Introducing NEW PaintShop Pro X9: Your All-in-One Photo Editor for Home & Business!

PaintShop Pro X9 is here!

Meet PaintShop Pro X9! The All-in-One Photo Editor for Your Home & Business Needs

Hey there, Corel Photo Community!

Today is the day—and I am excited to finally announce the official release of NEW PaintShop Pro X9!

The power of images today is undeniable. Every day, and in every conceivable aspect of our lives, we interact with hundreds, if not thousands, of images at home, in school, or on the job. With PaintShop Pro X9, it’s our goal to make it easy for anyone working with images to harness that power.  

PaintShop Pro X9 is a complete, all-in-one photo editor, designed to meet all of your home and business imaging needs, from quick adjustments to complex layer-based projects. With each release of PaintShop Pro, we strive to bring you a product that boosts your creative juices, so you get the job done faster and with minimal effort. PaintShop Pro X9 continues this tradition and maintains our commitment to providing a powerful image editing workshop that’s affordable and still subscription-free.

Take PaintShop Pro X9 for a test drive today and see for yourself how it can help streamline your photo editing so you get professional-looking results in less time.

Keep reading for a full list of what’s new or jump over to our product page right now to download your free, fully-functional 30-day trial of PaintShop Pro!

What’s New In PaintShop Pro X9?

For Photo & Creative Projects

PaintShop Pro X9 includes several new features specifically designed for photographers and creative designers working with images. In addition to the features listed below, PaintShop Pro X9 Ultimate is our best offering for photographers yetwith more than $200 of bonus add-ons, including new AfterShot 3!

PaintShop Pro X9 Projects From Template

NEW! Project Templates: Don’t dread a blank canvas! Jump in and start creating professional-looking designs in no time with new project templates. Quickly make personalized greeting cards, photo collages, brochures and more; plus, save your own layouts as a template to help get your next job done faster.

3. PaintShop Pro X9 Interactive GradientsNEW! Interactive Gradient Fill: Save time creating gradients with new interactive color nodes. Drag colors from the main palette and drop them on nodes, then move them around to fine-tune the result using new live preview.

NEW! Guided Tour: If you’re new to PSP, now you can get to know the tools and layout thanks to an all-new Guided Tour. This step-by-step virtual walkthrough will help you confidently navigate the interface and master new features in no time.

NEW! Support for Windows Real Time Stylus: For faster and more accurate selections, consider pairing PSP with a touch-enabled 2-in-1 device for improved pen support by taking advantage of the next generation in stylus technology.4. PaintShop Pro X9 - WinRTS Support

ENHANCED! Workflow and Camera Support:  Work faster than ever with a simplified user experience that streamlines many common tasks. Take advantage of an updated Text Toolbar with downloadable text presets, Silent Scripts for faster one-click editing actions, Real-Time Performance Upgrades for commonly used editing tools, and Smart Photo Fix one-click fixes can now be applied as part of a batch process. Extending its camera support, PaintShop Pro X9 now works with 15 new camera RAW profiles.

NEW! Intel RealSense XDM Support: A new generation of photography and editing will soon be here with the introduction of depth aware cameras, including those powered by Intel’s RealSense technology. Photos captured in the XDM format can be brought into the Adjust workspace, where selections can be made based on depth and a range of Instant Effects can be applied.  

NEW! In PaintShop Pro X9 Ultimate: We’re delivering our best package yet for photographers with AfterShot 3 and more than $200 of bonus add-ons that brings you a one-two punch similar to Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photo Bundle. For more information, please visit:

NEW! AfterShot 3: Add powerful RAW processing to your photo workflow and get a one-two punch, similar to Adobe’s Creative Cloud photography bundle but without the monthly fee.

Perfectly Clear 2 SE: Athentech returns with its 10 patented corrections to help restore more lost detail in less time, delivering beautiful photos faster.

NEW! Corel Live Screen Capture: Show off exactly what’s happening on your screen, including system audio and microphone sound. The perfect companion to our new Screenshot tools for business users to help demonstrate or record complex tasks for coworkers and colleagues (find out more below!).

For Business & Enterprise

On top of all these amazing new photo and creative features, we’ve also added a series of new features to bring PaintShop Pro up to speed for today’s image-focused workplace. New tools and features specific to our business users include:

NEW! Screenshot: Now it’s easier for businesses of any size to easily create screenshots to enhance their communications. Capture, edit and annotate screenshots in one place without the need for multiple applications. Make tutorials and documentation, explain and enhance screen captures in one comprehensive package.

NEW! Export Edit History: Quickly document and share your edits by exporting a record of your edits for a single session or a complete history. Great for building step-by-step tutorials, showing a colleague how to achieve a certain effect, or for legal documentation.

ENHANCED! Licensing & Virtualization: We’re ready for your enterprise or SMB with commercial licensing options that will help you save even more. In addition to these new creative features, PaintShop Pro X9 now supports Windows Server 2016, making it an ideal choice for enterprise customers looking for easy deployment in a virtualized environment.

To learn more about how PaintShop Pro X9 can help streamline imaging workflows for your business or enterprise organization, go to

PSP X9 VSP X9 Left

The Corel Photo Video Bundle

Looking for a way to tell your story in stills and motion? Then don’t miss the Corel Photo Video bundle! Get the power of PaintShop Pro X9 along with VideoStudio X9. Create professional-looking video projects that work with your PSP files, so you can incorporate the same graphics in both projects. For more information, visit us at

Tell Us What You Think!

Do you love new PaintShop Pro X9? Want to see something added or think there might be something we missed? Tell us about it, we’d love to hear from you!

We design each version of PaintShop Pro for youour usersso there nothing more important to us than hearing your thoughts and feedback so it can be considered for our next update.  

Connect with our team directly by leaving a comment below, connecting with us on Facebook & Twitter, or by contacting our support team.

Thank you to everyone who has picked up their copy already during our early upgrade launch. If you haven’t picked up your copy of the new PaintShop Pro X9 yet, you can download a free 30-day trial below and try it today!

Download a FREE 30-day trial of PaintShop Pro

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  1. Angela H Evans says


    I am finding PSPX9 more stable, especially when creating multiple text images with cutter.
    I would like to bre able to open create and save vector images in the svg format if possible.

    Also, in PhotoShop there are smart actions, smart layers. Can anything similar be introduced to PSP? I would love to create textures or images that are easily done in PS.

    Thank you!

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Angela, thanks for your feedback! I’ve shared your comments with our development team for review and consideration. If there’s anything else we can help with, be sure to let us know!

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