlines, etc…, each in accordance with frequent and continuing changes in progressive editions of the Chicago Manual Of Style!}.

Bottom Line: I ‘fell in love’ with WP while an academe in philosophy. {Ever try to format a monograph according to The Chicago Manual Of Style while using Microsoft Word as your word processor? If ever you attempt such a feat, you’ll ‘fall in love’ with WP, too!} Over the years, as an educator, as a CEO, as a consultant, and, now, as an author in the arenas of organizational systems and leadership, I remain nothing less than DEVOTED to the use of WordPerfect and WordPerfect Office for clear and organized presentation of the ‘written word,’ the ‘statistical case,’ even the ‘graphical extrapolation.’ Thank you for your service!

Walt Draughon

As one of the first word processing programs, WP reigned. I upgraded each time a new version came out, and I quickly became a “power user.” I even taught WP classes at my local community college. I have NEVER been disappointed! It is so user-friendly, with visible codes that I can control. No mysteries. Today, I still only use WP, converting my work to Word or a pdf as needed. WP continues to be relevant, easy to use, with powerful templates and useful programs. My slide shows look fresh, thanks to Presentations – a nice contrast to the AV of my colleagues! I use every program included in the Suite, and also use the CorelDRAW Suite exclusively for my graphics & printing. I adore WordPerfect!

Ann Clarke

WordPerfect is so much better and easier to use than Micrsoft Word. It is easier to edit and I just use WP and then convert to word for the less fortunate people who don’t have it.

Charles F. Wetherbee

I have used WordPerfect since 1987, when I started with version 5.0 for DOS. I was working for a law firm at the time. I thought it was fantastic. I have continued to use it over the years, professionally and personally. I am now retired, but I continue to purchase the latest versions. My main reason is the complete ease of formatting and the Reveal Codes feature. WP is so clean. Microsoft Word is cluttered and very unpleasant to work with. Although I have been forced to use Word at times, I hate it. If I need to produce a document that someone wants in Word format, I prepare it first in WordPerfect. It is far and away the best. It outclasses Microsoft products in every way.

Karla Conner

I am an attorney and feel that WP is the superior word processing program for legal applications. I lived in Seattle when MS came out with Word. They wanted to promote their mouse so they made MS Word very difficult to use w/o it. I was using Multimate at the time, but when I entered Law School in 1987, I switched to WP. The ability to ‘reveal codes’ among many other features (tables of auth., etc.) made WP a much better program than Word. I have been a loyal user since then and feel it is still a superior product.

Don Miller

I got WordPerfect when I bought my first PC in 1989. It was version 4.8, I think. It came as 13 5.25 inch floppies and took ages to install! As a clergyman, I wanted it for its comprehensive facilities for word processing, spreadsheet, desk-top processes and, perhaps most of all the very simplicity of taking an A4 sheet into landscape and dividing it into two pages (with or without columns) and printing it as a booklet with just a couple of mouse clicks. I am so committed to WordPerfect that I have upgraded at every opportunity, now having X8. I still have the 3.5 inch floppies of version 8 – I keep them for sentimental reasons! I have tried Microsoft Word, I have it on my computer because so many use it, but I find it so much less user-friendly than WordPerfect that I believe its dominance of the market is due to a major lack of judgement or a misrepresentation of reality. Microsoft Word tries to tell me what I should want and makes it difficult to disagree. WordPerfect simply helps me to achieve what I want with the least difficulty. It is, in my opinion, the finest, comprehensive, user-friendly Office collection.

Douglas Aitken

Word Perfect is a little better than excellent! I love it. The graphics are fabulous, I can create incredible documents, its the main hub of my office.

Robin Summer Bartholomew

I’ve been an avid WordPerfect user since the days when spell checker was a separate module. I learned to use macros to do all kinds of things automatically and quickly. Gordon McComb became my Macro mentor.

Through the years WordPerfect has just gotten better and better. Although I’m not a lawyer I enjoy may of the WordPerfect features lawyers have cherished for years. There are still times when I remember the wonderful things we could do with WordPerfect using DOS command lines. The GUI has always made me lust for the return of DOS command line simplicity.

Alex Walter

I have fought to be a WordPerfect lover in a world of Word users who often wish to laugh me into derision. All I have to say is “reveal codes” and their smirks melt away.

Susan Bear

I love WordPerfect because it is so user friendly much more so than other software I have sometimes had to use in the past. It is also very uncomplicated, even to do the most intricate of tasks.

Doreen Cheeseman

Of course I will endorse WordPerfect. I’ve used it exclusively since WordPerfect 3 was released. And the big promotion for WordPerfect 6 was released with actual hats as prizes. And I have had WordPerfect ever since. It makes other processors look like rough drafts, trying to look like WordPerfect. And yes, I am presently using WordPerfect X8 and will continue to upgrade as each and every edition is released.

Gerald Clodius

As an academic AND pastor, I write a great deal. I routinely wear out keyboards after putting a few million words on them. WordPerfect is, hands down, the most reliable and flexible word-processor I have ever encountered. I really wish a certain billionaire software mogul would put us out of our misery by buying WordPerfect and selling it as “My Brand of Word Processor That Actually Works!” Corel’s owners would become rich and the rest of us would never have to sacrifice another goat in order to get an inferior word-processor to do something that is a snap with WordPerfect! 🙂

Mark Steinacher

Word Perfect excels at generating complex documents with cross referenced embedded figures and tables. Its ability to treat pdf files as editable documents leaves the competition way behind. Backward compatibility in its document file format and the simple reveal codes tool are also major advantages. Both the built in and additional Oxford dictionaries add depth to an impressive document creation tool.

Footnote: It would be even better if the Linux version were maintained. Windows 7 will be both my and my company’s last version of that family of operating systems.

Note to organisers: You might talk to the people who created the T&C and have them use WP X8 instead of Word 2016 – not a good look for a contest promoting WP:-)!

Kim Frankcombe

It is the best software for writing that has ever been developed. It is user friendly, unlike Word, which was forced upon corporate America. In taking advanced college courses over the years, it was always the recommended program…and for good reasons. I absolutely love the program, all of its updates and I use it everyday in writing 185 page complex appraisals. Thank you for such a wonderful software product.

Diane Ange

I’m an author and I love the ease with which I can use Word Perfect X8 in writing my stories. Its extensive toolbox offers many features that keeps me on top of the arduous editing process.

Frank Flory

best word processor ever!

Pat Rinn

It is user friendly and easy to use for a small business person. The tool bars and choices are geared to give me the professional look, feel and ability TO RUN MY BUSINESS IN A COST EFFECTIVE MANNER.

Steve Eisenberg

We have used WordPerfect since 1991 and have found no other product that has and is able to fit the unique and diverse needs of the distinctively different users in our office. We have grown together and found that each version like our office team has evolved and improved over time. We have experimented with other products but remain loyal to Corel because we find WordPerfect very user friendly for us.

Roberta G. Kinohi

I have worked in a law firm for over 26 years. I have used Word Perfect since my very first day! I often see who use other programs struggling with their documents because they don’t know how to find and fix some mysterious code that screws up the entire format of the document. Word Perfect allows me the freedom to create the documents I need and if there’s ever a problem, it’s easy to find the problem and fix it!

Bekki Prather

I really enjoy being able to automate the functions I want to happen automatically without feeling that I am not in control of my documents. The ability to change formatting and font with one simple command rather than drag over the entire document is great. I absolutely LOVE reveal codes for cleaning up web downloads and finding and fixing problems in a document. Direct importation and editing of PDF documents is much appreciated. The ability to open and edit virtually every other document format is especially valuable for those of use with 30+ years of documents.

Flynn Warren

Reveal Codes ! Most useful tool ever! Thank you.

Steve Chordas III

Each letter is an individual character. If I want one word/letter to be bigger than others, and change the font in the rest of the file, that word/character continues to be bigger than others (one-step solutions). Easy to use and results are very professional. Can create cards, letterheads, budget tables, etc. all in Word Perfect processor (no jumping to quattro or Presentation Center, etc). It’s like baking a cake from scratch all in one processor. I love the list of recent files used and the ability to “pin” an item to that list. Saves a LOT of time. I’ve used Word Perfect for my jobs, creating invitations, for two Associations of which I am the Treasurer, and have kept the budget in Word Perfect for years, running banquets, dues collection, flyers, etc. I love your search engine and ability to find whatever I’m looking for in my many files I have created over the years. I keep my own personal budget right in Word Perfect. The only thing I cannot find in the new upgrade is being able to keep the files I’m working on in my desktop when I close down Word Perfect. For example, I’m working on 2 weekly budget tables, one association budget table and the member dues collection sheet. When I had the items on my desktop and closed down, the next time I opened Word Perfect, all those files would open as I left them when I closed down. That was a time saver for me. I can’t seem to find that selection.

Dot Smeltzer

WordPerfect is attorney friendly. No other software gives me, as an attorney, the ease in creating a legal document or in editing a document. Inserting footnotes or footers, are simple. Editing a document, creating signature lines, finding a mistake in the codes when the document wont act right. You cant do that with Word. Anyone can edit a WordPerfect document. If you didn’t create the Word document, there is no fixing it. I like that I can work with the document from the keyboard without having to stop and use the mouse to locate a command. And I can create my own toolbar for the commands I use most. I have been using WordPerfect since my first year in lawschool (1994), and just got the latest update. WOW! It just keeps getting better and easier.

Kim Landry

I like the logic of the program and codes. I’ve had to use other processors and have found them to lack the intuitiveness of Word Perfect. At various times I’ve used all the components of Word Perfect and have found them also to be as easy to use as the word processor. If possible, I’ll use Word Perfect word processor and then convert them to the require word processor. Thanks again for providing an excellent product.

Sandra McMurtry-Close

I still find the use of WordPerfect’s reveal codes unbeatable when working with documents that contain both English and Greek Biblical text.

Reneau Peurifoy

Having “cut my teeth” on WordPerfect 4.2 and 5.1, I was very comfortable with the program’s layout and functionality. As the technology matured, the WordPerfect Office Suite became more elegant and easy to use. When editing a complex document, the unique WP feature of Reveal Codes is an absolute lifesaver. All of the programs in the Suite are intuitive, powerful, and geared for high productivity. WordPerfect X8 is a real workhorse, and a pleasure to use. I plan to be a WordPerfect user for many years to come!

Dennis Winkelsas

Oh my. I have been using WordPerfect since it began. Back in the pre-Windows days! It is organized so beautifully and logically, allows saving documents as a PDF or RTF for those cases where I cannot use a WordPerfect document. Why can I not use a WordPerfect document sometimes? Because so many organizations require an MS Word format. But (despite having taken courses!) I found MS Word to be so very clumsy, and I could not do in it at all the kinds of complex format things I must do in certain documents. And I plan to hang onto WordPerfect until the day I can no longer sit on my computer — way far in the future i hope!

J. Gila Lindsley

I will never use a different word processing system. I have been obligated to edit & save documents, etc. to “.doc” because of other companies. However, WordPerfect is my default software. It is much easier to use & maneuver within a document as well as formatting. The absolute best that no one else has is “Reveal Codes”. It saves hours of time when something is off in formatting. Please never delete that particular helpmate. I insist to everyone that WordPerfect is better than any other system which now incorporates the favorites of other word processing. I will never change to anything else.

Gwen Garza

I’ve used WordPerfect as my mainstay word processor for over thirty years. I have only used Word when I had to – especially to send to people who didn’t see the light and had to have a copy of a document. But I prefer to work in WordPerfect for many reasons. I get great pleasure out of learning a new function in WordPerfect, but I don’t bother in Word because the Help instructions in Word are rarely helpful and are frequently confusing at best while the instructions in WP are very much to the point. For routine editing functions, WP is much more clear and straightforward, and there are many things that I do in WP that I have failed to figure out how to do in Word. I cannot imagine how Word has managed to be the dominant word processor with WordPerfect being much better!

Laurence Reich

The WP is great because it is very easy to use, has very friendly iteration with the user, stable and reliable

Sergio Valverde

I am a practicing attorney. In family law I make extensive use of the ability to create tables in Word Perfect. That permits me to create separate tables in a property statement and am able to add the the columns in each table and then transfer the data to Quatro Pro for an analysis of the division of property and allocation of debts. Judges love this presentation. Word requires one to import the same type of data from Excel. Very time consuming and a composition nightmare.

Kent Schroeder

User friendly, ability to create, scan, import, copy and merge documents easily. WP is a fantastic word processing program, a true documents program that does it all without the hype and confusions of the Microsoft programs.
I am a retired school teacher and I have used WP for all my school documents creation my entire carrier. It has NEVER let me down. All my lesson plans, tests, grade sheets, individualized lessons, student activities, reports, and student records were created and kept in and with Word Perfect. I taught for over 32 years and this wonderful program was always there to do whatever I needed. Especially in the beginning where WP had simple to use macros for lesson plans and other school/student requirements.

David Morroq

Wordperfect is the one constant in my three decades long law practice. My office locations have changed several times, but I make sure Wordperfect is always wherever I work because it produces flawless legal documents. It would not feel like my office without Wordperfect.

Stephen H. Weine

It’s so easy to use! Every version gets easier & easier! Word is complicated in comparison!

John F Sercombe

While, like many others, I have been subjected to the increasing dominance of another word processing program in my professional life, I have consistently been reminded of the ease of working with Word Perfect. My writing often involves elaborate formatting and unusual fonts, and the ability to find the codes and to easily incorporate specific characters from Eastern European languages has made my work much easier. While I often have to convert my Word Perfect files into this other program, I will retain my loyalty to Word Perfect and its more intuitive interface for my professional work.

Charles E. Brewer

I started using it as it was the word processor used in the school board for which I worked. I purchased upgrades of it over the years. I’m now the owner of WordPerfect X8 Professional and expect to upgrade the versions as they come along.

Michel Brazeau

I love WP because it allows me to make my own customized menus that have helped me grow in my business

Joyce Gamache

Better than Microsoft and able to convert anything from any doc


WordPerfect allows for manual, stable control over formatting. It doesn’t accidently modify the appearance of your documents unless you want it to. Formatting issues can be easily discovered and corrected using the reveal codes function. And of course the compare function is easy to use and very effective when showing other people what changes have been made between drafts of a document. Controls are placed intuitively. Great, dependable tool for work.

Craig Penn

I have used many word processing programs since the early 1980s, and none has been as dependable, easy to use, and well supported as WordPerfect. As a college English teacher until my retirement in 2013, I appreciated how WordPerfect made my professional life easier and more productive. Now that I write for pleasure, I am even more enthusiastic about WordPerfect. The program in all of its various releases has remained beautifully simple and amazingly powerful. I have used it for difficult archiving projects, including transcribing and indexing over 1,200 family letters from the World War II era, as well as recording genealogical data and researching and writing scholarly articles, and I cannot imagine attempting any of these projects without the assistance of WordPerfect. No other word processing program I have used–none!—makes it so easy to draft, edit, tweak, and publish text as WordPerfect. I find that other products currently on the market are poor substitutes for it, and it’s beyond me how anyone who tried WordPerfect would ever return to a competitor’s product.

John H Flannigan

I have been using WordPerfect since before 1996(not sure when I used it the first time.), and have always loved it. In my opinion, Reveal Codes is one of the most outstanding features of WordPerfect. Other programs have nothing even remotely similar. It was one of the first features of WordPerfect that I became familiar with, and when trying other programs, I am completely lost without it.

I have always said WordPerfect was developed by people who knew what was important to office workers and professional people. Features like flashing words, banner displays, etc., are cute, but not appropriate for professional documents and interfere with productivity when learning a new program. Early on, I liked the fact that I could create documents quickly and easily with little or no knowledge of how the program actually worked. I could pick up new features as I went along without missing a beat. The “Help” feature is also more user-friendly requiring fewer steps and more understandable descriptions than most other programs.

Around 2000, I became a computer program instructor, and Wordperfect was still one of my favorite programs, both for personal use and as a class program. It is so easy to learn and use compared to other programs!

I also like the ability to import and export documents from other programs. Many features of other specialized programs are easily imported or adapted in WordPerfect

I’m retired now, but I still use my WordPerfect program (and still teach friends and others) some of its features. It’s my first love in computer technology.

Delores Little

I started using WP professionally when I went to work at SUNY Buffalo. I grew to feel very confident using this product. I especially love “Reveal Codes,” it makes it so much easier to find errors. When I had to retire in 2007, I bought a new home computer and paid extra for WP. There seems to be a prejudice against WP when buying new computer equipment. To me, WP is home, and worth the extra cost. I am a customer for life.

Maureen Muck

I’ve been using WP since the 1980s. I became older and stayed young with WordPerfect. It’s simply the best.

Michael Amon

I love WordPerfect because it is so flexible. Changes can be made on the page from the keyboard and cursor such as margins, turning columns and off, indenting text, for example. The other feature I love is the reveal codes that are particularly useful when information has been imported from other programs such as from Word. The user user doesn’t need other programs to do publishing such as newsletters and reports, for example. I really do love WordPerfect!

Gladys Lehmann

One day, in the early 1980’s, when I was just beginning working for the National Labor Relations Board, a Board agent came in with what looked like a big, heavy sewing machine with a tiny TV.

Then, only the secretaries were allowed to use a computer program, and that was a DOS program whose name I no longer recall. Since that time, computers changed a lot, but the essence, common sense, and power of WP has remained.

Whenever I have been forced to use Word I remain astounded that anyone would use such a clunky, overweight program.

I have to say I got very nervous during the recent shift to WP 7 and 8, but having now used it, I continue to be a very happy camper.

In fact, writing this testimonial, got me to go back through the various WP versions from the beginning via Wikipedia. It’s a good read with some serious drama – mainly around the version changes. I highly recommend that WP fans have a read of it.

Ellen Dannin

There is much that I value highly, but the most important are (1) being able to open files I wrote ages ago and (2) the reveal codes feature.

Helmut Vorkauf

using the program since the beginning; lovely screen and reliable to use

Peter Kerr

It does things other word processing programs don’t, and what it does it does more easily. It is compatible with other programs, such as Word, and offers tons of options on how to do things. I suppose I love WordPerfect because it is perfectly simply, yet does it’s job perfectly!

Robert Johnson

It was 1986, I just graduated from my KayPro84 CP/M machine and was drunk on the processing power of my first Dos machine, a Corona (I forget the model number) WP 4.2 was a revelation and a liberation. It was fantastic. Not quite WYSIWYG yet, but on the way. I stuck to WP and have used every WP version since, writing my PhD thesis, my job application, and every article I’ve ever written. The corporate world has forced me to learn MS Word, but I still hate it. Especially when something goes wrong with the formatting and your only options seems to be to cut and then paste without formatting into a fresh document so you can start fresh. I thought it was only my newbie ways,. but expert MS Word users tell me that sometimes they end up doing that too. Never in WordPerfect. So, even if it were not a superior word processor in many other ways, Reveal Codes is worth the price of admission.

Martin Hahn

WordPerfect allows me to work the way I like to work. It doesn’t demand that I do things a certain way. If I want to use a certain set of features to accomplish a task, it lets me choose any set of features I want to get it done. WordPerfect has Reveal Codes, which makes working with documents so transparent. You aren’t left guessing what you might have just done to mess up your document, just look in Reveal Codes to find your mistake. The menus are intuitive. If you want to format something like page numbering, just look on the menu for Format, Page, and Numbering. It is so easy! And finally, WordPerfect is immune from the viruses that exist in other word processors.

Kelly P. Merrill

WP continues to be the most logical and intuitive Word Processor on the market. Already the DOS versions had an edge over everything else and I had to fight hard with my employer who has all his machines equipped with MS programs to be allowed to use “my” WP. Now retired I am busy writing a thesis on comparative Law and I do it – of course – with Word Perfect X-8

Hans G. Gnodtke

Its handling of graphics, compatibility with other programs, reveal codes, macros, availability of diacriticals and other symbols (the musical # was not available from its main rival for years) … these are all needed on a day to day basis in my work which includes top-level (University) research and publishing as well as database operations compatible with WP (Paradox) … what more do you want to know? I could go on …

David Rumsey

Best Text-Performing since I´ve been a student (starting with a DOS Version ;-). Flexible processing of many formats including pdf, easy and powerful handling with visible program-codes, stable handling of large files etc. etc. Dirk


WordPerfect has always been so easy to learn and use. It took very little time to figure out what was where. I really like the drop down menu. I taught my 10 year old son how to use it and he said it was easy for him to learn. He has ADHD and was having a very hard time in school. He now has a good job, is married and enjoying his life. I have taught many people to use their computers and use WordPerfect. They have all said it was really easy to learn. Once you use the BEST you never want to go back to second best.

Nancy Morrow

I love WordPerfect very much. I have a word processing/secretarial service and I prefer using this to any other program. The only drawback is that the “standard for others is Word,” however since I do not like it, I work in WordPerfect and convert to Word. I find that the latest version of WordPerfect X8 is great at converting to Word, and I am able to zip through my work. I find that many of the features of WordPerfect are easier to use than in Word. I like the fact that I can also convert to PDFs easily as well. I was having a problem with another program (Printshop) and couldn’t get it to work. I needed a file on it so I was able to recreate the file I needed in WordPerfect, and it came out great! For me, WordPerfect is the standard. It is pure gold to me!!

Judy Cohen

I love the ease and logic built into Wordperfect . It has made Wordperfect user friendly and intuitive to use, and I am NOT normally an intuitive man. I can insert items into a report and move them around with ease without my subsequent typing sending those insertions helter-skelter on me. When there’s a hidden something blocking the way I click on View and Reveal Codes then locate my cursor at the problem location, see what the issue is and very easily correct it. I am a Structural Engineer who writes many reports and the logic and ease of doing that, minimizes my frustration. I just plain love using Wordperfect for my engineering reports. It just fits fine without frustration.

Lynwood Valentine Prest

I’m probably the only lawyer in Australia using WordPerfect. Lawyers spend most of their time creating documents with numbered paragraphs and sub-paragraphs. WordPerfect does this effortlessly. It instinctively does the correct thing when it comes to numbering.

For example, when you want a double-space between two numbered paragraph, you simply press the Enter key twice. By contrast, Word instinctively does the WRONG thing. If you want a double-space between two numbered paragraphs and press Enter twice to try to achieve this, the number for the second paragrarph just disappears. As a result, you have to fool Word into doing the right thing (in this case, press Enter once, create a fake numbered line; press Enter again; enter text into the double-spaced line that you really want; and then go back and delete the fake intermediate numbered line).

