Introducing the NEW PaintShop Pro 2018!

Say hello to PaintShop Pro 2018 – now with a new look, impressive speed, and all kinds of exciting new creative content!

If this is your first time using PaintShop Pro, we thank you for checking us out! And for those of you coming back for more, we know this version is one you’re going to love. As always, our top priority continues to be delivering a complete photo editing and design suite – now we’re making powerful, advanced photo editing more accessible than ever before.

So what does that look like?

To start, we redesigned our user interface and introduced a new, streamlined workspace that can now be customized to meet your specific needs, and it’s even friendlier to high-resolution displays and pen and touch devices. If you’ve used PaintShop Pro X9, you’ll notice a difference as soon as you double-click on our new desktop icon, thanks to improved performance under the hood. Watch as PaintShop Pro 2018 launches over 50% faster than our last version!

And that’s just the beginning…

We’ve got lots more in the new PaintShop Pro 2018 and PaintShop Pro 2018 Ultimate to boost your productivity with community-requested enhancements and spark your creativity with all-new content! Here are the highlights:

  • NEW! Dual Workspace Environment: Introducing two new workspaces designed to match the way you work! New to photo editing or looking to focus on a core set of tools? Try the new Essentials workspace for an easy-to-use, streamlined look. Or, if you’re a PaintShop Pro expert, switch to the Complete workspace for a more traditional experience that offers access to the software’s complete editing and design capabilities.
  • NEW! Simplified Touch & Pen-Friendly Interface: Now get more control over features, functionality, and customization. Node size not right? Change it. Scroll bar too small? Make it bigger. New larger icons now make it easy to work on touchscreens, 2-in-1 devices, and high-DPI monitors.
  • ENHANCED! Faster Launch Time & Performance: Time is precious and whether you’re launching a program or performing a specific action, no one likes to wait around. PaintShop Pro 2018 launches more than 50% faster than the previous version (X9), while the software’s most popular tools now respond with near-instant results. Text Wrapping is faster and Depth of Field adjustments can be achieved 4 times quicker than before.
  • NEW! Customizable Toolbars: Be more productive with larger, easier-to-see icons and use the new Quick Customize feature to update your toolbars with the tools you want at your fingertips.
  • NEW! Color Palettes, Brushes & More Creative Content: Choose from a selection of complementary hues with 10 new Color Palettes, apply artistic strokes with 30 new Brushes, and get creative with 30 new Gradients, 30 new Textures, and 15 new Patterns.

Choose PaintShop Pro 2018 Ultimate, the comprehensive editing kit for photographers, and also receive a collection of add-ons worth more than $250 including:

  • NEW! Painter® Essentials™ 5: Get photo-painting tools that easily transform your pictures into impressive art right before your eyes. Or start sketching, drawing, and painting from scratch using Natural-Media® brushes. (64-bit only)
  • NEW! Perfectly Clear 3 SE: Restore details, color, and other elements lost by your camera with the proven, patented corrections. Create a custom look with robust, time-saving presets that let you control multiple adjustments with just one click — all without leaving PaintShop Pro. (64-bit only)
  • AfterShot™ 3: With the addition of AfterShot, get a one-two punch to rival Adobe’s Creative Cloud photography subscription, only without the monthly fee — including, digital asset management, RAW conversion, and adjustment. Take advantage of non-destructive editing that preserves your original, whether you edit one version of your photo or 100. (64-bit only)

So what do you think of PaintShop Pro 2018?

We look forward to hearing your impressions and take your feedback seriously. All the enhancements we’ve made are inspired by you, our PaintShop community – to help fuel the passion you bring to your creations.

Simply put, we’re committed to helping you reach your goals as photo editors, designers, and artists.

PaintShop Pro 2018 is about giving you a richer, more intuitive and more accessible photo editing experience… one you won’t have to rent or pay expensive monthly fees to access.

After all, we’re the industry’s best-known Photoshop alternative for a reason –  and in the more than 25 years since the launch of the original PaintShop Pro, we believe this version is our best yet.

So get your free 30-day trial today or pick up your subscription-free copy right now and start creating without boundaries.

Have fun, stay sharp, and keep shooting!

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  1. Tim Beddard says

    Yes, I have bought version 2018 and so far I am impressed, no mishaps crashes or other undesirables. I have been with PSP since the days of floppy discs and windows 3.1 It was owned by Jasc in those days. I have bought pretty much every version since and was on the verge of giving it up as I was disillusioned with versions X8 and X9. However, Corel seems to have listened to its customer base and this has completely changed my mind with vs.2018. I am more than happy with this version.


    • gilliandarby says

      Hi Carol,

      In the Edit window, go to View > Toolbars and just put a checkmark beside the toolbars you want visible. Hope this helps!

  2. Malcolm Rackind says

    I have been using JASC Paint Shop Photo Album for many years, and added relevant text information for many images. On replacing my PC I have now updated to Corel Paint Shop Pro 2018, but can’t find a way to access all that old data. I can’t believe it is all lost ! Can anyone help?

    • Adam says

      Hello Malcolm,

      Which image data catalogue do you have enabled? You can view both EXIF and IPTC tags from the Info panel under the Manage workspace, to the right of your image gallery.

      Discovery Center Team

  3. Heather says

    I recently upgraded to PaintShop Pro 2018 from PaintShop Pro X9. Before upgrading I had purchased the Selective Color Script, however now that I’ve upgraded I can’t seem to find it in the newer version and it doesn’t list it as purchased but gives me the option to buy it. Do I really have to repurchase scripts now that I’ve upgraded?

    • Adam says

      Hello Heather,

      Do you still have PaintShop Pro X9 on the system? If so, you just need to add PSP X9’s scripts folder to PaintShop Pro 2018, which by default only looks for its own folder. You can do this by opening up File > Preferences > File Locations and selecting the Scripts file type from the list on the left. Then on the right hand side of the window, press the Add button, and navigate to the PSP X9 scripts folder (By default, this is located in C:\Users\\Documents\Corel PaintShop Pro\19.0). Select that folder, confirm that you’d like to add it, and PaintShop Pro 2018 will now know to check there for scripts as well!

      Hope this helps, and let us know if you have any more trouble!
      Discovery Center Team

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