I really like the fact that you can effortlessly reveal the codes lying behind your text, and also the fact that WordPerfect codes are few and far between. By contrast, when I import parts of a Word document into a WordPerfect document and then reveal the codes, I find a mass of unwanted and unnecessary codes that I then have to laboriously delete.

While – as I said – I’m probably the only lawyer in Australia using WordPerfect, I can effortlessly convert the documents I create into Word so that the lawyers with whom I work can open them on their machines … poor things.

Robert Angyal

When I worked I used Corel Wordperfect.. I have volunteered for different organizations and I have been using wordperfect. One organization is Girl Guides of Canada and a Church organization. I truly love the program. I have had other programs but Coreel Wordperfect is my choice. At one point I had a viras on my computer and all my programs were wiped out. In order to have a program that I could use I bought Corel Wordperfect so that I could still do the things I had to do. I love the program and I am confident using it.

Olive Schijns

I’ve had Wordperfect Office (or individual parts) through several versions of Windows. Taking a wild guess I’d say it was just after it was put on the market when I tried and bought Wordperfect (not from Corel). I didn’t like Microsoft Office, and although Wordperfect wasn’t perfect it was easier to work with back then. Between my wife and I there must have been thousands of pages or presentations created for professional and private reasons. I have tried M Office over time, as well as other such offerings, but I come back to Wordperfect every time. If I ever stop purchasing updates for WP Office it will be because of the cost. My current version is X8 and it is still doing the job very well — for both volunteer and professional jobs. Thank you for asking.
By the way, the reason people don’t leave M Office for WP Office, I have been told by many, is because they are forced to use what they have or they can’t take the time. Rubbish!

Robert Rathwell

I became an avid user of WordPerfect when it was a DOS-based program. It was perfectly easy to use then and its rich tradition of making each upgrade user friendly has kept me in the WordPerfect family for over 30 years.

I am a writer and speaker. I have found WordPerfect to be perfect for designing layouts for my books. I can easily format my work and make changes on the fly using the one feature that sets WordPerfect apart from all other word processing software: Reveal Codes. This remains my favorite feature out of all that WordPerfect offers to its users.

As a speaker, I use the outlining function of WordPerfect constantly. Not only does the program make the use of outlines perfectly easy, I can make multiple changes to the format of my outline, edit existing outlines, and even turn the feature off and on at will while I am composing my work. It is in a word—PERFECT!

WordPerfect has maintained a high standard of continuity as it has evolved over the last three decades of my use. While adding new features and ease of use, the program has always allowed me to use all of my previously archived work as if it were written just moments ago.

WordPerfect remains amazingly PERFECT!

Ralph Clark

As a long time Word Perfect user, I love the features, ease and intuitive nature of use, and unmatched quality. Reveal codes allows me to “fix” documents created by others in different formats which is a very helpful feature. The print to pdf is also very helpful in my work. The feature I love the most though, is the ability to create an e-book. I use my Amazon Kindle Fire for my public speaking engagements and I can create my documents with the great flexibility of Word Perfect, and using the e-book creation feature, I can make chapters, add notes and format the document for ease of reading and presenting without using up lots of paper, saving trees and being more environmentally friendly. After creation, I simply upload the e-book to my Kindle for my speaking engagements. It’s great! I have not seen any other word processing program with this wonderful and fully integrated feature. The next upgrade I would love to see would be a Android/Kindle version of Word Perfect, I use my Kindle to take notes using a word processing app which I then transfer to Word Perfect for further processing. A Word Perfect app would make this easier. Having said that, Word Perfect has and continues the only word processor I use for my work. Thank you for a job well done for many, many years and for the great support provided.

Dave Shetler

I began to use WordPerfect by experimenting with Paradox and the spreadsheet portions of WordPerfect and then WordPerfect itself.

The design concept of WordPerfect immediately was appealing to me, comparing it with others at the time. What’s so wonderful is that I found WordPerfect – the program – intuitively ready for my work without my having to build the productive functions needed to do the work and do it perfectly well.

The scan tool allows me instant visualization in a graphic form of paper documents. When it is only a text file I would like the .PDF of the scan to be saved as a .WPD as if I had simply entered the text by hand, and no .JPG hangovers.

I love the Reveal Codes feature and can’t think of any improvements needed to make it better.

I love being able to send documents to spreadsheets and retrieve files from spreadsheet forms. I would like to do more with databased files and Paradox.

The cross-platform commands and functions stability brings me speed in functionality and this is a marvelous value for me too.

I’ve followed Corel from its former days in Orem, Utah to Canada and love all the many new products of which I have a few. The Corel Platform of products has become the most useful and important one for me as I have now added an archive creating and building need as well. I’m working with Corel’s tools a great deal of every day, for they allow me the important function of integration among them. the must have key that starts it all, for me, is Corel’s WordPerfect. and I have Corel and its World to thank for it all.

James Schifano

WordPerfect 4.1 for Atari ST, WordPerfect 4.2 for DOS – to Present Version of WPX8 for Windows

Benjamin Flores

I have used WordPerfect since I went back to school for nursing.  At that time, this was the best word processor to fit the requirements of my school work.  This has not changes as I have developed my career.

Sandy Meadows

The ease which you make using word Perfect.  I’ve been a user since WP1.  You can check my purchases directly from corel.  I only use office because some software programs do not accept Word Perfect, which is a shame. It is so much easier to diagnose problems with reveal codes.  Thank you for your products.  Please keep WP going!

Frank Bassett

WordPerfect is the most knowledgeable personal secretary I have ever had. It works beautifully in research, publication, correspondence, and it handles my budget and all financial matters as well. Since WP is available twenty-four hours a day I have the perfect chief of staff.

Gerard L. Knieter

It’s easy to use. When I had just joined the Navy and microcomputers were just beginning to replace CPT, I was given a WordPerfect handbook and told to sit down at the computer and do the tutorials. When I have to use other word processing programs (I’ll leave their names anonymous), it’s as if I’m in another universe because the menus are so much more difficult to work with. WordPerfect’s menus are easy and quick to learn, and the program is very user-friendly. In one of my past jobs, I utilized over 600 macros and at least 200 merge files and templates. One of my macros included templates and involved setting up a retainer contract, medical authorization, ledger sheet and three labels in addition to other things I can’t remember at this time. For those who say “Who uses WordPerfect?” I ask them: If everyone was jumping off a cliff, would you join them?

In addition, I love the “print file list” feature. It might be out there, but I don’t know of any other program which offers it. And last, but not least, I’ve worked with court forms which were supposed to be fill-in-the-blank. However, they rarely worked well and the finished form looked REALLY AWFUL! Therefore, I usually created the form in WordPerfect and made it look exactly like the paper original, but improved.

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK WORDPERFECT!! I haven’t seen anyone yet who can hold a candle to your product!!!!!!!!!

Marquita Allen

WordPerfect has been my program of choice because of the ease in curriculum development. Probably, my favorite feature has been hidden codes. When I am put in a situation to use another program, hidden codes are not available and that makes it very difficult to correct format of a document. As the owner of my training center I insist upon document being prepared in WordPerfect. I meet a lot of resistance until others see the ease of making corrections in documents. I am not as sophisticated as the new generation when it comes to computer programs but my ability to generate professional documents receives many positive responses. Thank you WordPerfect. We are a team.

Virginia L. Shefa

I like WordPerfect because it was easy to learn, and the help menus are helpful. As an editor and book publisher, I love the reveal codes so there is nothing hidden that can interfere with printing presses.
I like the feature that headers and footers are considered to be part of the document, as compared with MSWord where the headers and footers with page numbers are placed above and below the physical page margins. For Example, with a page set up to print a book at 5.5″ x 8.5″ MSWord puts the header and footer outside this border.
The Menus are sensible and clear. If a situation is complicated there are advanced menu areas easily accessible.
I like the ease WP has with making PDF files and PDF Fusion for times when pages must be moved within a file or to make a new file.
I love that a lot of the “Control codes” carried over from earlier software so we didn’t have to learn everything new.
I like the way the ruler line and tabs operate. I like the way paragraphs can be set up with an indent, without an indent, with a hanging indent, etc.
I especially like the ability to change a paragraph design for an entire document. For example, if the paragraph indentation set up was for 1/2 tab, it can easily be changed to a 1/4″ indent for the entire document.
I like the graciousness of the technical support folks when I was new to Windows 10, the Corel people worked with me on the WP upgrade issue.

Patricia A. McDonough

Word Perfect allows you to work with ease and using less of the mouse so you can speed through the work that is needed. It allows one to do what you want, rather than Microsoft’s Word that has you conforming to how their programmers want you to work. You feel not like a dummy. You can easily find out how to work with new functions because it is logical. Best of all Word Perfect allows you to convert all other word programs and back again. All of the functions allow you to work faster and it conforms to how you want to do things. Other programs do not have the wide scope of functionality that Word Perfect does. I would never go back to Microsoft’s Word again. Or any other program that is on the market. They all copy Word Perfect but do a terrible job doing it.

Harvey Chazan

Fantastic document program. I love what you can do and it is so easy. I make all my cards with WordPerfect. The formatting is easy and there are so many functions. And the appearance isn’t changing from one version to the next which is great. When you use a program for a long time the last thing you want is for the format of your toolbar to change for the latest fashion!

Peter Fairchild

I have watched WordPerfect evolve from the ancient MS-DOS environment into the now Windows 10 environment. Simple to use. Feature packed. And is the best app to produce your pamphlet, card, book, or other document.

John L Kemmis

Wordperfect is the original word processing program that gained the confidence of the legal community and the United States Federal Court. It has continued to provide the legal profession with specialized application for the needs of the average lawyer and adjudicator in the United States and Canada. I prefer Wordperfect because I know that it will continue to keep us lawyers in mind in the future.

Bernard Q. Phelan

When I started a new job at the University of Nebraska, I had never used a computer before in my job as an insurance personnel officer. The personnel officer who hired me said it was not a necessary requirement for the position to be able to use the computer while working in the College of Education. Let me tell you…it was! I started with Word Perfect and, had it not been for the fact that you could call WP Support and get an answer to your questions at any time, I would have been fired. I used WP exclusively and, in time, became very proficient in most aspects of the program. I went on to become The Employee of the Month and worked for 12 additional years at the University. Thank you, Word Perfect.

Barbara Provencher

I have always used WP for all my desktop needs, even when my friends would want me to use Microsoft Word. WP is so easy to use, so friendly to navigate, and has never, ever given me any problems!! I wouldn’t give it up if someone paid me big bucks. I love it!!!!!

Nadia Comeau

I am a pastor who has used WordPerfect since not long after it came on the scene. I have both, Word and Word Perfect, but for my sermons I prefer to use WordPerfect because of its simple outline mode and for my Bible Studies because for me it is simpler to use than Word.

Harold King

I started using WordPerfect in the early days because of my dad. He was using v. 3.1 and would call the company when he had a question. He loved it so much he told me about it and I advised my employer (a small medical department within a branch of the U.S. government) to install it as our software for word processing (which we did). At that time I also subscribed to the magazine and tried out all the tips and tricks so I could be up to date. I love that not only can you easily use it for basic wordprocessing but I love that you can do simple math without having to go into a spreadsheet program, and simple design, without having to go into a design program. (But those program options are good too.) Even though I am going against the grain in my current work, I still use it (and convert files when needed).


WordPerfect has the best formatting control of any commercially available software. When Word frustrates me I turn to WordPerfect.

Jerry Shipley

The first time I ever used WordPerfect I had never ever worked on a computer or in any word processing software before. As you can imagine it was ‘how do you do this?’ ‘where to I find this?’ and the answer would be too busy you’ll have to find out yourself….hehehe…well find out I did, easy enough with the easy to use help topics and the ‘I’m not scared of you attitude’ this is me to the computer of course…it was just common sense everything had a place and it made sense to look in that place…an example would be automatic numbering of paragraphs…I tell you I hated people just typing numbers!!! I found out how to do it and taught everyone else, everytime I found out how to do something the whole office was sent a memo…I loved how easy it was to find things…now go find that in MS Word…’good luck with that coz it took me ages to find it’ and still it didn’t work as well as it does in WordPerfect. I refuse to change our firms’ wordprocessing software, of course the boss also likes the ease of working in WordPerfect so my refusal has been supported. Everyone else moans that we are archaic but when I ask them to tell me how to automatically number paragraphs and pages in MSWord that normally shuts them up…because yeah…they don’t know how….well I just tell them to use WordPerfect because you’ll find it in formatting where it should be!!! All new staff to the firm use WordPerfect with ease and say that they have found it so much easier than MS Word…so Kudos to WordPerfect!!!! Keep it simple with everything where it’s supposed to be…I could keep raving on but I won’t…I say use the software and find out how good it is…

Janet Holmes

Over the years, WordPerfect has proven it worth. It has shown to be the best word process in the market and making its mark in the market. It has made word processing easier in all fashions, with simple, easy strokes, and faster results than the other word processors. Even Microsoft Word cannot compare to WordPerfect in doing less strokes to bring about a perfect project that you want. That is why the word “perfect” is in WordPerfect to bring about your quality performances you need and want.

Connie Lewandowski

I have used WordPerfect for so long I can’t even remember when I started but I can remember that many tried to convince me of switching to other word processors over the years and I was just plain too happy with WordPerfect. Doing newsletters and merging files were among my early tasks. I wouldn’t trade WordPerfect’s approach to these functions for anything.

Beverly Brazauskas

As an educator in the transportation industry and at a community college for the last twenty-five years WordPerfect software has given me the ability to product professional training materials. I found that learning to effectively use WordPerfect was much easier than trying to figure out how to use Microsoft program. I found that using WordPerfect was much faster to accomplish the same materials than Microsoft. Using WordPerfect software allowed me to produce a 300 page student workbook used by students in the classroom with little effort on my part. Presentation program was very easy to develop video projection lesson plans that were easy and professional for all phases of my program.

Dan Leagjeld

better than microsoft word anyday, like driving a vehicle with a stick shift, you can control it not the other way around!

mary mcgannon

All older documents from 6.0 are still readable without formatting problems, The reveal codes screen is very important to me. People who really know WP won’t change to something else.


I have used WordPerfect successfully for dozen’s of years. I have bought every update they made, as soon as they came out and am now using Version 8. I think the “reveal code” feature is something that is really so helpful and I don’t think any other word processors have it. WordPerfect also has hundreds of type fonts and the best spell checking system around. I use a lot of computer slang words that it does not recognize, but it is easy to add my special words into the dictionary, so WordPerfect recognizes them the next time they are used. It even corrects my slang words and computer jargon once I have entered them into the dictionary and then typed them wrong. I’m 88 years and 10 months old, so I don’t always type as fast or accurate as I used to. I love the way WordPerfect actually corrects known words for me when I type them wrong. It doesn’t just say, “I don’t recognize what you’ve typed”. If it recognizes what I meant, it will change the word so I don’t have to go back and retype it. I recommend WordPerfect to all my friends. I do a lot of typing at my age, and I couldn’t live without WordPerfect.

Tony Russo

As you can see I had been a Corel user for 11 years. I unfortunately had my computer crash and I lost my Corel original program but was able to save my files.
So I purchased your WordPerfect Office X8 – Home & Student Edition and was able to open all my old files.
Thanks to Corel I was able to keep the small amount of hair I still have.
I am 82 years old and still mange to use your program, thanks

David Crawford

In my view it is the most efficient and professionnal word processor ever, because the user can correct any portion of his text using the “display codes” option. The multiple pre-formating options allow facilities easily accessible and easily configured thus giving the user multiple personnalised formats not easily available in other word processors. I have been writing instruction manuals for 30 years, and my work is appreciated because it uses less than 50% of kb size compared to other manuals.

Raymond N Charette

My Microsoft Word stopped working and I had to buy a download and pay yearly to get it back. I discovered WordPerfect which does much more and doesn`t require a yearly subscription. Thank you for an awesome product.


Word Perfect has been my one and only choice!
By using its various attributes, I can give voice
to my poetic passions, when my muse inspires.
Of its many varied facets, this poet never tires.
Easy to use, it caters to an author’s every need
without undue aggravation, or need to intercede!
In my estimation, no programme can compete
with Word Perfect. It is in every way complete!

From the earliest Version to the latest – Eighteen,
I’ve been pleased with every Upgrade in between.
Their programming experts try to please me and you:
making improvements, or adding something new,
their integrated elements, with programmes unique,
allow me to record my thoughts, in the manner I seek.
With my choice of tools, which I regard as essential,
I can tweak mundane thoughts, to their full potential.

From its large selection of literary tools I demand,
Word Perfect delivers them all, at my command.
Regarded a bargain, that’s seldom extended today,
it’s been my steadfast companion in every way.
From my experience, it is found, there are few
that offer the wide varied variety of ‘tools’ as you,
that stands alone in catering to my every need.
Word Perfect is the epitome of excellence – indeed!

Denis Barter.

I have been using WP since I returned to work though job re-entry program training about 20 years ago. After my extensive training I was hired in the Federal Government specifically for my WP skills.
I love the program for many reasons. Although other word processing programs have most of the same function I still prefer WP. The reason I still use it to this day is because of the reveal code and the fact you can still use the function keys when you change your keyboard to dos commands. I don’t know of any program that has these features. It is the only program function I can still use if something is wrong with my document. All you have to do is open the reveal codes and I can find the error and correct it.

Aline Hardy

Why do I love WordPerfect? Very simply, it is the only word processor that can do what I need!

As one example, my current project involves making high, wide and complex six-column documents with independent line numbering in each column — thousands of pages long. And I mean true columns — not just tables as “pretend” columns. What word processor can do that? Only WordPerfect.

WP permits almost unlimited customization of its user interface. I have customized mine to the extent that many WP users might not recognize it as WP! My customized WP interface is what <I> need for <my> projects, and it results in a consistently large increase in my productivity.

WP permits reducing word processing automation to almost none. Certain word processing tasks (e.g., replicative typing) require almost no automation.

WP’s unique Reveal Codes feature is an indispensable “no-brainer” for users who need to take command of the structure and formatting of their documents. For example, I can search my document for almost any specific formatting code — and can replace it with another code. As well, I can write macros to automate that. WP’s macros are the most intuitive and powerful among all word processing software.

When I need to deliver a document in Microsoft Word format, nine times out of ten the most effective and efficient method for me to do that is to compose it as a .wpd document and then save it in .docx format. Presto! — all of the powerful advantages of WordPerfect (e.g., left-right block indent), with none of the endless frustration of Word.

The ability to open even the oldest WP documents with the newest WP versions has long-term significance. The importance of that speaks for itself.

Even the largest WP documents are stable — a critical attribute for users who produce and work with large documents. Frequently, I am one such user.

Last, but not least, WP documents are relatively immune to the scourge of malware. The importance of that cannot be overstated.

Is WordPerfect “perfect”? I would have to say “no” to that. For example, I wish WP would display the total number of pages on its Application Bar. I also have other ideas on my “WordPerfect wish list.” However, none of them is keeping me from producing excellent, exemplary documents with WP.

Those are the reasons that I love WordPerfect. For any power user of word processing software, WordPerfect truly is an unequaled treasure! My computers without WordPerfect? Unimaginable.

H.R. Greene

I have been a happy user of WordPerfect from both home and work situations. The ability to develop very complex work related documents was critical in my job. Now that I am retired, I still always use WordPerfect for all my home items

Warren Pearce

I am probably one of the biggest fans of WordPerfect. I became a court reporter before the advent of computers, so I learned to use WordPerfect when it was a new program installed on our first computers. I was easily able to learn how to get it to do everything I needed it to do; legal transcriptions, affidavits, letters, memoranda, and anything and everything else. Towards the end of my career, when the court system decided that the entire county should switch to MSWord, I went to the Word seminar. After quizzing the Word presenter and discovering that Word would not support our needs, I championed the cause of keeping WordPerfect for court reporters and won. I love the program so much and have always been comfortable using it, that I still use it for my personal word processing now that I’m retired. I just recently installed the current edition after upgrading to Windows 10, and am just as happy as I’ve always been with it.

Alice Eastgate

I have been a WordPerfect user for many years. The “reveal codes” is one reason . I know the program pretty well after many years of use. Now that you have the conversion option, I will continue to be a fan. It is just a very good program. Thank you.

Stuart Nickerson

I started with WordPerfect when I was in college. That was a long time ago, so long, I can’t remember exactly when, but the first version I used was WordPerfect 3. Since then, I have used WP suit exclusively.

Reveal Codes is the best feature in WordPerfect. Unlike that other well known package, whose name I won’t mention, if something doesn’t go right, I can find out what it is with Reveal Codes and correct it. WordPerfect doesn’t try to force me to do things it’s way. It lets me decide how to prepare my pages in the form I want.

I also use Quattro pro for all my spreadsheet needs. It’s clean, easy, and gives me everything I want in a spread sheet.

I don’t have a need for data base functions, and since retiring, I don’t need any Presentations applications. When I was teaching, I used Presentations a lot.

I still keep my WordPerfect suite up to date. I’m using X8 now. I tell everyone it’s a much better package than that other one.

The pdf creator in the suite is really great. I wrote all my documents in WordPerfect, then easily converted them to pdf for posting on the school teaching site for students.

All of a sudden, I find myself teaching part time again, and now, I’ve dusted off my Presentations skills and am using it again.

As far as I’m concerned, WordPerfect suite is the only office package worthy of spending my money on.

Gerald Lee Doutt

Fantastic program. I’m using it right now to capitalize a whole bunch of text. I do my own cards, open word documents and see where all the formatting is.

Peter Fairchild

The Reveal Codes provision has rescued me many times. As I have tried to use other text processors, I feel like both of my hands are tied behind my back because I have not idea what the program is doing and how to correct it. Also, Reveal Codes makes it so easy to find a repeated error throughout the document and with one command, they can all be eliminated! That saves a lot of time! Thanks WordPerfect for the Separate window feature. There have been many times that I needed to see more than one WordPerfect document at a time. This is invaluable! Also, I really like being able to save my WordPerfect documents in PDF format, because I can email them without using any other conversion tool. That makes WordPerfect a universal program! When I write letters it is so easy to label an envelope. Once the letter is written with the address as part of the letter, an envelope gets inserted into the printer and the exact address and return address are printed on the envelope. Just need to enter the address one time! I am sure I have not discovered all the great provisions of WordPerfect, but without it I would not be as close to perfection as I am! Thanks WordPerfect!!

Thomas Harmon

Since version 5.2, Word Perfect has lived up to its name: perfection! I particularly like reveal codes (when some formatting goes wrong, it is so easy to correct) as well as the look and feel of the footnotes. I am always delighted when I use a word that is not in your dictionary and have to check its spelling on Google!

John Winter

The Reveal Codes provision has rescued me many times. As I have tried to use other text processors, I feel like both of my hands are tied behind my back because I have not idea what the program is doing and how to correct it. Also, Reveal Codes makes it so easy to find a repeated error throughout the document and with one command, they can all be eliminated! That saves a lot of time! Thanks WordPerfect for the Separate window feature. There have been many times that I needed to see more than one WordPerfect document at a time. This is invaluable! Also, I really like being able to save my WordPerfect documents in PDF format, because I can email them without using any other conversion tool. That makes WordPerfect a universal program! When I write letters it is so easy to label an envelope. Once the letter is written with the address as part of the letter, an envelope gets inserted into the printer and the exact address and return address are printed on the envelope. Just need to enter the address one time! I am sure I have not discovered all the great provisions of WordPerfect, but without it I would not be as close to perfection as I am! Thanks WordPerfect!!

Thomas Harmon

The answer is simple. I’m a 50 year WP user (truly)r, even though I always have other word ;processors on my computer, however, they are programs I reach for last , and do so only when an in built WP conversion utility is not available, … and that is seldom.

WP is clean, simple, affords flexitibity in use (that others do not offer) doesn’t ‘chain’ me to their required formatting procedures, has Reveal Codes that permits ready adjustments to what I desire to appear on the printed page and in the form I want (that others don’t allow), and in ther process requires fewer keystrokes that other current word processing “biggies” demand to get the same output achieved, The WP screen is clutter free, and articles, book chapters (with ;pix and graphics), all take far less time to compose (and are usually followed with flawless conversions to other word processor formats such as the several MS Word variants for recipients who can speak or read only MS WORD. . Such conversions from WP require only a few key stokes to accomplish, and thus the output can be tailored to your receiver;s needs.effortlessly.

Even getting greater use these days is the Indwelling WP one stroke conversion (within WP) to a .pdf file format (which cuts down transmitted file sizes that are less burdensome to recipients). Write your stuff in WP format, then one key stroke converts that WP original to .pdf format while leaving the original ,wpd file available to amend and reformat without having to master a separate .pdf word ;processor. Graphics and all convert well and very, very few occasion occur which require reworking.

Same holds true for Quattro Pro (included with WP). I find Quattro Pro more intuitive to use than its Microsoft competitor. I have both programs.

No. I don’t own shares in Word Perfect, but perhaps I should. It has been a winner on many fronts for me for many years . I am often surprised at how many serious, long form writers prefer it now, but whether long or short form writers WP’s conveniences, compatibility, and file conversion capabilities to other formats have for myself made long days shorter. If you write for yourself that is one thing, but if you write for others, you may be missing out on a better friend

If you are a ‘newbie’ to serious writing some of the above will sound like gobbledygook, but from my perspective, do yourself a favor and give WP a try. It won’t take long, especially if you have tried struggling with its competitors. You will find you have stumbled on a better way to do your writing . Don’t take my word for it. Give it a try. You’ll see for your self. The proof of the pudding is in the eating they say. The same holds true for word processing it seems.

Donald CE Ferguson

WordPerfect is all-inclusive (has every useful feature), is intuitive, can read and convert to a multitude of formats, and simply works without fault or fail.

The Make it Fit function is unparalleled, used often.

John A. Blakeman

At 82, I think that I am possible the oldest WordPerfect Office user, having used it for around 30 years, I can still remember version 2.0 for both WordPerfect and DataPerfect.

With version X8 I hope to use eBook publisher for my Autobiography.

Simon B. Wezel, NDH, FIAP, Founder Kingfisher Trust – The Gambia.

WordPerfect was recommended to me at work when I first began truly working with computers and technology. WordPerfect was and remains the most superior product on the market. WordPerfect has many features that other products do not have especially like Reveal Codes. I have been able to easily transfer and install various versions of WordPerfect to my personal computers. WordPerfect is very Outstanding!

Carl V. Nelson

Great program, used it since the army. I taught my 80-year old dad how to use it and he typed his life story/memoirs on it. Now our whole family has his memoirs and we are deeply grateful. Thank you!

Jeffery Clark

First Time user, My choice of word processor for windows 10 Home edition x64

Joe Czajkowski

I started using WordPerfect over thirty years ago. When other users in my office were going to MSword I tried going over to MSword but stayed with WP. Even though I had to cut and paste my documents MSword all the time before WP came out with the convert. I used the reveal codes all the time. When WP came with the out-correct I was even happier. I use the grammar checker all the time because made my writing look like I knew what I doing.

Joseph Brace

WordPerfect is superior in every way to Microsoft. The easiest program I have ever used. Loved the magazine. Every time I was trying to learn something new, the instructions on that topic were in the current issue. My job (late 80’s early 90’s) switched to Microsoft and every employer since used the same. I was forced to use what my employer(s) used. It seemed I was NEVER able to do in 20 years on Microsoft what I had learned on WordPerfect in 1 or 2 years. On my home computers there is no Microsoft anything. I might add that the first course I ever took to try and secure better employment was WordPerfect. It worked. Quite frankly I did not know WordPerfect was still out there. Can’t wait to checkout what I have missed.

Wanda Brazeal

I have used WordPerfect for many years; I still have the DOS-based floppy discs that delivered my first version. I am now using version X7. The list of favourite features is too long for this testimonial. However, I will express my appreciation for the consistency between the versions released over several decades and the increasing versatility of the suite of programs that constitute WordPerfect Office.

As a teacher of Mathematics and Physics, I used WordPerfect to write notes, tests and examination books for students, and instructions and training manuals for using Microsoft products (the “official” software at the school) for staff and students. In 1999 I produced the “Proceedings of the Seventeenth Biennial Conference of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Inc.” This publication contained the text of the papers presented, equations, charts, graphs, diagrams and comprehensive cross-reference and author indexes. (http://trove.nla.gov.au/work/29381039).

Keith Baldwin

I remember discovering the joy of computer use with the release of Windows 95. I accompanied a friend to a Corel demo/release and was amazed at this new (to me) Word processor called WordPerfect. I loved the fact that Corel was a Canadian company and that WordPerfect allowed me to create great documents without having to use whiteout when I made a mistake like I did with the typewriter. I love the Reveal codes, the quick formatting tools, PerfectExpert and Reference Markers. Most of all, because my work uses the Microsoft Office Suite while I prefer WordPerfect at home, I can work in both with little effort and it still comes out right. And the Templates make it so easy to create the right kind of document with just a little tweaking when I am in a hurry. Today, Corel is my go to company for not only my word processing needs but my graphics needs as well. I must say I have matured nicely over the last 20 years with WordPerfect except it probably carries it’s age better than I do with much fewer wrinkles.

Kimberly Hornby

I have been a devoted user of WordPerfect since my first computer in 1983.

The advanced table functions and QuickWords are great but nothing compares to the macros and templates! We use WordPerfect at work and developed lots of advanced timesaving macros and templates. When major changes affected the way we work, WordPerfect handles the changes with ease. We have a major reference document that it takes only a few minutes to make global changes.

The templates are nothing to sneeze at either. With complex template floating cells, every user is an expert with just a few fill-in-the-blank forms.

And let’s not forget the reveal codes! I just shake my head in amusement at other software’s attempts to recreate them. They provide total control over the look of any document on the fly.

I have been called a miracle worker and a power user because of WordPerfect, but we all know it is just the results of the best word processing software out there!

Joan M. Smith

I have been a fan since version 4.1. I love the “Reveal Codes” feature in particular. I’ve also loved the powerful macro features, and I’m forever writing new ones for the office. Notwithstanding that there are 5 “secretaries” in the office, I (the senior lawyer) am still the best at WP. I only wish more of our clients saw the wisdom of using WP instead of that Seattle-based product…

Leslie S. Klinger

A very simple answer. Microsoft Word was designed for secretaries, who need to do a lot of complex, but repetitive tasks. Word Perfect was designed for writers, who just have to write, and have no need to worry about complex formatting. As a writer who learned both programs in the 80’s, I quickly saw that WP was far superior for writing. I still am forced occasionally to use Word, but when I do, I invariably have to stop off at the local watering hole after I’ve done so , and try to drink the memory away.

Two features of WP have saved me countless hours; reveal codes, and Make it Fit. Those two features alone make WP infinitely superior to Word for writing (as opposed to typing).

So why isn’t WP the standard word processing software today? Was VHS better than Betamax? Was Bluray better than HDDVD? No in both cases, but the winner in the format wars was decided not by quality but by marketing and business alliances. Same with WP and Word. Microsoft simply had better marketing back in the day, and despite its virtues, lost its early advantages.

As for me, they will only take my WP away when they pry my cold, dead fingers off the keyboard.

Frank Heppner

I have used WordPerfect from the very beginning after WordStar on CP/M. I had the opportunity to change to other word programs but I always preferred WordPerfect since it is the best word processing program, far most user friendly. And now I am still in business and will use WordPerfect to the end of my time.

Bertus Kuyt

In Seattle, WA we had classes all the time showing everyone how to use everything in the program. it was terrific and made it so much better than MS Word.

Mike Powers

WordPerfect allows me to write community letters to family and friends, save and edit to make my writing personal and gives me scope with various fonts. Nothing lives up to my expectations as well as WordPerfect.

Trish Drinkwater

Ease and accuracy in the design of documents such as technical manuals. The Reveal Codes tool is the best option, with it enabled (I never turn off) I know exactly how my document is formed. I can edit the codes, such as automatic numbering and form effects through the entire document, just by changing a few things. I love WordPerfect since I used it for the first time in 1990. Thank you for continuing to make this fantastic tool. WordPerfect is perfect !.

Alejandro Gómez Buenaventura

I have used it consistently since the 1990s. The programs are easy to use, intuitive, adaptable and documents in older versions are easily read by the newer iterations.

David Neilson

I wrote 3 illustrated books (archaeological content, in German) with more than 300 pages each, only with WordPerfect and Corel programs. Easy, fast, exactly!Last book with the title “Chronologie und Regionalität neolithischer Kollektivgräber in Europa und in de Schweiz”, published in june 2016 (www.librumstore.com).

Urs Schwegler

WordPerfect is by far the easiest and most accurate word processing software on the market. The ever-popular reveal codes is great, but my two favorites are the keyboard shortcuts, and the ease of mail merge to documents and envelopes. Compare two keystrokes with WordPerfect for a hard space to 5 to 9 mouse moves in the other Word processor and you understand why it is one of my favorites.

Patricia G Finlayson

I’ve been using WordPerfect since I had my first computer and have purchased every upgrade you issued as they came out.

I’m a consultant to companies, colleges and institutions in the area of their in-house dining and hospitality service.

I’m an expert in my field, but not in technology, but my clients expect my proposals and reports will look as professional as their own brochures and documents, produced by professional graphics departments. I can do that with WP without having any other special graphics programs.

I often have to work in Word for clients who don’t have WP. WordPerfect is far more flexible and capable of easily producing documents with special formatting options that Word can’t produce. Whenever possible, I produce a document in WP and if necessary, convert to Word or a pdf format for recipients who don’t have WP. (A couple of clicks; no problem.)

I routinely use the calculating feature of WP tables in reports and other documents I use every day — nothing fancy, just basic arithmetic, but for my work, that’s all I need, and it’s quick and simple.

Since I work with both WP and Word, I can say from a non-technical perspective that WordPerfect is the far superior word processor.

Tom Mac Dermott

WordPerfect, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:
1) It’s not Microsoft Word.
2) It is fully compatible with that “other” software.
3) It strikes a blow against a monopoly.
4) WordPerfect never is dated, no matter what version.
5) It has the secret decoder ring called “reveal codes.”
6) WordPerfect users “get it.” Word users don’t.

J. Greg Tharp

Straight forward software and uncomplicated. The fact that the code can be made visible as a ribbon makes document editing extremely easy and time saving.

Sam Mukhtar

I love WP because of its great power for format purposes, simplicity and power for texts, interrelationship with other well known formats. It never crashes. For a simple file or a highly challenging format, WP is there helping me to reach my goal.

Carlos A. Alonso

I find the ability to see the underlying code makes it so easy to correct errors in editing. I do use Word from time to time but generally end up converting to WordPerfect document to get the result I need. The ability to read and save to other WP formats is a huge plus.

Brian Skingsley

I have used WP from v.5.0 blue screen. In 1984 I started working for a municipal government and began deploying the early Windows versions. For over 10 years we supported 5 versions until the X’s were released. We reduced our support base to two versions until X5 then I retired. I am using X8 in my day to day activities. Innovative and user friendly, I love Corel products!!!

Charles Schumacher

I have found WordPerfect so easy to use, especially for creative things like cards. I make my own cards for all occasions. The everyday writing ordinary documents is so easy. The alt F3 to see what you’re formatting, I could go on. In addition, WordPerfect doesn’t change its look with updates. It is the most straightforward program to use.

Peter Fairchild

There are more than forty years that I am using WORDPERFECT and all my archives are on this format in spite of the numerous difficulties I met in some times and circumstances. I always feel at ease with the way of doing of Worperfect and always refuse to use anoother wordprocessor. WordPerfect has been a very faithful fellow along my life. if I can express some wish which could help me now it would be the compatibility between WordPerfect and Android in order to be able to use easily my tablet or my smartphone whatever would the the format of the document I need to consult.
Any way very, very many thanks to you for offering WordPerfect X8, go on, go on!!!
Thanking you and with every best wish,

Jacques Briere

Word-perfect is great for lawyers. Its table function allows spreadsheets to be easily built into documents. Its reveal codes allows easy clean up up of formatting issues when importing documents. Best of all is “Make It Fit” I use it 10 times a day to avoid signature breaks in legal documents.

Allen Barkin

While other programs have taken control of formatting and data management, WP returns control of my document to me. The formatting options are extensive and easy to use. The document looks like I want it to and is easy to manage, even when dealing with people who do not have WP. — Just a side-note: I am using Office X8 on moat of my computers, but I am still using a copy of WP for DOS 5.1 to handle some complex word processing tasks with its mail merge function.

Thomas Tyler

I love the reveal codes. It really helps with the formatting and figuring out why something is not the way it should be. I also love the way I can build forms and convert to PDF without worrying about how it’s going to be converted.

Sandra Hancock

WordPerfect is the single best word processing program on the market it offers the cleanest and easiest use, with little or even no training, and allows for the greatest ability to edit and control formatting. There is no alternative. There is no comparable. In a WORD, it’s PERFECT. WordPerfect it’s not just a name.

William Thomas Lohman

The best way I can describe WordPerfect is that it is so “User Friendly”! Pretty much everyone I know continues to tell me that I should be using Microsoft Word. I have tried Word and hate it!! It is NOT “User Friendly” AT ALL! It also DOES NOT do everything that WordPerfect can do and if it does, I have trouble finding out how to use it. When we purchased our first computer back in 1988 we used “SmartWare” as our word processor then switched to “WordStar”. Even those programs were easier to use than Word. WordPerfect does everything and more of what I need. I truly believe that if Word users would try WordPerfect, they would never go back to Word. WordPerfect is exactly what it says “Perfect”.

Dino Benoit

I have been using WordPerfect for several years and love it. A friend of mine introduced me to WordPerfect at work and my place of employment used WordPerfect and I got good using it so I bought for home use and have been using it ever since. My employer switched to Word about 20 years ago and I hated it, it wasn’t easy to use and confusing. I learn how to use Word but I kept with WordPerfect for my home use. I grew up with WordPerfect and I will always love it! The cost for WordPerfect is much lower than Word and it works better. I can’t always afford to upgrade my version but I eventually will. I truly love it.

Micheal Pontious

I used my first word processor in 1967 (please don’t do the math). It was a MT/ST (magnetic tape / selectric typewriter), manufactured by IBM. Project formats were saved on tapes which only held 25 pages each. The next word processor I worked with was a CPT program that saved work projects on disks. At least these had a much larger memory capacity than the MT/ST tapes.

As technology progressed from one word processor to another, computers finally entered the workplace. Glory Be! One of the software programs Included in my first computer was WordPerfect. I remember thinking that I would never live long enough to master all of its features. I self-taught myself the program and it really didn’t take all that long before I became proficient with it. I always found WordPerfect very user friendly.

As computers were upgraded in my workplace, I was introduced to Word. I found the program much more cumbersome than WordPerfect. Most importantly, Word did not like graphics. Because I had to use graphics in a lot of my work, I was able to successfully plead my case and get WordPerfect back into the workplace.

I am now retired, but still need my WordPerfect to do my volunteer work. Earlier this year, I upgraded to WordPerfect X8. I enjoyed discovering the many enhancements. I especially appreciated the compatibility it has with transposing text onto Word when I have to share data with those who don’t know better!

Thank you, Corel, for producing a word processing program that has been largely instrumental to my successful secretarial career.

Sandra Beitzel

I love WordPerfect. Use WordPerfect since 1990. This precesador words I liked more than others of competition as Word. Using the Reveal Codes has always provided me arrange documents and immediately find where I should make arrangements. Similarly to tables in WordPerfect it is something for my fabulous. They are much more manageable and easy to use and styled. In my years using WordPerfect, I prefer other word procesors. Another spectacular advantage of WordPerfect is the creation of Calendars. The ease with which I can make all my yearly calendars facilitates me schedule my activities. Another advantage in the ease with which Wordperfect converts documents from other competitors. This makes me handling them at all times. I have used other word processors trying to compete with Wordperfect and have failed to convince me to make a change. Precisely because I use any word processor is that I feel the confidence to issue an opinion on them. WordPerfect for my outperforms the other existing on the market. (Sorry for my English, I am Spanish speaker person).

Pedro de Jesús Colón

Having learned typing (keyboarding today!) on an IBM Selectric, the rules and vernacular of typewriters are ingrained in my typist’s psyche. WordPerfect understands this. The program was obviously designed by typists for typists, with most of the features and commands in places that are logical to typists; the other big word processing program was obviously designed by computer geeks for other computer geeks and I find it very frustrating to use. I love WordPerfect. Please don’t stop making it or I’ll have to retire!!

Patricia Hall

WordPerfect is simply the best word processing program available. I have access to several other word processors, but always go with WP if I have the choice. It is easier to use and more powerful than the competition.

Terrance Ingoldsby

It is perfect, easy, fenomenal. But it must have as times ago the portuguese version!

Sonia Fortes

Easy to use. Wordperfect handles the work in what its competitors take one additional step if not more to complete the task. margin handling is better and easier and it is overall easier to use than others. The others – yes I use them occasionally – but one example of “ugliness” of the other program(s) is the spaciing between words. if one word is greater than one space between the other it considers this an “error” of the typist. if “forces” uniformity and it is too picky. Can this feature be stopped on the other programs? perhaps. either way it is annoying and unecessary. Wordperfect is the underdog and Americans love the underdog. Hang in there Wordperfect.

Alex Urquides

I have been using WordPerfect since the spring of 1984 when I bought my first computer. I have used every version of WordPerfect since that time. The versions just keep getting better with new features I and many others have wanted and other features I would never wish to do without but did not know that until WordPerfect incorporated them into a new version. At work I have had to use the competition and it has never held a candle to WordPerfect and I doubt it ever will. Thanks you for keeping WordPerfect updated so I can continue to be more productive.

Mac Todd

Wordperfect’s strength, for my purposes, comes from its balance of easily accessible features I use all the time, together with a depth of more specialized tools that are available if I need them. This gives me a sense of intimate control over my documents and a confidence that my work will reflect the care I put into it. I rarely have to “click down” several layers to get what I want, and this saves me time and aggravation. Good work, Corel!

Vance W. Torbert

I love WordPerfect because it works the way I want it to and it allows me to see what is going on with revealed codes. Other programs seem to have a mind of their own and can be very frustrating trying to figure out why the numbering or tabs are randomly moving but not WP. WordPerfect is the most user-friendly word processing software out there.

Mike MacLeod

It’s all about the Alt F7 command. The ability to correct a document stroke by stroke. Other programs haven’t let me do that, so I’ve remained a WordPerfect devotee for all these years — even when ridiculed by others in my office and elsewhere. They’re just not as picky as I am when it comes to my controlling my document instead of my document controlling my presentation.

Marvin A Marsh

For me , Word Perfect is flawless. It has provided me a format to express and complete assignments, correspondences, recording of memories and instructions to family and friends. My using Word Perfect is as if it is an extension of me, Word Perfect is my personal wordsmith program.

Rod Nelson

Our business was slow in converting to computers, however, when we did WordPerfect was the answer to our situation. We had a very small staff (3 people) and a large membership, over 900 at the time. With WordPerfect data merge, we were able to send out personalized letters and keep the mailing lists updated in a timely fashion. Prior to computers, everything was processed with an electric typewriter and with 900 letters, it took awhile. As the years flew by, our staff increased and the newer generation was accustomed to using Word. They have tried to get me to convert, however, WordPerfect is much more user friendly and I enjoy using the program. It’s easily converted to .pdf so anyone can view the document even if they don’t have the program. Basically, WordPerfect saved my sanity and preserved the integrity of our organization in being able to communicate with the masses. The thing I like most about WordPerfect is the ease in updating the software. I currently use the 2013 version having updated from the 2010 version. There was no learning curve between the two versions. I could do the same things, only better and faster.
To summarize, WordPerfect is wonderful!

Linda Rhodes

I have been a WP user for more than 3 decades. It is an easy product to use with many features some of which I do not use but will one day. One of the features that I could live without is “reveal codes”. No other program has that feature. I have tried Microsoft Word but not for long as it lacks user friendliness and does not have “reveal codes”. I do receive Word documents from clients and I convert them to WordPerfect. I cannot believe the clutter in those files when I use “reveal codes”. I wish WordPerct was used by more people.

Gordon Kushner

I love Word Perfect for legal drafting. Insertion of footnotes, changing fonts, replacing words, and checking spelling are all much easier than other word processing programs. Frequently I use the “reveal codes” feature to fix formatting issues which I might have created. I also regularly use the macro feature to format regularly-used layouts (such as letterhead) and paragraphs, and the merge feature to individualize standard documents, such as motions and engagement agreements. Finally, I like the fact that I can open documents formatted in .doc or docx, and save my .wpd documents in those formats to send to those who are not as fortunate as I to have Word Perfect Software.

Corinne J. Magee

User since 1985, I never abandoned Wordperfect, as WP never abandoned the double screen. Still very flexible and outstanding in its use.

Patrick Gillon

Was taught WordPerfect 4.2 (in a class) and immediately after finishing WordPerfect 5.0 was introduced. Then 5.1 was released and I learned that one but it continued to WordPerfect 6.0. But with the release of the X series I am able to change the keyboard and displays to what I like and am comfortable with…I won’t change!!!!

Michael Stevens

WordPerfect was the first word processor I used. (Well besides the word processor that I used on my Radio Shack Color Computer.) I find that it is clean and works with you. It doesn’t suddenly change things, e.g., fonts, on its own. It has features you want, e.g., outlining levels. Reveal Codes goes without saying. It is just a pleasure to use.

Tom Knott

It is so user friendly; the reveal codes; it has a lot of flexibility; I can so many different kinds of documents; Making brochures is so easy; I am just well pleased with WP and have over the years. It is much easier to learn and to use than Microsoft Word.

Pastor Ed Wishart

I started using WordPerfect for DOS (4.2) and loved it so much I became the teacher at our company. I used to go to Orem for “train the trainer” sessions and taught the DOS version for a couple of years. Then we went to windows so we got to retrain everyone for the “new” technology. This was a testing company and we converted all of our test items (over 150,000) stored on a mainframe to WordPerfect format using WP Macros so that test booklets could be easily formatted. Doing the equations for test questions was my favorite part because of the equation editor. I retired 3 years ago but still use WordPerfect (X8) at home – teaching my grandchildren how to use it for their homework! It’s as easy now as it was all those years ago and everyone who tries it loves it as much as I do. I run a small business now using WordPerfect to write instructions for the products I sell, keep lists in tables as data for merging to make signs for displays, use macros to create invoices and about a million other things! I also use Presentations (learned that when it was “DrawPerfect”!) to make sewing patterns for my products. I love WordPerfect because it has been my #1 tool throughout my entire career and now into my retirement as well – 30 years and counting!

Gigi McBreen

The reveal codes feature simply cannot be beat! It makes it easy to untangle problems with formatting. I also appreciate being able to do a large range of formatting options such as left-right block indent directly with key combinations rather than having to click through several layers of submenus as other word processing programs require. WordPerfect also has great add-ons particularly those that involve the legal profession, such as Perfect Authority. And, finally, the interface has remained the same through the updates and the files have remained compatible. I LOVE IT.

Perry S Reich

Intuitive : columns, formatting, Reveal Codes etc. make it work as always; and:. . . NO RIBBONS !

David E. Gorelick

I write for a living. Words matter. How what I write looks on the written page matters. Call me crazy, but isn’t a computer supposed to make life easier? WordPerfect does. Word doesn’t. Try numbering paragraphs automatically with only the first line indented in Word… good luck! Reveal codes lets me control things exactly the way I want them to look, not the way the word processor thinks I want it to look. WordPerfect remains the best word processor ever built!

Donald Wall

I chose WordPerfect over MS Word from the beginning because it offered so many more features that I would use in my day-to-day word processing. I remember liking the indexing features and the reveal codes features especially. I would get excited when new features such as the “Table of Authorities,” or the equation editor, got added on. WordPerfect was really a standout product in my opinion.

A few years ago I took a break from WordPerfect since all the world seemed to be using MS Word and I thought WordPerfect was going by the wayside. No one I knew was using WordPerfect personally or in business, so I figured I better get up-to-speed on MS Word. These years later, I’m still trying to get MS Word to give me a basic indent! Don’t even get me started on page formatting and columns!

When I upgraded to Windows 10, my WordPerfect 9 no longer functioned. I thought I would lose all of my work, even though I could still open most documents in MS Word. I was delighted to find that WordPerfect has stayed in the market and has continued to develop and upgrade their product. I’m in my late 40s now and feel I have given MS Word its due try. I’ve just upgraded to Windows X8, and I plan on staying with WordPerfect now for the duration. It provides everything I need in a wordprocessor, for almost every kind of document I want to publish. I can save my WordPerfect documents in MS Word form for my friends who don’t know any better, but I’ll take WordPerfect.

Rick Craig

I actually do love WordPerfect. It’s easily adaptable, powerful and so user friendly. I’ve been using it since the DOS days.

Jonathan Stanwood

It is the easiest word processing program to use. I especially like the view code feature. Most of my contacts use Word but I do not like the program because of all the hidden codes that I cannot get rid of, and the way it takes over my document preparation. The program will open Word files and permit editing and then may be saved as either a Word or Word Perfect file for return to the sender. I wish more of my associates used the program.

John O’Donoghue

Reveal codes – being able to see formatting code and fixing formatting issues. Also, simplicity of formating.

Timothy Mummert

It must have been the late 1980’s when I first started using WordPerfect. That’s 28 years ago! I have steadfastly refused to switch to another word processing software because they don’t come anywhere close to what WP offers. Reveal Codes is a major feature that keeps me coming back. That’s aside from all the other features that makes WP so much more powerful, accurate, and efficient. What’s more, I haven’t even touched upon features like mail merge and macros. I learned to use WP on my own by reading the WordPerfect Magazine. At that time I owned and ran a printing/copy shop. I had to design flyers, business cards, letterheads; did layouts of real estate agents’ flyers, church programs, newsletters for schools, tri-fold pamphlets, forms, etc. The amazing thing was that every time I needed to learn to use a new WP feature such as a newsletter with columns, etc. or design a form by using the “Tables” feature . . . it seemed like WP editors read my mind!! The next issue of WordPerfect Magazine contained exactly the articles that I needed to get the job done! This happened time and time again. So thank you, thank you, thank you. That’s why I love to use WordPerfect software and still do to this day.

Shirley Holland

WordPerfect has always done what I want it to do, not cornered me into doing what “it thinks best” like some other word processors that shall not be named. The open access to formatting, stylesheets, templates and fonts has always been superb. As a faithful user since the mid-80s (Commodore 64!) I’m not just loyal from habit, but from satisfaction.

Tobias Haller

In 1991 at age 49 I was made redundant and no longer had access to the corporate mainframe computer on which we typed reports . . . a kind friend gave me access to an early model PC and told me to learn my to-be-favourite word processing programme – choice of WP4 or M*cr*s*ft W*rd (I think that is what it was then called). The versatility and ease of learning WP4, even on a blue screen with a white Courier font, compared to that other programme made me a (rest-of-my) life-long WP fan – and I have upgraded along the way to the current version. I am far from the most skilled user, but WP provides all I can use and more, and is by far the best value for money on the market. Reveal Codes is my best friend for formatting (and re-formatting other word processor documents), and the helps available when needed are unparalleled. Thanks, Corel!

Mark Hambridge

I have used Word Perfect and Quattro Pro forever. I have always preferred their mechanisms over Microsoft products. I fear discontinuance, and I recently purchased X8 to replace X6. When I taught college until 2010 I did use Power Point so that students could access electronic files I distributed. Few if any students used Corel products.

Robert Amann

I have been a loyal WordPerfect fan since I first discovered it in 1985. Despite all the efforts of others to have me switch to Word, I have resisted. In my opinion Word has nothing to offer over WordPerfect. I love WordPerfect’s reveal codes, easy to read menu lists and macros. I couldn’t imagine a world without WordPerfect.

John Bacon

It was our first word processing program at the church where I was pastor. Had a whopping 4MB RAM way back then. I’m used to it, and especially like the reveal codes feature.

Thomas Hoelter

WordPerfect is by far the most effective and easy to use word processing system on the market. It pains me greatly when I am forced to use the competition.

Steven Brandau

I love WordPerfect and have used it continuously for decades. It never fails to perform the tasks I need in the format I can appreciate. Having worked in offices where I was forced to use the competition, I almost always convinced the “powers that be” that WordPerfect really is the only choice. I love it for its character capabilities which enable the user to put text on the left and then text on the far right WITHOUT having the hassle of creating a stupid table! I love the reference capabilities and generating a table of contents, including pagination. I love the reveal codes so that I can see why/what/how something is happening. I love the find and replace which can also search for codes. WordPerfect is so awesome! I currently use 8x and can’t imagine how you can ever improve on that!!!

Anita Bolin

WordPerfect is my system
For document control
It has so many features
Too many to extol.

Why I love WordPerfect
More reasons than I know
I love the speed of formatting
Where Word is just so slow.

If just for my “Reveal Codes”
I would never never switch
When I look at Word formatting
My fingers start to twitch.

I truly love WordPerfect
And WordPerfect loves me back
For all my format needs
It keeps me right on track.

My only wish for Corel’s brand
Is that all professionals
Throughout the land
Smell the coffee and understand
WordPerfect is the final stand
Against Microsoft and the bundling band.

Jose A. Rivera

Compatibility allows WordPerfect users to continue to exist in a Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe world. And frankly, I don’t know how anybody can write anything longer than a page or two without Reveal Codes, not to mention cross-reference, outline, and table of contents.

However, the overlooked advantage of WP which I cherish most is that it can function as a nearly-complete office program. Of course I have access to Quattro Pro and Presentations, but I’ve never used them. I got Paradox once; I didn’t use it either. The tables feature in WordPerfect is certainly not a complete spreadsheet program, but I don’t need a complete spreadsheet program: Tables is plenty. I use it for book-keeping and tax preparation. When people send me Excel files, I open them as tables, jiggle the format a little, and do whatever I need to.

WP formatting lets me design better leaflets and fliers than my friends who use complete publishing programs. And merge is powerful enough to serve my occasional need for a modest database. In fact, the only programs I use regularly except WordPerfect and a browser are a calendar and a time-and-billing program – and I’m sure I could tweak WP to handle those tasks too.

Joseph Schuman

I teach biology at a community college, providing my lecture notes to students. Our campus uses a different program (guess which?) but I cannot outline easily using it. It is inevitable that I screw up but equally likely I can’t figure out how to correct it. I will ask an administrative assistant but they always say “you can’t do that with XXXX”. So I have my beloved WordPerfect on my home and laptop computers so that I can easily update these ever changing lectures!

Tari Johnson

A friend from work teached me how to use it. Since then, is my favorite tool in the design of my documents and all the letters and reports that I have to write. I easy and friendly user. Thank you.

Andrey Escobar

I have used WordPerfect since about 1983-4 and have owned every version since. WordPerfect has always been the most functional and innovative word processor on the market. I am so glad it survived the monopoly pressures that eliminated so many of my other favorite programs in those early days.

I love the “divide page” feature. I love the ability to re-scale a newsletter to a different size paper and have all the page and column formatting remain intact (and not have to buy a publishing program to do this.) “Reveal Codes,” my favorite, is unbeatable for all kinds of editing and troubleshooting in a document. I even import Word documents so I can fix them in WordPerfect. And the Macro Language for automating editing tasks – I could not do my work without it. WordPerfect will import just about everything… I could go on, but … enough said.

Wherever I have worked I insist on having WordPerfect installed on my computers. I would not have it any other way! I am a bit of an evangelist for WordPerfect, people have forgotten how good they had it, and today many do not know that there is something better out there. I do love working with WordPerfect, a program designed not to draw you into purchasing other more expensive software, but simply to get the job done with power, ease and without compromise!

John J. Boll

More than thirty years of my work resides in Word Perfect. I find it user friendly. I don’t know what I would do without it, at least as long as I maintain a professional writing career. I do wish that the company would make it compatible with Apple products, however. It is especially useful for foreign characters.

Romanus Cessario

Simply because it’s the best!!! Others have tried to persuade me to use Microsoft Word, but having used it for a short while (because it was the software my workplace used), it does not have a patch on WordPerfect’s capabilities. WordPerfect is, and has always been, without doubt, first rate. It is easy to use and does precisely what you ask it to do . . . and more . . . without all the silly gimmicks on the menu bar!! I hope WordPerfect will continue for a very, very long time, because I intend to keep using it . . . and I use it every day! In fact, I have declined the purchase of a particular make of computer, because it has its own wordprocessing package and does not include WordPerfect!!! How dare they?? Thank you, Corel, for allowing me to have known WordPerfect!!! Very impressed indeed!!!

Geraldine Hadfield

The key item that keeps me coming back to WordPerfect year after year is the reveal codes feature and the ability to modify documents, fonts, and formating on screen. I have used other word processing programs and they hide what they have embedded and it is impossible to quickly reformat and use documents created in them. Do not ever delete this feature! It truely shows that you consider the user to be an important part of the equation and a part that has a brain! Thanks

Suzanne Dahlman

I am an attorney and its tools are unparalleled in their ease of use and utility. These include Reveal Codes to figure out formatting issues, cross-referencing – document compare, merging, indexing, etc. When I have to deal with someone else’s documents that are in Word, inevitably there are strange formatting things that show up that either take forever to figure out or that I can never get rid of.

Charles Rubin

Been using WP since 1994, before it was purchased by Corel. Both my Wife and I like the user friendly program and used it in our Business until we retired in 2012.
We continue using it recently upgrading to WP 8 which once again provided excellent improvement as all other new version’s have provided in the past. The ease of use in opening other types of documents has been a very big improvement over the years especially PDF .
We have also been using various versions of Paint Shop.
Keep up the good work.

Doug Ellis

There are a number of things I love about Word Perfect.

First of all, there’s the ease of use. MS Word tries to automate far too many functions, often doing things that you don’t want and it’s extremely difficult to figure out why it’s doing them. Word Perfect gives more control to the user. Text formatting is easier. Page formatting is WAY easier. Inserting graphs, graphics, and controlling how they look — size, position, etc. — is far more intuitive than in MS Word.

My absolute favorite feature in Word Perfect is the Reveal Codes screen, which shows exactly what is going on and why, making everything more easily understood and controlled.

I love Quatrro Pro, as well. It speaks well with Word Perfect. Another favorite is Lightning. Sometimes it’s the only way to capture needed items on the screen.

It’s hard to think of what I would like more. Oh! Can you please come up with a mobile app? 🙂

Steven Billings

I worked in several law offices as a word processor and as a legal secretary. I have used WORD and WordPerfect. Hands down WordPerfect is my preferred program!

Jamie L Wallace

We perchased WordPerfect for our first Windows computer and have never looked back. Every time I get new computer, I buy the latest version of WordPerfect to go with it. WordPerfect has been my constant assistant through University and my life beyond.

Sean Holland

Early attempts at word processing were interesting at best and impossible at worst. Lanier came out with No-Problem word processing, made a good show of it, but it soon overloaded and crashed. Microsoft came out with Word but it challenges those of us who simply want production not complexity. HP entered into the fray but really meant to help out the engineers who used their other products.

The simple truth is that reveal codes is the best cheat sheet in town.

Keep up the good work, WordPerfect whom ever you are.

Michael W Broadbear

I’ve been using WordPerfect since the keystroke-intensive days back in the 80’s. Now the only current member of my department not using Word, I still prefer to pay for my word processing software vs. getting it free on the Microsoft university license because my personal feeling is that Microsoft does a little of everything, but nothing well. Wordperfect can make your document into a pdf easier, reopen and edit the .pdf; anchor images that tend to stay in the correct place in a document even while editing; and save your document in an extremely large variety of formats. It allows me to view my colleagues documents but tends to prevent them for asking for mine as they can’t open Wordperfect – helping retain my personal educational class notes etc., instead of having them passed around. At lunch the other day when told my colleague how I password protect my documents (exams etc.), he asked how I did that in Word – and I told him you probably couldn’t but you can in Wordperfect! I hear many colleagues complaining about the shortcomings of Word but I get the best of both words continuing to use Wordperfect X8.

Brian R. MacPherson

I love WordPerfect because it has always supported the way I like to create and edit the things I write (and much more). The “reveal codes” feature is invaluable to me and has never been matched by WP’s competitors. In addition, I love being able to make changes that ripple seamlessly through the text just by placing the cursor at the start of the edited area instead of needing to select it all. Essentially, WordPerfect is document-oriented, where MSWord is paragraph oriented. The features are intuitive, the new version is always an easy transition, and the speed with which it executes is impressive.

I use the program for just about everything, including graphics, tables with formulae, and interactive forms. As a middle school teacher, I spend a lot of time creating worksheets and informational materials for my kids. Nothing works as well as WordPerfect. Every time I have to wrestle with Google Docs or MS Word, I am reminded of what a superior product WordPerfect is and has always been. I started with version 4.2 for DOS and have had it on my computers ever since. I don’t know why anyone uses anything else.

Lynn Hughes

Ich kann das Programm so verwenden, wie ich es brauche, denn es schreibt mir nichts vor, aber ich kann Textformate vorformatieren, wenn ich will. Ich kann alle Steuerzeichen sehen und verändern. Es ist logisch, schnell und funktioniert immer.

Sabina Franke

The best feature for me are the macros. As a microbiologist, I use a lot of scientific names such as Clostridium botulinum. A few keystrokes saves time for this poor typist. The other macro that I use often is converting copied and pasted text such as: The nontyphoidal salmonellae are estimated to be responsible for more than 1.2 million cases of foodborne illness each year, resulting in more than 23,000 hospitalizations and 450 deaths annually (36). Beef was the identified transmission vehicle in 96 of 1,965 foodborne Salmonella outbreaks investigated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention occurring between 1973 and 2011 (30). To: The nontyphoidal salmonellae are estimated to be responsible for more than 1.2 million cases of foodborne illness each year, resulting in more than 23,000 hospitalizations and 450 deaths annually (36). Beef was the identified transmission vehicle in 96 of 1,965 foodborne Salmonella outbreaks investigated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention occurring between 1973 and 2011 (30). That is impossible for Wurd because it doesn’t recognize returns. Bonuses are the ability to convert Pdfs to text (WP does a better job than Adobe), and reveal codes. Only complaint that comes to mind is lack of spell check on Presentations. Oh, and there is not a version for Macintosh . . . maybe the only reason I’m tolerating Windoz 10.

Carl S. Custer

I love WordPerfect! It’s so easy to use. I love the revel codes so that I can delete worthless formatting; I consider this one of the most powerful features of the program. I love that I can tell the program what I want to do instead of the program assuming what I want to do. I have published my own cookbook for the family using WordPerfect and love how it turned out. I actually use subdivide the page into two labels all the time, and no one has been able to replicate what I do with it in any other word-processing program. I have used it to create genealogy forms that matched census records when I was doing family research. My current project is my planner; pages for monthly calendars and weekly calendars, notes, contacts, information, etc., using tables and adding lines and more. I have panicked over the years when WordPerfect has been sold to other companies and thought it might disappear. I will never use another word-processing, ever, as long as I can load it onto my newest computer; I’d change computer brands before I’d stop using WordPerfect!!

Phyllis S Hollingsworth

I am very comfortable with Word Perfect since I’ve used it in business as well as for home use. When I tried another word processor, I just couldn’t get used to the format. So….I upgraded to a new Word Perfect.

Nancy T. Sager

Reveal Codes makes word processing easy, and avoids the Pin The Tail On The Donkey process inflicted upon users by Word.

Pete Collisson

Because of the continued ability to use keyboard commands rather than playing with a mouse, WordPerfect is just inherently faster. I can customize a keyboard to what I am used to and the set up for my particular needs. When I have a series of actions that are repetitive I can write a macro. Assigning the macro to a key is a snap so flowing through some types of day to day tasks becomes a piece of cake. While some of the newer user tools, such as the ones for legal professionals could use some refinement, if nothing else it shows what the program is capable of. The program has massive capabilities to assemble documents, pleadings and briefs for a large office while retaining the ability of an individual to make the program their own and do what is needed in a minimum amount of time, all things considered.

Michael J. Aye

I can see exactly how my document is formatted, Wordperfect documents don’t carry virus software/malware and Wordperfect allows me to put out a perfect representation of what my thoughts are in a form that is professional and easy to compose. Wordperfect has been my go-to word processing program for as long as I can remember and will be in the future.

Dianna Pacholl

I have used Wordperfect since 1980. I am not sure if the version was 1.11 or 2.1, in any event a D.O.S. version which had “wisiwig” intentions.

In any event, in 1985 I introduced this program to the company I now manage. We stayed with the program, followed through with the Novell networks and later with the various Corel versions on the Windows platforms.

What we most appreciate are the following:
1. The way to control the general aspect and format.
2. The ease and control over various languages in a document (we routinely produce documents in three languages).
3. The parallel columns we use for multi-language documents (which we find extremely hard to reproduce with any fidelity in the other word processors )

Kindly continue with this excellent program, I would be absolutely dismayed should I have to change to another program.

Adolphe Decoene

My english in not as good as it would be, but….since 1992 I have worked with WP, (it was 5.0 then). I think WP is the most userfriendly wordprocessor. I tried to use Word, but I don not like it. Then some years ago I bought WP X5. In WP you can easily make your things. I make cards e.g., and it is so easy to make 2 double ones at a A4. (I still did not find the way for it in Word) and in WP it is so easy…To work with my foto’s, I have them all in my documents and than via WP I can do a lot with it. I love it. I am a woman and I am now 70 years old and I just bought WPX8 because of windows 10. I never use Word, and if I try sometimes I am glad to see the screen of WP afterwords. It looks like coming home then…. Everything is easy to find en to handle. That is so good about Word Perfect. You can even make a document in WP and save it as a worddocument. Excellent. I am glad that Word Perfect exists, thank you for that. With best regards,

Margriet van Gestel

WordPerfect is an exceptionally wonderful writing and productivity tool. The multiplicity of commands, which are discoverable and executable at a glance and touch, facilitate an enormous range of compositional and graphic possibilities. Configuration of the commands formats is a breeze, thus inviting and even encouraging entry into unexplored vistas of expression and creativity.

Ronald Quillo

WordPerfect actually works, unlike Word. I use the indexing and indenting features extensively, which have never worked properly in Word. It always me to write my screenplays and songs with minimal effort and gives me an output that is elegantly formatted and that I can easily modify and read.

Mark Graham

I learned WP with 4.0 for Dos. Read along with a manual and did the fingerings, etc., mostly all the way through. I was amazed. I brought a 15 megabyte ’86’ computer home to my mom from work (already obsolete in about 6 months’ time) and showed her WordPerfect. She was amazed, subscribed to the DOS magazine and then the WP for Windows magazine; and I loved reading the articles, especially as a legal secretary, for interesting new ways to work with these new tools. I still use the F7 commands on the 6.1 keyboard on X8. WP has been my favorite when it comes to word processing, and today I’m a paralegal. I’ve grown up with WP. I’m eager to purchase the WordPerfect Authority, as I had to do it by hand today. I look to WordPerfect to continue featuring fine products. In my profession, it seems every time I turn around, I hear how great WordPerfect is and how it should not had been dominated by its competitor. I read the reviews on X8 and how people are saying how superior it is. I look forward to being able to exchange documents in. (We use 4 at my new job.) If I find myself a ‘winner,’ I’d invest it in WP and continue to spread the ‘WordPerfect’. Sincerely,

Sheila B.

WP is both powerful and easy to use… Reveal codes make for quick formatting; Personalized toolbars make commands fit with my personal habits. And… I can easily covert WP files to other formats (for folks who have not yet seen the WP light!).

Shara Toursh Pavlow

Best Program since sliced bread. Would never change to anything else.

Beverly Lopez

Word Perfect Suite can do almost anything. It is easy to use and gives professional results.

Susan Barkley

The thing that sets WordPerfect apart is the reveal code feature.

Peter Huntoon

Word Perfect has always been easier to use than the other word processors in the market place, especially Brand “M”

Stephen L. Katz

I am a writer. Actually, I am a scholar, but that means I am a writer. Writing is one of the hardest things for me to do. In my college and graduate school days I ruined many a tree by putting pen to paper and delivering something unacceptable to my sensibilities. How often did I rip up a page and start with over with a fresh, clean sheet. I started doing word processing in 1983 with WordStar, but many an important report was marred by omitting a close code command. My university offered me Word Perfect 4.2, and writing anxieties melted away. Corrections, edits, revisions became easy. All aspects of presentation were at my command with the help of reveal codes. I wrote my dissertation using WordPerfect 5.1 with complete control over figures, illustrations, tables, and charts. I wrote numerous reports for contract work and a good number of published articles over the next twenty-five years with regular upgrades. I just drafted a report with heavily hyper-linked map using X6, upgraded to X8, and easily polished the final project into an effective and attractive PDF. My institutional affiliations require me to work with the Office-Suite-that-must-not-be-named, so I constantly realize how fortunate I am to be thoroughly at home and at ease with WordPerfect and its suite-mates, particularly Quattro Pro and Paradox. Thank you for making me a better writer and a more analytic and persuasive scholar.

Paul Tyler

Back in 1995 the word was that it was the choice of the legal profession; that was good enough for me, so my first version, I believe, was 6.1, a stack of about 8, 3″ discs.. “Now insert disk 7” etc… The project was to publish a book of poems (Museum of Dreams by Roger Granet) with illustrations. The mansuscript was is in Word, which WP converted nicely, but Granet’s typist didn’t have a clue and no set way of formatting the poems, somewhat centered on the page. She would sometimes use the space bar, sometimes the indent tab and sometimes adjusting the margins, often also with either spacebar or tab positioning as well – it drove me caa-rezz-eh. All the formatting had to be wiped and all the poems properly set on the page again, which I did with proper registration marks; then converted to PDF, it was sent to the printer, including the cover jacket- ALL was done on WP 6.1, and even though not terribly computer savy at that point I hardly had to refer to ‘Help’ to find how to do something… I found it THAT intuitive. WP helped me publish a complex format book, the first time out.

So what else am I going to use for the rest of my life..? And BTW, I happen to like the “Classic” blue page scheme with the type in white.

WP Forever,

Elliot Siemon

I love the efficient, easy to use qualities of WordPerfect, the formatting is logical, including the “Labels” link with all the relative templates easy to find and set up, not always the case in other Office suites . I very much appreciate the user interface, while I am well experience in the use of icons, I feel the menu bar with the drop down tabs is still the most efficient means of putting together a professional document. I also find the ease of creating pdf documents a great feature. WordPerfect is an ideal office suite, easy to use and full of great features geared for both professional and person use.

John H. Lusk

i have always felt that WordPerfect was written with me, personally, in mind. it is by far the best word processing program i have ever used or tried. what makes it special to me is the “reveal codes” function. it truly shows all of the codes embedded in a document. other programs claim that they have a reveal codes or “show codes” function but what they have does not reveal anything except their extreme jealousy of the innate usability of this most useful function in WordPerfect. one of the most difficult things i can do as an academic is to receive reports and articles from colleagues that are buried in a complicated format. sometimes just the act of sending and receiving on different computers often changes the original formatting which can have chaos for the usability of the document. Being able to adjust an altered document’s formatting in “reveal codes” can render the unusable document into a usable one. Making it usable is easy with “reveal codes” and WP is the only program in which this can easily be done. Thank you for your wonderful program and especially this special function, “reveal codes.”


Charles R. Glagola

As an attorney, I first started using WP when I bought my first computer in the 80’s.  At that time WP was written in DOS.  As I watched when more and more attorneys started to switch to Word, I’ve held on to WP as it’s automatic paragraphing and reveal codes make this product so much better than Word.  While I now only work part-time, I still just upgraded my WP to its current version because, in my opinion, it’s a far superior product to Word.  I love the fact that it’s easy to justify the margins, change the font, insert photographs in the middle of a letter and save the document as a PDF file.  It’s also helpful when I receive documents to edit in Word and can open them in WordPerfect, edit them and then save them as a Word document to be transferred back to the person who sent me the documents to edit.

Tanis Duncan

I purchased my first laptop computer in 1985.  It was a NEC Multispeed.  I wanted it for taking notes in Seminary classes and church gatherings.  I was steered to Word Perfect because it had Hebrew and Greek fonts that could be used along with English on the same pages of printing.  I have keyboarded at 119 wpm, perfect copy, and find Word Perfect up to my needs for transcribing verbal speech.  I have created a Church Stationary that utilizes the word for “peace” in ten languages:  Hebrew, Greek, Latin, German, French, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, and English.  In addition to the many various language fonts, I  find your “Reveal Codes” uniquely helpful in Desktop publishing.  I also appreciate the “Watermark” potentials which I have utilized many times.  Word Perfect is my processor of first choice.    Cordially yours,

Robert E. Palisin

I love WordPerfect because I have found it to be the best, most powerful word processing program on the market. Always has been. I’ve used it from the days of DOS right up to today. The other programs on the market treat the user like they are a beginner and require extra steps in order to accomplish your task. WordPerfect is full of helpful features along with an excellent help program. I recommend it to everyone.

Bryan Kile

Since WP started years and years and years ago, I have been a fan. I even subscribed to WordPerfect magazine and can recall the Lisa B and Devin D days. I still use WP more than any other program because I know it better.

I love when an new version comes out because I know WP will include many of the abilities it needs to stay current and relevant.

WP – I am a fan.

Lori Baer

Reveal Codes

Charles Newkirk

WordPerfect was the first word-processing software I ever bought, and I have used it for my home and home-office purposes ever since. Despite its impressive array of features, even from its early incarnations, it was easy to learn and to use. It is so much more than mere ‘word-processing’ software now. I have had to use other options at various jobs I have had, and I always found them awkward and less intuitive than WordPerfect. And I have to mention ‘reveal codes’, which has been there through version after version, and which has saved me from much hair-tearing when a document’s formatting goes awry and I’m not sure why. Honestly, I would stick with WordPerfect for that feature alone.

Linda Macpherson

It is simple and straightforward. It lets me be in control, set my own formats, margins and tabs rather than accept what someone in Seattle thinks I should have, and see what I am doing.

Malcolm Lawrie

This year perhaps more than ever, I realize that many people make poor choices out of a lack of information, or just plain misinformation. Though WordPerfect has always been the clear leader in functionality and practicality in word processors, many persons and companies have moved to Word, much to their own detriment. Working from an inside perspective, I have continued to use the program that I chose over 30 years ago when I began my dissertation. At that point, the prize was the way the program could produce headers, footers, and an index, as well as tables, charts, and graphs. When I took a job that included creating newsletters, press releases, complex concert programs, and a multitude of advertising materials, WordPerfect was still the natural choice. Though my current employer uses Microsoft products au rigeur, the office-produced documents do not have the professionalism of what I produce with WordPerfect. Simple tasks like placing text lines aligned on the right margin are distractingly difficult with Word. And when problems occur, I open the documents in WordPerfect to take advantage of the Reveal Codes. What a joy to discover how portable my documents are in the new X8 version! Though I long dismissed the naysayers who promoted the competition, I am now even more convinced that WordPerfect is the unquestioned choice for professional document production. Thank you, WordPerfect!

Douglas Weeks

I first started using WordPerfect when it was in it’s infancy at work. I’ve never felt comfortable with any other programme, although it has obviously changed over the years. Your label programme is second to none. keep up the good work.

Jean Gamlin

For a lawyer drafting pleadings and contracts, there is not better word processing program. Everything is so intuitive and so much easier to work with than Microsoft Word.

Robert A. Cantore

It is the best word processor, because it has unique features, is sophisticated, friendly and customizable interface, these and other features make it unique in its kind. When deciding between the processor most used and best; I stay with the best.

Octavio Rivadeneira

I love WordPerfect. For me, it does much more than other programs that I have been introduced to over the years. I may be unusual, but there are particular things that I find myself doing on a routine basis. WordPerfect is the one I find that does what I want done, the way I want it done. I’m a big fan.

Kevin McCreless

Wordperfect is so user friendly. I have always been able to use most features without even searching for the “help” answer. I started using WordPerfect in the early 90s when I purchased my first home pc. I try to convince everyone that they should switch to WP rather than using Word, which has been forced down most individuals and companies throats. I always look forward to an updated version to see what WordPerfect has new to offer. Love, love, love the Reveal Codes feature.

Susan Mitchell

I have been using WordPerfect since it was first released to the public! It has been a love affair right from the beginning. I have always found WordPerfect easy and friendly to use. Even when I was just a rank beginner with computers. I love it for personal letters as well as business letters. I especially love the toolbars which make editing and formatting a breeze. The final result is always professional looking. I was heartbroken when our old hard drive broke down and my new one did not have WordPerfect or Quatro Pro. Both programs that I use ALL the time. A quick trip to Staples and I was smiling with the WordPerfect Officex8 in my hand! Yeah! Life is good again! Thank you Word Perfect for just being you!

Loretta Maines

I have used WordPerfect since 1987, beginning with version 5.0 for DOS. I was working at a law firm when I first started using it. I was able to produce very complicated legal documents with very little effort. I have continued to use WP ever since, and even when everyone was going to Microsoft Word I continued to upgrade my own personal version of WordPerfect. It is so much easier to use. Formatting is a breeze, and the screen is so much cleaner. Perhaps the best feature is reveal codes. I refuse to use Microsoft Word because of its awkwardness. If I need to produce something in Word, I first use WordPerfect and then save it as a Word document for the ultimate user. WP is a far superior product.

Karla Conner

I began using WordPerfect in about 1990 and have loved the program from the beginning. At first, I only used the program at work. After using the program for about 6 month, I purchased my first version — before I even had a computer at home! I loved it that much. Shortly after, we purchased a computer for home and I’ve used it ever since.

Sue Piper

It is simple: Word Perfect is simple to use, has great features (especially Reveal Codes) and provides a cost effective alternative to that big behemoth of a company that starts with M but which does not care for its users like Corel has always done. I have used Word Perfect from the very beginning and always upgrade when new versions come out. Best software investment I have made.

Eugene Cruz-Uribe

There is simply no more intuitive, yet powerful, word processor than Wordperfect. I have used word processors since the early 1980s. Whether it is the ease of formatting — or re-formatting — a letter, word, paragraph or document, the ease of doing so with Wordperfect is simply unmatched. Of course, the reveal codes feature makes a great product even better. The program’s ability to create and work with PDFs, and its ability to “play nice” with documents written in other formats are also extraordinarily useful. Do not follow the crowd. Wordperfect can go toe to toe with any other word processor on features, and, for all that power, it remains the easiest word processor to use on the market.

Tom Stubbs

I have been using WordPerfect every day since I discovered the software in July 1987.
I have worked with almost ALL versions since that time, from 4.0 for MS DOS to X8; MS DOS, UNIX, MacIntosh, MS Windows 3, 95, 98, XP, Seven.
As a technical writer, I am working for clients who want to receive my articles under MS Word; fortunately, WP knows how to perfectly convertly my writing from *.wp to *.doc. Should I have to work with MS Word, I think I had made another job!
With WP, I have been able to write short or long documents, training material, invoices, technical surveys as well as infant stories. WP can be turned into a fabulous desktop publishing software.
Sure enough, WP has limitations; but where are they?

Alexandre Faulx-Briole

I don’t even remember how many years ago I was introduced to Word Perfect. I was working at the time and the package was introduced to our office. It could have been in the 1980’s or early 1990’s. In the work place we loved how the program was so friendly and the ease to move from document to document from form to form. It is by far the easiest word processing package available, for use. Shortly before I retired, in 2008, the governor of our state was familiar with another product. He insisted all state departments change to the product he was familiar with. The change was the worse thing to happen to the offices that used Word Perfect. We were so used to the ease of Word Perfect. There is just no comparison…..Word Perfect works for and with you. I recently updated my computer to the home version of X8 ( I had a very, very old version). It is taking me a while to remember certain things, but I am remembering how to set up things the way I love them. I could go on and on about the program, but it is best to just say, “There are no other word processing packages that should ever be considered. Either for students, home or office use”. Thank you for having developed it!!

LeeAnn Hopson

Wordperfect is the best “word processor” I have ever used and I have used others but always come back to Wordperfect. Not only is it very easy to execute complex formatting commands without making “assumptions” as other competitors might do, the ability to use the extremely powerful ravel codes feature is unsurpassed when trying to correct formatting errors. Further, the continuity of the program through the 30 years I have used it eliminated the need for a steep learning curve each time there was an upgrade.I am an attorney and words really do matter. Simply, Wordperfect is the best and has no rival.

Gary M. Sinclair

WordPerfect was the first word processing program I used. I was the administrator of our law firm, later became a law firm computer consultant, and chair of the State Bar High Tech Committee. I helped law firms hire staff, including testing them for their WordPerfect skills and then developing programs designed for their offices. A bonus we provided for our subtenants was a monthly luncheon with WordPerfect training.

Many lawyers in those days were not computer friendly, but WordPerfect enabled me to develop macros and merges that made it so very easy for them to enter their own legal documents. One time I trained the entire downtown Phoenix team in WordPerfect. My husband clung to the DOS version of WordPerect until it was no longer compatible with the operating system. He loved it and he hates computers!

I went to Orem, Utah, several times where the original programs were developed. Fun and inspiring!

I attended Word training sessions, but never found it as user-friendly as WordPerfect. At one such session, the trainers freely admitted they did not have as robust a program, and especially, they could not duplicate Reveal Codes.

WordPerfect was originally developed in the basement of the Orem, Utah, courthouse for the legal field. And to this day, it is the best program not only for law offices, but now for our personal use since retirement.

Kathleen Ulrich

Working with computers since 1954, before languages, utilities, etc. Began using WordPerfect when it came out. Forced to use Word in some instances, but still find WordPerfect excels in flexibility, function, and ease of use.

By the way, why does this function flag WordPerfect as a misspelling?

Bill Lyons

I began using WordPerfect at my work in 1985; it was bundled with our first desktop computers. I liked it then, and have continued to like it, and to purchase it’s enhancements over the years. I am now retired, and I use V. 8 Standard for all my writing. The few times I tried Microsoft Word — always on someone else’s — computer I was struck by the lack of versatility and user-friendliness. I doubt that I will ever use another word processor as long as WordPerfect is available.

William Becker

While working in a law office, I first became familiar with WordPerfect and have loved it ever since. When I left that law office, I went to work for the State of New York Unified Court System(UCS) in Albany and was able to encourage everyone to begin using WordPerfect because of the ease using word processing. I was able to teach some of the judges in the UCS how to use WordPerfect with ease during a Judicial Seminar. I retired from the Unified Court System in 2002 but have used WordPerfect for my many other things including the churches I attended and for the church I presently attend. It is so easy to use, even doing charts to track needed information. I still use it daily in several tasks that I find during my every-day activities. For me, it is the only word processing system that I will ever need. I just love it and will continue to use it for the rest of my life. Thank you for the privilege of submitting this testimonial.

Joan R. Conway

I was using Word Perfect when it was still a DOS program. I was introduced to it in college and have been using it almost exclusively since. The only time I use another product is when someone sends me a file in that format. I have used other programs in the past, but Word Perfect is the very best word processing program I have ever used, and I will be a fan for life. Try it and find out for yourself why so many have made the switch to the best word processing program on planet earth!

Dale DuVerney

In the early 1980’s, the Fortune 500 company I worked for decided to upgrade from the Wang system to one of two competing Word Processor software programs. I, as a technical editor/writer, was chosen to learn WordPerfect while a fellow office worker (a technical writer and now my husband) was chosen to learn Microsoft Word. Neither of us were provided with an instruction book or help files, just the basic software downloaded to our new computers.
After a week of creating documents with different fonts, styles, and graphics, we presented our opinions of the programs. WordPerfect won hands-down as the easiest program to use and to teach word processing to computer illiterate employees as it had a greater capability to format and edit text and to create and add graphics. The program was installed and has worked wonderfully for that company for many years. Retired now, I use WordPerfect daily to create documents, stories, graphics, booklets, business cards…I am still in love with the program 15-plus years later.

Deborah Gokey

I originally was an inveterate WordStar user – the old DOS-based word-processor. I LOVED it, but occasionally got confused doing complicated formatting because it wasn’t WYSIWYG. I had to print out what I was doing to double check my formatting. Also, it got to the point I needed to share files electronically while I was in my doctoral program. The transition was not without some problems – learning curves and all that – but once I was up-and-running I was good to go. I used to type about 90-120 wpm, and WordPerfect let me do that. I could see what I was doing.
Not only all that, but I was able to word-process my entire dissertation – all 800+ pages of it – myself. I utilized the Master Document feature and the pagination came out wonderfully. This allowed me to work with each chapter and appendix individually, yet keep the pagination correct.
I loved being able to manage my references and bibliography automatically.
This is the most flexible word-processor out there. My daughter was a word-processor and described the differences between MSWord and WordPerfect like this: MSWord is a page-processor. If you aren’t careful, the codes will overlap and lead to really strange-looking portions of a document. WordPerfect is a word-processor. You have control over every aspect of the words as well as the pages. I love being able to see the codes using “reveal codes.” That way I know exactly where a code starts and stops. And I can see where they overlap.
I love being able to use a “right-justification” on the right side of a line that is “left-justified.” This can’t be done on the fly in any other word-processing program.
And, to me, the most unique feature is the labels function. I love being able to format my labels without having to continually print them out. I love it that WordPerfect seamlessly integrates with Avery-style labels.
What’s not to LOVE about WordPerfect?

Elizabeth Riggs

It is the best word processor on the market. I love the editing features that are far better than Microsoft Word.

Richard Freeman

Computers were never my thing when I first started working. I was not going to become a secretary or assistant to someone in a large company. The typing course I had taken in high school had proven to me that those skills were too frustrating. My hand coordination with the keys was comical. I was a people person and felt that my calling was in sales and marketing. Someone else would do the paperwork. Boy was I wrong!! After struggling for years, I was given a course in Word Perfect and I fell in love. This program made a great difference in my life and you could never take it away. I have since tried other programs that say they are as good or better than Word Perfect but they are not as easy to use nor do they perform all the things Word Perfect does. I hate struggling with a program when I know it is better done by Word Perfect and I do it so easily. If you want a program that is easy to use and takes little to become proficient in, this is the program for you. No matter what the price, this is the program best used for help with the written word.

Carol Hadley

I have used WordPerfect since before you could use a mouse – that’s a long time!
I am a musician, a songwriter, and a building contractor, and WP works for me in all aspects of my professional life. The ease of formatting documents for lyric sheets, song lists, materials lists, various construction related tables and personal correspondence is second to none. The ease of PDF publishing makes WP the most versatile program I have ever used.
I am on occasion forced to work in Word. During that time, I am reminded of just how fully I have been able to integrate WP into my work and personal life.
WordPerfect is simply the best document production tool that there is.
I love it every time I use it!
Thanks, Corel, for keeping on keeping on!

Joel Dowling

WordPerfect works the way I think. Whether I’m writing some quick notes to myself or a very lengthy brief with footnotes, citations, a table of context, etc., it is quick and just always works, without a hiccup or crash! Unlike other programs, I never have a problem figuring out why something looks the way it looks. If something is out of place, I turn on “reveal codes,” and I can quickly fix the problem. I also love the way it so quickly and perfectly converts documents to PDFs. I’ve been using WordPerfect since DOS version 4.2, and although I’ve also occasionally had to use other word processing programs, I’ve always used WordPerfect as my main word processor. I’m not sure I’ve been as consistent with anything else in my life. I am highly critical of many things, including all technology, and I don’t hesitate to make changes when necessary. After 30 years with WordPerfect, the program has earned and continues to earn my loyalty.

Daniel Young

I have loved WordPerfect ever since I began using it around 30 years ago. Compared to Microsoft Word, it is much more use friendly in every way. The “reveal codes” feature makes documents easy to edit. Inserting photos into documents and moving them around is a breeze compared to Word’s cumbersome system. And if I need to send someone a Word document, my WordPerfect documents are easily saved in Word format. I hope Corel continues to update and market this product, for I would have a difficult time changing to something else.

James B. Allen

I’ve used it since the beginning as a DOS product with multiple floppy discs, to the current version. I love the ease of use, the features and ever-increasing features, with the retained compatibility with older versions. I can rely on documents created in WordPerfect, no matter how long ago they were completed.

Peter Grossman

Of course, we know it is NOT “I know what I love,” but “I love what I know.” I chose WordPerfect many years ago based on reviews of various word processing software programs. Most (or many) reviewers rated WordPerfect as “the best.” I have not been disappointed since the very beginning. Although Word seems to have become more widely used, WordPerfect remains just a bit ahead. The one feature I can not live without is “reveal codes,” something no one else can offer. I often have to “repair” or “modify” documents in the various Word formats. These files are mine and those of friends who have run into trouble. I get the files, convert to WordPerfect, repair or modify, convert back to the original form and send them back. Overall, too, I find WordPerfect much more intuitive and easy to use than its chief rival, Word (and its various “package” programs). In short, I have always thought the label says it all, the word processor is “Perfect.”

Don Hermanson

Word Perfect give me control, unlike Microsoft Word, which will hell-and-be-damned do its own formatting and never tell you how, nor why. That alone settles the question for me; I’ve got WORK to do, for goodness’ sake! I don’t have time to do the software dance.

Les Morgan

I have updated WordPerfect since version 4.0 and continue with X-8. It is better than ever and allows me to write and edit with ease. I am compelled by publishers to use other products but I do so by first writing in WordPerfect and then converting the product to that required by my publisher. I’m a simple person and the “view codes” service is worth the full price of the product and it is just one of many things it does that other products do not do. I started with WordPerfect because it was written for lawyers – and it is essential to a law practice – but now that I no longer practice it is still the best, easiest to use, and most functional word processor available.

Barry Zalma

El manejo de tablas es espectacular y facilísima, lo mismo que la organización de cada documento en diferentes formas: numeración, índices, etc. Ver los códicos hace más amigable el programa.

Jorge Molina

Its devotion to simplicity, of making the work directly and quickly accessible, of not “complexifying” — making what should be a simple task complex or difficult. For example, when I want to start a new document I not have to go through the ridiculous step (as one does in Word) of having to choose what kind of a document I want to create. By contrast, every “improvement” in Word is accompanied by a litany of options which turn out to be an annoyance in having to choose and rechoose them before getting to the task of writing. While all the power of Word is found in WordPerfect, one is not forced to make a set of choices that interfere with or delay getting the work done. And then there are features that I adore and use constantly (not found elsewhere or difficult to do): reveal codes (especially in correcting mistakes (a nightmare in Word — that paint brush rarely works)), make it fit (especially for faxing), printing envelopes (such a snap!), the indication at the top of the screen of whether the document has been modified or not (so I know whether I have saved the document recently or not), ease of format changes, keyboard setting (I hate to tell you what keyboard I still use), ease of insertion of foreign characters, etc.

Thomas Froehlich


Bill Barrow

My husband, an engineer, told me this was the program I, as a writer, needed and he set it up on my computer. I don’t know how it works and I don’t care. I just know that it does everything I need it to do – with ease – editing manuscripts, designing brochures, correcting my awful spelling, making lists for submissions, revealing what incorrect keys I had hit and letting me go back. I don’t need any other program because WordPerfect is Perfect.

Lynn Purple

WordPerfect How I Love You
a video by Kendall Reimer-Johnston

WordPerfect is the most word processor ever invented. My favorite features are Reveal Codes and complete backward compatibility with previous versions. WordPerfect also saves documents to .pdf format very quickly, faster than any other word processor.

Max Holloway

I still remember the DOS based commands! I understand 90% of all that I have encountered with WP. When I compared it to Word, I have vivid and concrete examples demonstrating why no-one should use Word, and how they instead should be using WordPerfect. There is no mystery, because WP allows us to create clean documents, with no unintelligible codes. Reveal codes saves us, each and every time!

I love Word Perfect because it makes me an expert at letter and forms writing and especially because reveal codes has solved so many problems for me over the years.

Tim Robson

I have been using WordPerfect from the good old DOS Days. I started with v5.1 and have used all the versions up to the Present version X8. Users valuing creativity, precision and perfection and having an independent mind , appreciate the flexibility that WordPerfect offers. WordPerfect has many features that protect the users from travelling the unidirectional upgrade path followed by the other word processing programmes. WordPerfect can be installed on almost all the versions of Windows.Same file format for the last so many versions, superior PDF, Reference and Table Tools and last but not the least, Reveal Codes enable the users to seamlessly open and work with all the files created in earlier versions of WordPerfect. Improved Microsoft Office Compatibility helps in exchanging documents with other who use Microsoft Word. Very rarely does one find a software programme that is true to its name- Word Perfect!

Ravindra Bivalkar

Easy and simple to use.

Kathy Harmon

I love my Word Perfect and have had several versions. I found it much easier to use that other word processing programs I started my love affair with computers and word processing when my son was in grade school – thirty years ago. My first computer was a Commodore which was a challenge to do word processing on. I then switched to HP computers and probably invested in my first copy of Word Perfect over 25 years ago and have had several versions since then. I am currently using Word Perfect X4. I was editor of our local genealogy newsletter for several years which was put out quarterly and the work I did on it was very professional looking. Also a project involving genealogy was the copying different types of vital statistics which involved placing the information in a columnar format. Also did our family Christmas card for several years printing it front and back on a full sheet of paper, cutting in half and reassembling. I could insert clip art and photos quite easily using the features of the program. The thing I was most proud of was a book entitled “Carolina Mine, A Northern West Virginia Coal Camp”. A friend wanted it done on short notice and I was able to complete the 112 page book in one month, including dozens of black and white photographs and commentary using my desktop computer. She had it printed by a publishing company in West Virginia. I don’t do as much as I used to but I still prefer the Word Perfect products for my personal records and keeping my medical records updated.

George Ann Duncil

I like WP because of its easiness to use, its compatibility with WORD and PDF but most of all because of its Reveal Codes function. I could never get used to another writing program. I only regret a bit that the new versions are not translated into German. Nevertheless, I’ll stay with it.

Kurt Ludewig

I love WordPerfect because even with scads of new features, they still keep all the menu items in or near the same place and keep older functions still fully accessible for long time users!!!! Over and over I have stepped up a version and found every thing just where it belongs and ready to perform it’s task! To me that has been worth a fortune in productive time with very little time spent learning the new version! Good going guys!!!!

Ronald D. Boesiger

I love WP ever since I was a student in Germany, it is and was always a clear way to handle problems grading writing papers and documents.

Rüdiger Wittkämper

I can open and modify any file from any source I have received so far and convert that file back to the original type. The pulldown buttons are intuitive and powerful. The reveal option solves difficult problems by showing everything.

Kent Goodloe

I have always preferred WordPerfect as my word processing tool because it is easy to use. I especially like “revealed codes” which makes it easy to format documents and correct any of my errors. It helps to be able to open Word and text documents and then publish my documents in a PDF file. A most versatile product that is reasonably priced and a joy to use. Thanks Corel.

Mr. Stacy Richards

WordPerfect is perfect. It serves a unique function as an efficient and easy to use word processing program that only aspires to be an efficient and easy to use word processing program–thank goodness ! Because of the hugely useful feature of “Reveal Codes”, a person is easily able to see the formatting codes and thereby make corrections and adjustments to the formatting which will not be apparent when using Microsoft Word.

WordPerfect is not loaded down with extraneous and difficult to use features. It is very user friendly and intuitive to use. Formatting is easy to do and the functions of WordPerfect are easy to learn and remember.

Because of the efficiency and ease-of-use of Word Perfect, I continued to use it as my primary word processing program in the practice of law for the past 27 years.

John Alexander

WordPerfect is perfect. It serves a unique function as an efficient and easy to use word processing program that only aspires to be an efficient and easy to use word processing program–thank goodness ! Because of the hugely useful feature of “Reveal Codes”, a person is easily able to see the formatting codes and thereby make corrections and adjustments to the formatting which will not be apparent when using Microsoft Word.

WordPerfect is not loaded down with extraneous and difficult to use features. It is very user friendly and intuitive to use. Formatting is easy to do and the functions of WordPerfect are easy to learn and remember.

Because of the efficiency and ease-of-use of Word Perfect, I continued to use it as my primary word processing program in the practice of law for the past 27 years.

John Alexander

After nearly 32 years of using all the WordPerfect versions, I have compared each with MS Word and several other contenders and concluded that WordPerfect is the only word processing program to give me the ease of use and control over the program that must have for my work as an attorney.

Randall Jacobs

Easy to use and what you see is what you get. Not endless menus to work through to get to what you want to do. And above all, WordPerfect does not tell me what to do! And the best is the affordability of WordPerfect.

J H Kay

As an academic teaching languages at university level, I need a software package that is good at formatting (easy line numbering, in-text graphics, styles, levels) and at language evaluation (grammar check, style check, automatic language analysis). The excellent pdf functionality is invaluable to me as well – as well as pdf conversion. The last plus : version compatibility to day one AND it can even work with old Word files that even Word cannot open any more.

Edward Sodmann

Luv WordPerfect reveal code feature

Chuck Newkirk

WP has always been easy to use. Reveal codes gives you great control over page content. Divide page is a very usable feature. Graphics handling has always been very easy with WP. I’ve been a very satisfied WP user for 25 years. I only use Word when given no choice, but I’ve always found Word difficult and limiting.

Charles Anderson

I love WordPerfect so much that I tell all of my college students about it every semester when I bring up how to format their written work for assignments. Most of them look at me with quizzical eyes as they struggle to comprehend of a wider world beyond the “Word” they have been indoctrinated on. I tell them the history of word processing software and that “Word” was not first to the table, WordPerfect was. I then tell them WordPerfect is by far the most user friendly and full-featured word processing software that can be bought on the market. Then I encourage them to look at it for themselves.

I love WordPerfect so much that when the college I teach at revoked the administrative rights to add personal software to our computers which meant I could no longer use it at work, I told my Dean I would pay the college to purchase a copy of WordPerfect if he would please, please, please allow me to reinstall it. His first response was that he didn’t know people still used the program, but his second (and my favorite) response was to approve the purchase of an educational version for me. I am eagerly awaiting to work with it again in my office when I return for the upcoming fall semester.

I love Word Perfect so much that even though I have already purchased the latest edition of the software for home use, I still hope to win so I can donate it to a fund-raising raffle at my college. Perhaps that will convince one more person to give this fantastic software a try. Go WordPerfect!

Laurie Pratt

Word Perfect Office has always been by go-to application for running my small business. It’s so easy to use and always works! I use it print professional letterheads, labels, envelopes, invoices, and even legal documents. And thanks for the great PDF support! I couldn’t run my business without Word Perfect. My fifteen year old son just started using it for his lawn care business startup! Thanks for a great product!

Don Hess

I love Word Perfect, because it is efficient, it’s visually pleasing, has the layout I enjoy with the varied choices and is the perfect word processor which provides me with the necessary tools to type and create whatever documents I want and need. I love that WP has reveal codes and WORD does not. I even like that if I have to I can save in WORD for those who are not fortunate to have experienced WP. It is the better of the two word processors, no doubt. I love the idea of having several fonts from which to choose. I have been using it since the DOS days and I am a tried and true fan.

Cindy Luzon

since ver. 4.2 (1989) WordPerfect has been and remains far and away the very best word processing software, due to, among other features – reveal codes, the ability to put the doc/file name as a footer or header via one click on the icon on my tool bar (without having to re-enter the file name), the ability to auto-paragraph number down to 6 levels, the ability to auto number by section, chapter and page, and on and on…

if your stock in trade is the occasional letter, that Microsoft product may work just fine, but if your business is heavy moving of words on paper, then WordPerfect is the only tool you need and the only tool you really should have.

Griffith deNoyelles

I have been using WordPerfect since version 5 in DOS. I find it so much easier to learn and use than Word or any other program. The Reveal Codes feature alone makes it superior to all others. For the average user it is THE program to use.

James Hahn

On the first day of my 12th grade Honor’s English class, the teacher handed us a list of homophones (words that have the same pronunciation but different meanings, such as new/knew, witch/which, or there/their/they’re). She announced that for the remainder of the year, if we misused any of these words, we would be docked 5 points per incorrect application. It mattered not how many points the the assignment was worth, and we could even achieve negative points for many multiple mistakes. WordPerfect to the rescue! I opened WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows and programmed a custom Spell Checker dictionary to stop on any of those homophones and present the definitions. I happily shared my custom dictionary (and installation instructions) with my classmates and we all avoided the dreaded point reduction!

Ryan Beardall

WordPerfect is far better than its competitors. ‘Word’ started with a programming design that didn’t allow ‘reveal codes’, and it can never fully recover from that. ‘Word’ also suffers from the bloatware syndrome that WP has avoided. Tables and graphics are far easier to handle in WordPerfect. WordPerfect’s interface is much more convenient than the clunky ‘ribbon’. In short, WordPerfect is more reliably programmed and more sensibly designed than its competitors.

Nigel Nettheim

I love that Word Perfect is user friendly and offers so many shortcuts. I also love that is is very simple to do what I want to do. Another thing I love about WP is that I can create a spreadsheet without having to open another program. Finally, the bottom line is WP makes the most sense to me. There aren’t extra steps to do things. I can do it in one step saving time and frustration.

Deb Cunningham

Have used WordPerfect starting from the early 1970’s and have just upgraded to Windows 10 can’t imagine using any other program

Patti Nadvornik

As fine art conservator I am creating conservation documentary and condition reports with Wordperfect. These documents include text, tables and images. I love the great potential for individual layouting and customizing of documents in WordPerfect and of course the helpfullness of it´s reveal codes. I would like to emphasize WP´s advanced table functionalities as well. On the one hand I use it for clear presentation of the various superimposing layers of an artwork´s colour scheme, on the other hand I create detailed cost estimates and my invoicing.
Over the years I am still convinced that my workflow is easier with WP alone than using a more cumbersome procedure with Word and Adobe InDesign (for example).

Markus Doell

I’ve been delighted for almost exactly 30 years with the ease of use of this program with the preparation of financial statements, in part due to the absolutely correct vertical alignment of numbers in Courier New font. If it keeps working consistently well, year after year, decade after decade, and it has always been most fairly priced, then I will continue to remain a loyal and happy customer.

Ray Barnes

I love WordPerfect for multinational characters, plenty of face fonts, small caps, proofread, line space feature, phonetic, box drawing, math/scientific, iconic symbols, typographic symbols and many. many other possibilities it offers.
I wish more multinational characters were supported so you can send them by e-mail without corruption. Second item I am missing. It used to be a contour map of the world to be used as watermark, I cannot find it anymore.

Altogether WordPerfect is, well, almost perfect. I always buy a new version since 1990.

With my best wishes for you future,

Janusz M. Idzior

I love WordPerfect! All document on WordPerfect stay as you save them. Word documents will be unformated as soon as you save and reopen and it does not have reveal codes!!!! I hate trying to format documents in Word! If I have to send a document out in Word I will format it in WordPerfect and then in Adobe format. Have I said how much I HATE Word?

Rebecca Bonilla

WordPerfect is versitile and allows me to see all codes. It makes editing easy. I have used it since before it was WYSIWYG and have purchased each update since and am now operating version X-8 or 18.

Barry Zalma

WordPerfect makes my pencil nervous. As it should! I never did like that pencil! Thank you WordPerfect!

Patrick Lanctot

Word Perfect is very stable software that allows me to exchange correspondence with others and it works really wells with pleading paper which I use a lot in my legal profession. The font, margin of pages, and insertion of foot and end notes is very good. It is a great software and I have been a fan for a long time. WordPerfect is the official software for my law firm. I also encouraged at least 8 other firms to use WordPerfect. They are all happy with the software.

Makram Gharib

I started using WordPerfect 3.2 (I think) when I worked for a small company during college. I thought the best (and most underrated) feature was and is REVEAL CODES! That was genius!! I continue to use WP to this day – I’m on X8 now! I’ve used it for years to create great printed projects like business cards, personalized note cards, signs, merge files for labels and letters, etc. People often ask me why I still use WP, I just say that for my needs – it is simply the best!

J Oliver

I started using WordPerfect, starting with version 5, when I worked with the United Nations (UN) in various countries around the world and, I’ve used consistently most of the time since then. Apart from personal and business correspondence I prepared reports of up to 200 pages, with graphics, tables, spreadsheets, Contents and Index. I love the simple fact that I can include a graphic or picture, locate it anywhere I like on the page and insert a caption that stays locked to the graphic no matter where I move the graphic.
When I retired I was a volunteer with a church group helping unemployed people get back to work. This included preparing Résumés in WordPerfect and they were great improvements on what could be done using MS Word.
Over time, the WordPerfect page has grown to LOOK a bit like MS Word but has retained its superiority and, simplicity of use. In fact I would say that, anyone who uses MS Word can easily change to WordPerfect and start producing better documents with less hassle.

Wlliam Buchanan

WordPerfect has been a dependable and reliable word processing program since I began using it in the mid-1980’s. The most distinguishing features to me are reveal codes, the ease of numbering pages, and creating tables of contents. The reveal codes feature is the most important to me in creating and editing documents. Also, recent versions of WordPerfect has made it easier to convert to other word processing apps the some of my clients prefer. I can prepare the document in WordPerfect then convert to another word processing app to send to my clients. WordPerfect allows that flexibility seamlessly.

Mark Stephens

I love WordPerfect as this is the easiest word processing program to us. As lover of the look of a document, the fact that formatting is tied directly to the character and its position on a page, not to a paragraph or section is a big advantage. The reveal codes has also been a great feature ever since the DOS days coupled with the macro capabilities that is a major reason I keep this program. I also love the ease of use of the labeling feature and the formatting tie-in to Avery products.

Nathan Friedman

I began using WordPerfect for my medical transcription business at its inception. (I have been transcribing for over 35 years so I can’t say exactly when I started using WordPerfect, or even a computer for that fact!) Everyone said I should be using Microsoft Word because it was so much more popular but I would never relent. As the years went on I just continued to upgrade my WordPerfect versions. Recently, my computer went belly up and I had to purchase a new one, meaning I had to purchase all new software. I finally gave in to the pressure and purchased Microsoft Word. I had barely been using it a month and realized it was never going to work for me. It is not user friendly and does not do nearly half of what WordPerfect does for me for my transcription purposes. I just purchased the latest version of WordPerfect and downloaded it on my new computer and already feel the tension floating away and the familiarity returning. My frustration is leaving and my speed of getting my work done is returning. I will never stray again!

Dayna Hosler

I first used WordPerfect in 1984 when I worked for a high tech company in the Ottawa area. In High School and college we did not have personal computers and learned “Word Processing Systems” like the AES+ and the Xerox 860. When I had my first job I was introduced into WordPerfect and enjoyed the functionality of it – at that time it was a DOS disc driven program. Fast forward a few years and Windows became the norm, and I continued to use WordPerfect for both home and office use. It is a superior program to “office” which lacks advanced functionality that is offered by WordPerfect. My all time favourite feature is REVEAL CODES! Word is quirky and if you change something on one page in a document it sometimes change formatting on different pages in the document. It is very frustrating when formatting. Unfortunately many businesses use Word but I still keep WordPerfect running here for my use.

Kathryn Hodsoll

I use WP sinds my first computer, very, very long ago. I started with 5.1 (I still have it on 3.5 inch discettes). Now I have X8. So that is 13 versies further on…
From other people I become the mails and the textes in “Word” or “Excel” but that cannot cope with the things I made in WP and QP. I even use the QP for making technical drawings. You can make a “perfect” milimeter drawingpaper!!! At this time I am building a new shed for my garden. The drawings for that shed can be “perfectly” made in QP!! The bookkeping for my schess club in my village is easy to make it in QP. So I work with WP and QP in many possibilitish it give me to keep the scores of my clubs up to date!

Diederik de Best

I have used WordPerfect since it was on a 5 1/4 floppy – not sure what that version was – I have tried other word processing software at that time and ever since – I must say that all the time that WordPerfect was my favorite word processing software for several reasons – at first, it was the only one that did equations (I am a scientist), it was much simpler and had the view codes feature, It always came closer to the output format that I was required to adhere to for papers and reports, it never did automatic things that I didn’t want it to and had many features that was advanced above its rivals
Currently, it is still simpler and less intrusive to use than its rivals and contains essential features that I use constantly. I have purchased every version since that floppy version and it still is my preferred software. I still use it for reports and papers and it still is the only one to have a true ‘view codes; function which is essential to my use

Merv Fingas

I love WordPerfect because it is so intuitive and easy to use. The reveal codes feature is priceless. I currently do a lot of writing, and lots of my writing is large files like books. WordPerfect handles these large files beautifully and the built-in templates are a dream to work with. Some people, mostly employers before I retired, requested me to work in MS Word since that is what they had on the system. Working with large files in MS Word is nothing but a chore, not a pleasure, and their insistence on trying to do my thinking for me and doing all that auto-formatting drives me crazy. I always loaded WordPerfect on my desktop if allowed to do so and when I opened a Word file in WordPerfect the first thing I would do is turn on Reveal Codes and go through the document and delete all that formatting, and then save it as a WPD file to work on. If necessary I would then save it back to Word format to send it out to someone else.
I am also a retired attorney and having the legal templates was very helpful. A lot of people I interfaced with use Microsoft Office, so I had to send them files in that format. So, I do all my work in WordPerfect and then save the file in WordPerfect for myself and then convert the file to an MS format if I must to send it to others. Some people prefer to receive PDF files, and exporting a WordPerfect file to PDF is a snap.
I can’t say enough good about WordPerfect. I love it and I see no possible end to this love affair.

James H. Dobbins

Very intuitive plus ability to get into the details. Love that you have a std and stick too it instead of reinventing the design every few years like Word. Reveal codes is especially useful.

Chris C Solar

When I started working with word processor packages it was with MultiMate. I was introduced to Wordperfect either 4 or 5 and ever since have been using it to the present version. The graphic packages Presentations and Corel draw are also lovely packages to work with – all easy to learn and understand and to explain to others. The help functions are also great. Though I have been compelled to use MS Word my preference is with Wordperfect

Phillip Venter

I’ve been a clergyman for 25 years plus four years of graduate school. Since the Fall of 1987, when I purchased my first PC (an 8086 processor running at 4.5 Mhz with only 640k of RAM), I’ve relied on WordPerfect to produce and preserve 29 years of my work. In that time, I have produced 18GB in nearly 18,000 files using WordPerfect from version 4.2 to X8.

Unlike other software, WordPerfect doesn’t think it knows what I want to do and do it for me. Instead, it gives me complete control to produce the document exactly as I want it. I can even “look under the hood” using reveal codes. Macros, hotkeys, and settings have easily advanced with me from version to version for nearly three decades. When working with others, WordPerfect lets me publish as pdf or html or convert to and from other formats easily.

I’ve been through seven cars and a dozen or more computers in all this time, but WordPerfect has been with me through it all.

Paul Lauer

I have used WordPerfect almost from it’s inception and certainly from it’s beginning. WordPerfect has always given me the power to create my documents the way I want them to appear. If I find something is not appearing right, I can go directly and easily to find the problem with Reveal Code (Alt-F3), giving me the ability to remove, individually, any problem code I may have slipped in there. I have tried many other word processing programs and have not found any of them approaching the simplicity and sophistication of WordPerfect! I use WordPerfect for letter merges, Church and other bulletins, legal documents, everyday correspondence and many other tasks too numerous to mention. I like that WordPerfect does not try to “tell me” what I want to do with my document like MS Word/Office attempts to do, but rather gives me the tools to create the document exactly the way I want and need it to be.

Jim Mattatall

WordPerfect is easy to use but provides powerful tools like merge and other functions like reveal codes.

Larry Friedman

WordPerfect is my first choice for official documents, newsletters and family holiday items. It is easier to use in every way and has more valuable options available to users than other word processing applications I’ve tried. Its flexibility allows me to save a file in other formats and readily import other file formats so I can communicate with my “less well informed” counterparts. I used WordPerfect during my working years, at least 18 years, and continue to appreciate its usability while retired since the year 2000, and now serving as Homeowners’ Association treasurer and Rotary Club secretary .

Duane W. Kirschner

I have been using your Corel Word-Perfect Software for over 27 years. I currently have your latest version of Corel Word-Perfect-X8 and everytime you come out with a new version, I up-grade it into my personal desktop computer and laptop. After years of experience in using your product, I can honestly say that Microsoft-Word can’t even come close to what Corel Word-Perfect has to offer. I’ve tried using Microsoft Word and it does not offer all the capabilities that your Word-Perfect does. As you can see from my testimonial, I just love your Corel Word-Perfect and will not use any other product. From a loyal Corel Word-Perfect user in Hawaii.

Anthony Brum

I have used every major word processor at one time or the other when I was in the Air Force. However, once I tried WordPerfect at home, I stuck with it. WordPerfect is easy to use, easy to understand, and affordable while never having to sacrifice the ability to produce professional looking documents. Of particular value is the Reveal Codes function which allows me to instantly “see” the various formatting commands within my documents. It’s a great word processor…one that only gets better with each iteration and has never given me a reason to switch to something else. Thanks Corel!

Johnny Collins

WordPerfect is more intuitive to use. The icons used by the program depict what the icon does in a better way than the competition. The flexibility of the program can’t be beat. The WYSIWYG is a very nice feature.

Michael Spooner

I like it because I can use key strokes (and use them a lot) for commands. Also that is easily translated into other programs (Bill Gate’s Stuff) and I feel I can save it in other programs. I am retired and work at a food pantry and church groups. I have always purchased my own WordPerfect programs (even when I worked). I really enjoy my WordPerfect.

Sue Brace

Having extensive experience in Word Processing using both Word and WordPerfect, I much prefer Word for many features and reasons. The formatting with the Reveal Codes makes it easy to determine why WYSIWYG, and makes corrections easy, which is not true with any competing products. I started using it with DOS commands and Function Keys, progressing to WordPerfect for Windows, and have stayed with it through each upgrade to the current X8 version. Other competing programs have copied features of WordPerfect to emulate the proven usefulness, such as converting documents to PDF format, Make It Fit features, and other helpful tools, such as the extensive Dictionary entries to ensure the word is appropriate for the context, but the best and easiest to use, for professional results, is WordPerfect and is without any equal, comparable product in the word processing industry.

James Parker

No one does it better. Reveal codes lets one create clean, uncluttered documents which can be used time and again.

John Goodner

I don’t know what to say, except that WordPerfect is…uh, Perfect! WP has been my word-processing program of choice/default since the early 1980’s. I’ve installed WP on every computer I’ve owned since Compaq portable of 1982ish. When I eventually learned to write HTML, the instructor was certain that someone else (due to my age) must be doing my work for me. I laughed and explained that I learned the concept of coding before she started school…thanks in part to WP’s “Reveal Codes”. Tables, Data files, Merging, Quattro Pro, Text-Art, etc, etc…I’d be lost without WordPerfect, the first program I’ll be teaching great-grandchildren.

Catherine Fisher

I could write a big essay, but all that really needs to be said is that it is better and more intuitive that MS Word.

Peter Andrews

OMG, I have been using WP since the very first version – It was freedom for me – a revelation WP as been my home for about 4 decades – and at work, I have had to try a competitor now and then due to necessity at a job and after a comfort level always insist that it be purchased whatever computer I am using and it has always been my “go to” program on my home computers. Improvements and versions have made it compatible with programs others use so I can always convert other documents to WP and send it back in whatever program the receiver needs. I think WP is far easier and more intuitive than competitors programs that others may use> WordPerfect has been so adaptable and has kept up, you can always rely on it, and you can always read your older documents. What can I say, I have always thought the WP program was awesome and continue to think so.

Seena Amsel

In 1982, I instituted the migration of my law firm from dedicated memory typewriters to PCs running WordPerfect for DOS. It was very functional, powerful enough to handle any legal writing requirement, and for many years was the word processor of choice for North American lawyers. I was not happy being forced into the world of Windows, because WordPerfect for DOS 5.1 provided in some respects more power and useful capability than any version of WordPerfect for Windows ever has. I have been a WordPerfect user on a continuing basis and refuse to work in MS Word, except in rare cases where I must.

Kudos to Corel for keeping this wonderful product alive. I can (and still do) use WordPerfect X7 and X8 to open archived documents that were created with WordPerfect for DOS in the 80s , including ones that were templates and data files used for merge operations.

I have introduced many junior lawyers who had never seen anything except MS Word to WordPerfect, and some have adopted it as their preferred tool, except in circumstances where they are collaborating with others who are working with MS Word.

Thomas Baldwin

As an attorney, I find WordPerfect to be the word processor most suited to the work I do. In particular, the pagination and footnoting abilities are far superior to MS Word and other systems. My only wish is that we might have a version of WordPerfect for Apple OS.

Alan J. Placa

I am a novelist, and have produced most of my books on WP. I like the clean screen, the fact that almost everything that is in the display is plain text, so endlessly manipulable (deletions, moves, etc.) without the risk of bizarre format anomalies, so commonly a problem in MS Word. I find the program stable and reliable. Above all I like Reveal Codes, a unique feature and WP’s strongest selling point. I am sorry more people do not use WordPerfect, and I dislike the whole idea of the second-rate MS Word being the “industry standard”. It’s annoying that I have to save my files in Word format (with all the risk of weird control characters being inserted) so that other people can read them. I think past developers of WP missed a trick several years ago, when Word was being given away “free” with new computers. WordPerfect SHOULD BE the standard as it is clearly the most simple to use, the most powerful for its range of features. I hope it continues to be available for a long time.

Chris Priest

I love WordPerfect because it is designed for creative people. It doesn’t presume to channel my work into narrow confines and pre-configured patterns. Instead it provides me with all the tools I might need and leaves me free to create at will. There is nothing pedestrian about WordPerfect: if you can imagine it, you can create it. It’s as simple as that.

Patricia Allison

I will provide three reasons, out of concern for the home life of the contest evaluators, who have to read all the entries:

(1) For years and years I have appreciated the control I have over the written word with WordPerfect. For example, I can create an “advance down,” to insert a horizontal space less than a full line. With reveal codes, I can select/copy the advance down and insert it again and again where needed.

(2) The Table of Contents/Table of Authorities capabilities were excellent and granular long before those capabilities arrived in competing products–and today I would rather use WordPerfect than replicate the required skills with another product.

(3) WordPerfect Office Quattro Pro, testimonial to a capability very recently discovered by me: Another often-used spreadsheet product was not able to open an “.xls” file. I later discovered that the “.xls” creation capability was not working correctly; that the file created was one appropriate to the filename extension “.htm”. Nevertheless, Quattro Pro was able to open the file. Using Quattro Pro, I was empowered!

Huron Smith

WP and WPO are great, they work by intuition. I’m from Germany, when I was a student, WP was a must at my university. I’m a fan ever since!!!

Rüdiger Wittkämper

Best word processor ever. I have more control over my documents than any other word processor (including Word). Since WordPerfect permits me to save my documents in different file formats, I can save as Word if the recipient uses it. All of my personal documents are in WordPerfect. When my job (now retired from it) converted to Word, I had to get it, but only use it when required (I have to be really desperate). I hope that WordPerfect never ever goes away./

Roger Stein

Its simplicity, accuracy, WYSIWYG, and especially Reveal Codes

Guy Myhre

I like the Reveal Codes, the Tables, the integrated formular toolbar as some exsamples. WordPorfect

Karlheinz Martin

I like the Reveal Codes, the Tables, the integrated formular toolbar as some exsamples. WordPorfect

Karlheinz Martin

Thirty years of a written career in WPD format. Always eager to fire up, like greeting a life-long partner and ally; consistent, but surprising; no request turned aside or denied; remarkable results: “How did you do THAT?”; Classic Mode for nostalgia; still fun; Reveal Codes right there when I stumble.

Bruce A. Chitiea

The ease of operation, uncomplicated and simple to learn. Reveal Codes is a particularly valuable function.

Robert Listou

Is there any other word processor or office package? Not in my world, Corel Office is the ABSOLUTE BEST. You want user friendly software, these programs are the answer. I always have and always will use Corel Office – Word Perfect and QuattroPro. It’s a Canadian product and I simply don’t like to use MS Office Word or Excel — definitely not user friendly.

Wendy McQueen

Reveal codes, reveal codes, reveal codes! Oh, and did I mention reveal codes?

Craig Moyer

It’s the only program that does booklet printing easily and has reveal codes! Both are essential for formatting church bulletins. I’ve been a loyal WP user from the beginning.

Holly Wildhack

I love WordPerfect for many reasons. For one, it was the first word processor software that I learned back the day. It was scary, complex, almost too powerful to be real. And amazing enough, it ran in DOS.

Yes. I love WordPerfect since the days of 5.1. It has been a time.

Two more reasons to love the product: A) Reveal codes; and B) long term support for file formats.

Let me explain. I am a professional programmer. I am comfortable with code systems like TeX or HTML; but when I wish to be paper-style productive even I need something WYSIWYG. WordPerfect blend these two side of my life in one superb single product.

In regard of the long term support, I am concerned with the possibility to loss all our registries and documents in a future. Most of us had long lost our first digital documents; even when our mothers may have yet our first draws and calligraphies. Digital preservation is a very real problem that our society face and programs like WordPerfect, with its support for so many legacy formats make its part in protect us of that digital doom day that I envision.

TL;DR version: I really love WordPerfect. Yes, I am.

Ivan Garcerant

I have been a user since the DOS days of the 1980’s. For me, it is still the best package on the market. I could not survive in the word processing world without the Reveal Codes process. Don’t understand how other software providers can sell products without this feature

Kurt Schuler

It is a great word processing program for an old guy like myself. Being born in 1942 when it was tough to get a pencil this is like a miracle.

Michael R. Burns

WordPerfect has features you can’t find elsewhere. “Make It Fit” saves me enormous amounts of time. The envelope printer is a one button solution. But most of all, documents aren’t filled with “garbage code,” and the code editor makes it simple to clean up anything that doesn’t look quite right.

Bill Barrett

I love the reveal codes feature best, it is invaluable. Next comes the fact that the WP files use much less storage space than e.g. Word which most of my contacts use. When sending them some of my files, I easily convert them into Word using the WP built in feature ‘MS Word 97/2000/2002/2003’. WP is the best word processor on the market.

Karel Werner

It is much better than Microsoft Word, and much easier to use.

Einar Weidemann

Absolutely love ‘Reveal Codes’. Also, it is sooo much easier to work with Graphics in Word Perfect than any other product I have used.
Changing fonts and styles is just seamless and easy to use.

Hazel Maloney

With Word Perfect, I was able to set up my document the way I wanted it. Since I was more or less forced to use MS Word – there are several things that are very difficult to do, if at all, and what you WANT to do takes a LOT more steps than WP did. With WP I could set a decimal point and still have other tab stops which could continue from one page to the next. I can’t do that with MS Word. With WP I could get into view codes so I could see why certain things were happening that I didn’t want. With MS Word, you can’t do that. It was much easier to set tab stops in WP than it is in MS Word. MS Word just automatically changes things you type to things it “thinks” you want, e.g. (c) makes it into a corporation mark – with the c encircled, so you have to backspace to change it. It automatically sets your page spacing to, I believe 1 1/2 unless you tell it differently. With WP, you can do a word count for any document you type, I have not been able to figure that out with MS Word. I could go on and on. So in essence, something which should be “user friendly” and very simple to use such as WP, was changed into something very difficult and taking a lot more steps to do such as MS Word. I HATE MS Word. I was very comfortable with WP 11 and want it back.

Joyce A. Blauvelt

I work in the legal profession. My first experience with a computer was a strange machine that had no memory cards and no hard drive. It was a monster. Since that time, I have been required to use IBM word processing, Dell processing and Word (ugh!). On my home computer, I had WordPerfect when it first appeared on the market. WordPerfect is simple, complex, and irreplaceable. The simple is self-explanatory; the complex means that you can do anything you need to do and I am one who stretches software to its limits. Time is money for me as a Contract Paralegal and WP allows me to turn an hour project into a 15 minute project! Technical support via the forum is fabulous and I can create all types of “goodies” with WP. It is far beyond a word processor. I wouldn’t trade it for any other software for any amount of money!

Elizabeth Hobbs

As you see I use WP since 1990. I started with WP5.1. Recently I bought version X8! I always liked and still like to use it. There are so much possibility’s. If I get documents in Word or Excel and you open them in WP, they look very messy. I mean after every sentence, they use the prefits again. I am 67 years old now and
I hope I can still use it a long time.

Dick de Best

WordPerfect is the Best! Would not work without it and it makes everything so much easier!

Ben E Gurley

I’v tried others but remain a extremely satisfied user of WP’

Jerome Trakszelis

It is the the one I learned first because a church friend used it in her publishing business and I have found it to be just perfect for the documents I created as a pastor (now retired) and as a volunteer in many organizations where I continue to create forms, lists, nametags, newsletters, minutes of meetings – just everything. I have worked with WORD and Publisher, but they do not allow for the flexibility WP does. For instance, I printed my sermons in half-page format and used “booklet” so that pages came out back to back in numerical order without cutting and pasting. Bulletins in any format, memorial folders, all so professional-looking. I create a lot of “bookmarks” of quotes to distribute and they also look professional! And, I particularly like “reveal codes” because if there is a problem with a margin, tab, spacing or other issue, I can locate it and easily fix it. Being able to quickly adjust margins by dragging the lines is also helpful. I still use the “function” keys.
Each time we purchase another upgrade, I look forward to the improvements provided. We are currently using WP-8. Thank you for a very reliable product!

Donnamae Grannemann

Of all the word processing programs, I find WP to be the easiest and most versitle for me to use. I have done so many things from letters to brochures. When my last computer broke down, I tried to do without it, but that was impossible, so I purchase X8 and I’m at home again.

Gary Hand

The most Perfect on WordPerfect is the logical built en the knowledge that I have my text under full control (reveal codes with the Codes-screen). Also the backwards compatibility of versions. And sometimes the possibility to repair a Microsoft Word document which is not possible by Microsoft itself.

Michiel Osinga

Some things were possible in WordPerfect 5.1 in 1992, and the same things are in 2016 still NOT possible in Microsoft Word. Example: In one line a few words left aligned, then a few words centered and then a few words right aligned.
On my notepaper: Left the VAT-nr., centre bank-account, right Camber of Commerce.
In MS Word you must do it with spaces and tabs; when you than change the marges or font size you can start aligning again. Or you must use columns (for one line…..).

And the reveal codes are perfect. I can see what I do. In MS Word every document format is a big ‘take a chance’ and have many troubles.

In Excel it is not possible to open two files with the same name, in spite of they are located in two different maps. Stupid when I have the maps 2014, 2015, 2016 and in every map a file VAT, I can open only one…. In WordPerfect no problem.

In WP more possibilities with page number, line numers, labels etc.
When you insert a file name in Word the filename is not a real variable. When I change the file name, in Word the inserted filename in the document is still the old name.

In Word when you open a deleted file from the ‘last opened files’-list, Word give a warning the file is not found, but Word don’t remove the file from the list.

And by MS Word, by every new version you need a new course/training to find out every thing again.

Shortly, MS Word is delayed in the possibility and simplicity about 20 years.

All the advantages of WordPerfect with reagrd to MS Word are countless.

R.A. Steenbergen

I have been using WordPerfect since 1984 V3. It’s an amazing word processing program. Another word processing program is given to us to use at the University but I continued to use WP (and had to buy WP as other was free). The one feature that I use in editing is Reveal Codes, it is nice to see why formatting is occurring and to change the formatting.

Dennis T Murphy

I learned to use a word processor in the late 1980s with Wordstar. I remember when I started college in 1990 that there was a “super” word processor on the college PCs and it was called WordPerfect. For the first time I could actually get a document to look the way I wanted – rather than work to produce what the software could deliver. It was a revelation and I remember spending hours learning all of the shortcuts (they didn’t have the quick-reference cards) and then feeling that anything was a breeze. Once I’d mastered WordPerefct it seemed that I didn’t have to think about what the document looked like at all, it just seemed to come out right every time.

When I finished college, it seemed strange to me that everyone seemed to be switching across to Word for Windows 2. They said it was easier and you could see when you were working what the document would look like. But I’d always been able to “see” what the document would look like in WordPerfect, and in Word it often would show you what it was going to print, even though that wasn’t what I wanted.

I carried on using WP 5.1 right up until I switched over to Windows 95. I thought it was time for an upgrade so I bought a copy of WordPerfect 7, which was perfect – a Windows word processor with all of the classic features that made WordPerfect worth the effort. I never did understand why this version attracted negative reviews; for me it always performed flawlessly and is probably my favourite version of WordPerfect.

Then in 1998 I bought a Macintosh. That’s a different story, but needless to say I picked up 3.5e to go with it. It worked well and nobody missed a beat.

In 2001 the time came to upgrade my computer, and I was persuaded to switch back to PC. Maybe this is the real reason I’m writing this. It came bundled with Microsoft Office. Everyone I knew was by that time using Word, and even though I found it really hard to make it do what I needed, I thought that it was time to join up. There followed five years of “why’s it done that?” and “I can’t see where this formatting has come from”, but I stuck with it. I could open everything people sent me and do some work on my PC at home. But it was never easy.

Then I saw a free trial of WordPerfect X3. Somehow I felt that I would be going back in time even if I downloaded it and tried it – surely everybody uses Word now? But download it I did.

And guess what? It was like I was back in 5.1. The interface is newer (and the display resolution much sharper), but what makes it great is that everything I learned twenty five years ago still works. It delivers, every time.

And that’s why I love WordPerfect.

Gus Paterson

Because of my love for WordPerfect I purchased 8X although I may have used 7X three times. Nowadays I seldom use word processing yet I find that despite it innovations I still can enter the new WordPerfect programs, execute old commands and accomplish what I needed to in a short amount of time. Although the program stays current, the developers are aware that we old dogs don’t want to learn new tricks! Thanks for being there especially now still with reveal codes and ease of making labels.

L. Leon Duke

Just prefer its word processing and spreadsheet over Microsoft’s products!!!

Robert Amann

The versatility of WordPerfect Office makes my estimating and budgeting of projects much easier and more successful in the bidding process.

Terry Gillis

It consistently is the best office software available on the market. It is the easiest to use and provides the finest quality product available.

Charlie Jack

A superior product vs. the mediocrity offered by Microsoft WORD. I have been using WordPerfect as my primary word processor for over 26 years! I have reluctantly used WORD when needed but typically do all of my work in WordPerfect and then save it to WORD for distribution. Make it Fit as well as the reveal codes alone make WordPerfect superior to other word processor. Ease of use, stability, reliability and flexibility as well as a great value for my money, keep Word Perfect at the top of my list. It’s simply the Best!

Joe Vespe

As the very first word processing software that I had encountered, I was absolutely amazed at its “power” and capability. Although I experienced a bit of an “initial” learning curve, I found the software to be so user friendly and logical in its presentation that I soon overcame my “fears.” Although I’ve since had an opportunity to utilize other word processing software solutions, I’ve found nothing that matches the “user friendliness,” consistency, exceptional and continuously expanding capability of Word Perfect. It simply keeps getting better and better. It’s my “go to” word processing solution, always at hand.

David Estrada

I have always loved WordPerfect, since the minute that I first put a brand new copy of WordPerfect 3 for DOS (from a floppy disk) onto one of my old project computers. By far my favorite part is the reveal codes feature, which should have been integrated into all word processors ever. It allows me to see what I am doing without all the clicks and mouse trees that the other word processors require. I have since used the trial versions of WP x6, x7, and now finally the full version of WP office x8, and loved them all. Keep it up, Corel.

Mayer Goldberg

I’ve used many word processing packages over the years and the one I always return to is Word Perfect. I first used it as an adult student in college and have never found another product that does everything that WP can, as easily as WP does.


I LOVE WordPerfect because simply put you can do more, and in many ways it’s simpler or more intuitive than the OTHER GUYS! The problem is people don’t know how much better it is to use. Things like right margin flush from any where in a sentence, centering the list goes on and on. With the upgrades that allow us to open Word documents and others I use WP for everything no matter what format it comes to me in. The fact that I can save as a PDF means I can do whatever I want and then share with everyone. I WILL always use WordPerfect over the other guys, in my opinion it is the BEST word processing software on the market. Don’t ever discontinue it I would be devastated.

Patrick McCullough

Wordperfect makes more sense than Word. It’s easier to do things. For example, Word will change the formatting of a document such as numbering paragraphs without being asked. It will also do things such as indenting the next line when you didn’t ask it to. I am extremely partial to ‘-1-‘ as a way of numbering pages, which I can do in Wordperfect but can’t seem to do in Word. Wordperfect’s copying process is superb. I use it to make copies of other things than Wordperfect documents in other programs and I know of nothing comparable to this.

Jonathan Sauer

I have been a fan of Word Perfect since I started working with it in the 1980’s. What I like most about Word Perfect is that I can format my documents precisely as I want them to be. I have straightforward control over the document features and can easily manage editing.

Leo Cohen

No question for my work WordPerfect has allowed me personal and business independence and success. I need high quality graphics imports into my extensive written documentation. WordPerfect has always been my choice and I have tried other professed professional suites only to find them lacking. My average size document is between 500 and 900 pages and features like sub-documents and a fabulous merge system that lets me create native data documents or import direct from spreadsheet is my key to being consistent and accurate in my finished product. The PDF link conversion and XML are not all created alike in all programs and I have never had a failure to convert even the largest and most graphic intense of documents in my WP. Hard not to express the appreciation for support of both WordPerfect (Corel) and the site user forums for the dozens of time saving tips and features I might have over looked but now have assimilated into my production of documents. My macro ability is elementary, but simplified recording features, stock macros that come with the program and those support forums, make me look like a pro. To sum up, WordPerfect is integral to my technical work as an environmental reviewer and maybe most importantly is fun to use and not the constant learning curve I have experienced with some other products.


I learned WP when Dos was the only version available. I eventually switched to WP-WIN. I used WP-5 and now I am using WP-8. It has been easy to move forward with it since only a few changes were made but many additions. I have found it very versatile and have created many original works. I was happy when .pdf was added since It makes it easy to transmit documents and have them arrive as the original.

Paul F Kelley

I have used Word Perfect since I started using computers. My law firm got a couple of computers in lieu of a fee, and I was assigned to learn how to use them and to teach the secretaries–everybody, including me, being basically computer illiterate. Most of our work involved word processing so I started. For some reason, we ended up with both Word and Word Perfect so I worked with both. I found Word Perfect much easier to learn and to use on a regular basis. The commands were easier to handle and overall everything was easier to get into.

As things developed over the years Word Perfect proved to be almost made for a law practice. I did much of my own typing (briefs, pleadings, etc.) being able to think at a keyboard. Over the years I have used both Word and Word Perfect and even today when I am retired Word Perfect is the most useful and easiest to use. It has developed over the years with great compatibility with Word, PDF and other programs (necessary because many I deal with do not have Word Perfect). I do use other programs on a regular basis but day to day Word Perfect is the program of choice.

Bowen Florsheim

WordPerfect has always been my favorite program. Once of the reasons I like it is the “Reveal Codes” option so I can know just where my cursor really is and it keeps me from wiping out codes, which i find is a big problem I have with Word.
Also, you have made WP so that is compatible with other programs. I have updated through many versions of WP and will continue to do so as new versions are released.

James C Phillips

I loved WordPerfect from the beginning… and it was a DOS version! Sure the Reveal codes is marvelous feature to use but what I preferred best was the possibility to use shortcuts to align the text Left, Center and Right on the same line. What a time saver! No need to put complicated Tabs to do the job or use the mouse to open menus to find what you need. As soon as I tried WordPerfect, I fell in love with the product because it had all the features I appreciated when I needed to write something. Actually, to me, the choices offered in the Format menu are great and make essential text modifications very easy to do. WordPerfect programmers made the program easy to use and most importantly… fast! Through the years, each new version offered new ways to simplify writing text, create tables or column… and all of this without sacrificing the fundamental features that made the program great. At work, I had to work with Microsoft Word, and I hated it most of the time. There were always hurdles to try solve. But at home, I have the choice, and the choice is simple: WordPerfect. With all its marvelous simplicity and numerous features, It is the best and fastest word processor ever created; nothing comes close to it!

Serge Dugas

I began using Word Perfect when it was a Program that ran in Dos. Since that time I have tried several of the more popular Office Suites and always return to Word Perfect. I would recommend Word Perfect to anyone who is looking for a Suite that is user friendly and has all the features you would expect from an Office Suite. I am 72 years old, still working full time, and will continue to use Word Perfect as long as I am able. I presently own 8x and use it daily.

Alfred R Whittaker

I love the under water screen for a long time (alt + F3). I could place text around a picture, which I got not under control in Microsoft word. Replace of codes (font, bold, etc ) is still very easy.

Piet Kevenaar

for a absolute control of the text (notes, footnotes, endnotes, hedersa,,,. to its international character; fot its macro Language, for its marge functions..

Tomasz Grzywacz

Shopping for my first computer in 1984 included a visit to a store selling the original Compaq. The salesperson who helped me test the Compaq PC lauded WordPerfect. She had me use it as part of my testing. While that Compaq was a tempting product, I ended up buying the first IBM 8088 dual floppy PC. But, I never forgot all the great praise the salesperson had heaped on WordPerfect. A few years later, I bought my first WordPerfect word processor. I update WordPerfect each year and use it to this day as my preferred software. Without a doubt, WordPerfect continues to be the best in the market

Mort Ganeles

It just plains works. Handles MS Word docs and pdf files with ease. It does everything that I need a word processor to do.

Thomas Skoropad

While there are many reasons I love WordPerfect, two stand out for my personal use. The first reason is its outlining feature. Outlining with WordPerfect to so much better and easier than any other word processor, especially MSWord. Anyone who does any outlining at all will love this feature as well.
The second reason is the way WordPerfect does columns. I use columns in most of my documents and not having to create text boxes is so much better. There are several different column options, several which I use, that make setting up columns simple and quick. I especially love columns that extend onto the next page. The Newspaper columns also is very useful for many people’s regular use. I have tons of writing ahead for a proposed institute so many outlines and columns are in my future. Without WordPerfect the project would be more difficult for sure.

Bruce Thacker

Word Perfect is a well structured program, logically and therefore easy to use. This can be seen by example, by the reveal codes. In other programs you delete a line and the formatting of the previous paragraph is also deleted.
In Word Perfect you can even search for a formatting and replace it!
Or take the very easy to use and to change table of contents, for an other example.
Especially in long texts Word Perfect is the very best program for me.

Word Perfect ist ein sehr gut strukturiertes Programm, das logisch und deshalb einfach zu benutzen ist. Dies zeigt sich beispielhaft an den Steuerzeichen. In anderen Programmen löscht man einen Zeilenumbruch und der vorherige Absatz ist danch anders formatiert.
In Word Perfect kann man die Steuerzeichen sogar suchen und ersetzen!
Als anderes Beispeil sei das einfach zu erstellende und zu verändernde Inhaltsverzeichnis erwähnt.
Vor allem bei langen Texten ist Word Perfect das beste Programm in meinen Augen.

Harald Krauss

Learned on WordPerfect 5.1 and have come to need the controls and the reveal codes. Make it fit is a blessing. I hate it when I have to use Word because that is all a client has – it is so primitive. Word thinks it can make your choices for you and generally chooses wrong. Have converted a few people to WordPerfect over the years, gotten them in from the dark side.

Frank Hariton

I am 83 years old and this is the only form I use for all my devotionals, letters, and correspondence I use. I have had two computers and each one had a new form but I will not change. This is easy, lets me know my mistakes, and I can change anything with all the help I need.
I just got a new computer two weeks ago, and here I am back with my WordPerfect.
I don’t know who to thank for this but please don’t change it.

Patricia Roane

I first used Wordperfect in College at Bakersfield College in a Data Processing class in 1987, and found it of all the word processors offered and available to me to be the easiest to use and most comprehensive. I have since published two books using Wordperfect and still have a copy of Drawperfect on my computer and can access the pictures that I created in 1988 and 1989 and couldn’t get printed in color as no one had a color printer then except in Mac form and transposing the pics rearranged the layers and messed up the drawings. Contacting your company then couldn’t produce any results either and I eventually lost interest in the color graphics work, even though at the time I was on the cutting edge of computer graphics with an IBM style computer. Now I can use Presentations to edit those and other pictures, though Drawperfect was and in my estimation, still would be the easiest to use drawing program ever designed for IBM style computers. In the meantime, back to Wordperfect. I won’t be without it and personally believe ‘Word for Windows’ doesn’t hold a candle to it. I wish I could include some of my WPG’s in this testimonial. You’d love them. I am almost 70 years old and still write on my computer in Wordperfect almost daily. I have all the additional apps that come with Corel Office, but don’t use them except for presentations. Thank you for a program that has and still will stand the test of time.

Robert DeGroat

WordPerfect is a far superior program than Microsoft Word. It is easy to use and does far more to provide professional documents. Even though my company is into Microsoft Office, I insist on having the latest WordPerfect software installed in all my computers. I’ve convinced several of my colleagues as well to use it and they are in full agreement with me. I will continue to use WordPerfect both at home and at my office. It’s a great product.

Patricia Weidner

I love WordPerfect, its my go to word processing document for all of my needs! I have used it thousands of times to format my documents. I especially like how it holds graphics anywhere in the document, unlike Word. I also love using the reveal codes to fix formatting issues. Often I have to edit Word documents in WordPerfect and use Reveal Codes to fix Word formatting errors. Documents print cleaner in Adobe from WordPerfect over any other word processing program.

Virginia Viles

I have had a love affair with Word Perfect since my first experience, so long ago I cannot remember. I have been urged at times to change but why would I when I am so comfortable with every phase of the program that I use in my correspondence, family history research records, financial statements I prepare, Reunions that I organize, Christmas letters prepared each year and sent to over 100. To me, Word Perfect is a friend..just upgraded to WP8 and love it. I am hoping to prepare a book for publishing in the next few months with photos and documents included and am excited to see what I can do with my new WP8.
Thank you for a superb product. Sincerely

Barbara Taylor

I love Word Perfect ever since it came out. Every time a new version comes out, it is compatible with older versions. You do not have to buy a new version every time a new version comes out. Word Perfect is user friendly. I can do Headers and formatting without problems unlike in Word. I also do not like giving more money to Microsoft and I hate the way Microsoft is always making you do this or making you do that. Word Perfect is not so controlling. They are flexible and I appreciate that.

Dan Moore

I am a lawyer. I draft both simple and complex documents for a living. There is not a better word processing program that can handle all I do. Its simple. Its malleable. It fits to my needs and does not force me into obtuse and hard to use formats to write the way someone else thinks it should be done. It translates and imports and exports all other forms easily.

David Dordek

I will never leave WordPerfect. It is so superior to Word that I have never understood why people think they are “upgrading” to an inferior product … just because most people use it. I love the product because I have absolute control over the document. Yes, you have to know how to use it properly. But that isn’t difficult to learn. In my office, everyone else came to me for help. I usually opened reveal codes and found the problem in a second or two.

Mura Kievman

I have used WordPerfect since my days in college. I have always found it to be very logical. Functions are in the correct place. I do not have search very hard to find the function I am looking for. I love the ‘reveal code’ function.

Marcos C. Velasquez

It is one of the best programs. Very user friendly. I love how I can create macros so that I can work more efficiently. Love shortcuts! Much more work friendly then Word. I would not trade my wordperfect for word. Wordperfect is fast and easy. We have upgraded over the years and the program has improved each time. Thank you for a great program. Will always be a wordperfect user.

Del Telfer

First, WordPerfect is stroke, not mouse, driven, which I prefer, as I’m a fast typist and reaching for the mouse slows me down. Second, it enables me to customize formatting as I go rather than force me into a pre-set format which is difficult to change as you go, or in the middle, etc. WORD was set up on a publishing platform — i.e., get all the words down and then format it at one go. I need more customization and freedom, which WordPerfect provides. And, now that recent versions “read” the Word documents that come my way, I can convert them into WP and reformat them for easier reading or usage, or both.

Margaret Murphy

WordPerfect is my choice for serious writing, such as the books I have published. In fact, when I encounter someone who doesn’t understand the difference between WordPerfect and other writing tools I challenge them to take any page in a magazine and reproduce it in their own favorite word processing software while I do it in WordPerfect, and after I have finished, I’ll bring them coffee and help them complete the job.
My favorite challenge is for them to type three words on a line, then make the first one left justified, the second word center justified and the third word right justified… and I give them just seconds to do it. WordPerfect is the only software I know that can do it quickly.
I am considered to be an expert in the most popular word processing software on the market, so I know the difference. Just being popular is not enough. Sometimes it only means that there was a difference in marketing, not in qualifications.

Michael Atchison

Coral Word Perfect is the only program I can draft 28 line paper for court document(s) very easily; Then publishing the documents to PDF is just 1 click. If I am working on a document I do not loose that work if a power failure occurs as that information is saved in Coral Word Perfect. Add adding designs, making graphs, or any other insert(s) is very easy with this program. The other programs I have tried, I was very disappointed to know if I opened a document at a later time, it may or may not be the same as when I wrote it. Or the program was so difficult to use, I gave up. It is the absolute best word program in the market.

George Beard

While the large majority of WP lovers praise highly the reveal codes function as a distinct characteristic of WP, the most useful features for me include: (1) The option of document editing and pre-formatting under “current document style”; (2) Full PDF compatibility; (3) The options in settings for full customization of toolbars, property bars, menus, and keyboards. The available toolbars are extensive, including compatibility with Microsoft Word, graphics, and previous versions of WP. The available property bars are also tremendously useful for fast and professional creation of documents as they include bars for drawing, envelopes, and various XML settings for efficient processing of data. The customizable menus are also superb as they provide options for compatibility with equation editing and various versions of MS Word. But my favorite has been and continues to be the full customization of keyboards. This is crucial to me as I work with documents that require the use of various languages simultaneously. While the provided keyboards are also extensive (including WPWin, WPDOS, Equation, and MS Word) Corel has been consistent in keeping the “Ctrl-W” function for customizing the WP keyboards, which is something that I appreciate much. As a time-saving feature, Corel WP goes beyond the “insert” function as it is in MS Word, to options for associating the ASCII codes and international characters and symbols to user-defined keyboard strokes. For example, rather than typing four characters to produce the letter “ñ,” alt-164, my customized WP keyboard requires only two to produce the same, “alt-n.” That is true for any other international character of symbol. But the possibilities for keyboard individual customization are infinite, including the Function keys. In my case, for example, for the “select” function, F12 works better for me, as F11 works better for the “reveal codes” function. My customized keyboard(s) have never failed. As I upgrade my WP from one version to the most recent, I even have the option of saving a customized keyboard for use in the newer version. Like many other WP lovers, I have been using WP since the earlier 5.1 DOS version. Not always I am able to afford the professional edition, but the standard edition also helps me greatly. A great resource for those of us in the educational profession who must be engaged in research, teaching, and writing for publication.

María Pilar Aquino

Good and easy to sue software

Makram Gharib

I like the access to reveal codes which allows me to make changes in formats which are impossible to do in Word and other programs. And while WordPerfect does at times automatically make suggestions re formatting and other matters, it does block one from changing what is suggested. In general, I find it easier to use in many ways than other programs, which is why I have stuck with it all these years and refused to change over to Work.

Edward Finn

I love WordPerfect because I can do just about everything I need to in processing words or in accounting. I especially like it’s “reveal codes” feature and it’s tables. Actually, I love it all. I started using it in a law office in 1986 and can’t do without it.

May Lynne Lim

I started word processing with WordStar on an Osborne and moved as soon as I discovered it to WordPerfect (version 2? 3?). Wish I had better records back that far. . . .

I’ve used it at the university, for writing article and book manuscripts, and for all my personal work. I’ve especially appreciated two features. One is its excellent merge routines. I created a merge file that distributed students in my classes into groups of four, with different groups for each of eight nights. That allowed me to rearrange the class for discussions during part of each class session, ensuring that students would meet and talk with everyone else in the class.

The other feature was its ability to print as a booklet. I’d prepare the students’ work so that it could be printed up as a 5.5 by 4.25″ book at the end of each semester. It gave them a record of the class’s work and a way to remember all of the other students. I’ve also done complicated professional handouts that way.

It is still the best word-processing program available anywhere.

Bob Probst

I have been using Wordperfect since I started working with computers in 1982. I have found the product easy to use and user oriented. The company has always listened to the user, making changes in the product as suggested by the user. I sometimes wonder why didn’t I think of it, the change would make my life so much easier. I have run training sessions for staff assistants. Some have used other products and loved how easy WP is to use. I like, after a training session, the people would gather on their own to share tricks that they learned to make the life easier for them in the office. Can they make it better, sure they can, just wait until they issue the next edition.

Lawrence S. Mlynek

BEst Word Processor Ever. Reveal Codes is fantastic. Also ease in everything, including creating a spellcheck in another language, etc.

Jim L. GArcia

I love my WordPerfect for the powerful, responsive tool it is. I love that it remains current and capable, not just because it’s the most accessible and efficient word processor I’ve used, or that it does what I need better than any other word processor I’ve tried, and nothing matches it for a balance of features and ease of use, but also because it demonstrates that sometimes you simply can’t improve on classic elegance and easy power and versatility. Kudos to Corel for holding its ground and keeping it viable.

Bran MacEachaidh

I have found WP a practical word-processing programme for a variety of tasks, from writing personal letters to preparing detailed research papers and submissions. It appears to provide more direct and user-friendly control of a number of functions, like page numbering, headers, footers and indexing.

Sean Murphy

I have been creating newsletters, brochures, church bulletins and typeset three books all while using WordPerfect. I typed my doctoral dissertation using WordPerfect. The templates have been a real life saver in typesetting books. I am a current WP8 user and will continue to be because it is far superior to other word processors.

Clifford Newell, Jr.

Reveal Codes blows away the competition.

Gary E. Rosenberg

I love Word Perfect because of the flexibility in producing variant document merges and generally for its ease of use. I confess that I find the instructions and help for the program a lot easier to understand and more comprehensive than for Microsoft Word.

Carol Hong

As I work in a law firm and have done so since 1988, I need to have a user friendly, feature packed, reliable word processing programme. WordPerfect fits that bill. I have even taught WordPerfect at Trade Schools and to Youth Services Programmes. When I completed my Paralegal Diploma and Computer Based Information Systems course, I used WordPerfect. I have never understood why Word was used so much as I find it a very user unfriendly programme with a mind of its own. WordPerfect by far has the best features and interaction with the User. It can also be customized to my preferences. The Macros and Merge features are so easy to use I have to say I love WordPerfect!

Joan Rattray

I like WordPerfect for a great many reasons, including their ability to make improvements and make my documents obsolete. Easy and intuitive to use and easy to switch from version to version. But, the reason why I LOVE WordPerfect can be summed up in two (2) words: Reveal Codes! Thank you Corel, thank you very much.

Eric S. Elias

I have used WordPerfect almost exclusively, and certainly dominantly, since acquiring the 4.2 DOS version in 1986. As a writer and editor, I soon came to appreciate its versatility and capability as well as its logic, flow, and features, upgrading nearly every time a new edition has been published. I switched to version 5.2 for Windows in 1992 along the way. Compared to the word processor that has dominated the market for many years, WordPerfect is hands-down superior in a number of specific key and crucial ways, including, most especially, its intuitive streaming code architecture and the unparalleled and essential Reveal Codes feature. Because I have used WordPerfect almost every day for 30 years, I certainly am in a position to say such things if anyone is. As for the competition, I use it only when a client absolutely and unrelentingly insists. In fact, there have been several of them over the years who have purchased WordPerfect for themselves so that I could turn out a product the appearance and format of which would match the quality of the content with no danger of compromise. I also have tested many of the lesser known word processors over the years and have found them lacking in various respects. In sum, WordPerfect is without doubt the finest word processor in existence and has been for many years.

Rick Christensen

Working in the Portland Public School District office, my supervisor Margie, chose WordPerfect as our word processor. She told us to strive for a document that didn’t have extra, unnecessary key strokes. We loved to scan documents using the reveal codes and perfect our compositions. Ever since then, I have used WordPerfect as my primary program. I love the tables feature and use it all the time. I love how I can change the size of columns so simply. I remember in 1993, I called WordPerfect to ask how to do that and was astounded when I was told how simple and logical it is. When I am forced to use another word processor, I create the document with WordPerfect before converting it. Word Perfect is so much easier with margins and indents. I still cannot figure out how the competition’s margins work. WordPerfect is so simple and easy to use. I have converted my colleagues to WordPerfect also. Especially now that the competition is charging by the month! How horrible is that? I’ll be loyal to WordPerfect forever……..simply because it is the best program.

Kathleen Teeple

WordPerfect is a phenomenal word processing program. Its capabilities are far superior to any other word program. I have used, enjoyed, taught, and constantly learning new capabilities of the program. I have to my knowledge, all of the magazines that were published and if another publication is in the works I would like a subscription to it. Thank You

Joyce Lee

I used to love Wordperfect for all sorts of reasons. Once mastered, it was easy to use, feature-rich, flexible, sturdy and reliable. But then something happened, and it began crashing. Over and over again. As many as a dozen times a day, as often as every few minutes. Different versions, different installations, different computers. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t help. Neither did deleting and recreating templates and styles. Some say it’s because Wordperfect hasn’t kept up with the latest versions of Windows. I really don’t know. I keep using it, because it’s still miles better than Word. But I certainly don’t love it any more.

David Murr

As I turn on my computer, and click on Word Perfect, it is like once again greeting an old friend.

I have been using Word Perfect since 1988, starting with the WP 5.2 for DOS would you believe? It was less complicated than other word programs, and there was always someone there to help me with any problem that would come up. The great part back then was that if there should be a power outage, the WP had been keeping backups all along as I wrote, and I just searched for the BK! file usually at the end of the list of documents. Just click and rename.

My wife and I did our Masters Degree work on the 5.2 DOS version, and it was faithful to us.

Those days the program was written real tight as I remember I only had like 20 megabytes…that’s right…20 megabytes. And a green screen about maybe 10 inches square. I still find some really old files that had extensions that I had invented for some reason to keep book chapters straight, but the new WP translates them faithfully, not letting me down. Then I rename them. I look at the dates, some go back to the early 1990’s. But WP keeps them for me. They are there if I need them.

Now there are really great improvements and we appreciate the work that Corel has done through the years.

Thank you, Word Perfect.

Kern Stafford

Word Perfect give me control, unlike Microsoft Word, which will hell-and-be-damned do its own formatting and never tell you how, nor why. That alone settles the question for me; I’ve got WORK to do, for goodness’ sake! I don’t have time to do the software dance.

Les Morgan

I have updated WordPerfect since version 4.0 and continue with X-8. It is better than ever and allows me to write and edit with ease. I am compelled by publishers to use other products but I do so by first writing in WordPerfect and then converting the product to that required by my publisher. I’m a simple person and the “view codes” service is worth the full price of the product and it is just one of many things it does that other products do not do. I started with WordPerfect because it was written for lawyers – and it is essential to a law practice – but now that I no longer practice it is still the best, easiest to use, and most functional word processor available.

Barry Zalma

My favorite part of Word Perfect is Reveal Codes. I use the same letter over and over changing just a few things. The reveal code allows me to always see what codes are in use. I also like the Microsoft Word option to change to Word Perfect or Word Perfect to Microsoft Word. The PDF option is very helpful also.

Joan Kleist

reveal codes. I CANNOT format anything in Word

Richard G Barrows