Introducing the NEW PaintShop Pro 2019!

PaintShop Pro 2019: Extending Your Creativity Beyond the Photo

As any photographer or content creator will tell you, it’s become increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd when sharing your images online. Well – all that is set to change with PaintShop Pro 2019!

The latest edition of our all-in-one photo editor is packed with exciting specially designed features that will help you to be more creative and really experiment with your images. Plus, we’ve also introduced significant performance enhancements, along with a simplified user experience that makes editing your photos more enjoyable than ever – and of course, we’re still subscription-free.

So… what’s new in PaintShop Pro 2019? Let’s dive in and find out!

Discover Next-Level Creative Innovation

You want your photos to stand out. Now you can leverage exciting new technologies, like powerful artificial intelligence and cutting-edge cameras, to help enhance your creativity in ways you never imagined. Immerse yourself in PaintShop Pro 2019 to experience an entirely new level of creative innovation thanks to the exciting addition of:

  • NEW! AI-Powered Pic-to-Painting: Create stunning masterpieces with the help of Deep Neural Networks that analyze your photo and transform it into a work of art that replicates the style of iconic artists. See it in action!
  • NEW! 360° Camera Support: Now edit any photo taken with a 360° camera. Straighten and rotate the image, instantly remove and replace the tripod using Magic Fill, or create a cool ‘tiny planet’ effect. See it in action!
  • NEW! Creative Content Collection: Creativity is at our core, so we’ve made it easier to jump-start any artistic process by adding 10 brushes, 10 color palettes, 10 gradients, 10 patterns, and 20+ picture tubes – all new!

Accelerate Your Photo Workflow

Nobody wants to spend MORE time editing photos… so now you don’t have to! Work more efficiently and achieve better results thanks to significant performance improvements in both features and functionality. Now get results faster with:

  • ENHANCED! Most-Used Actions: See major speed boosts to favorite tools like Crop and One-Step Photo Fix. Now automatically apply a series of corrections quicker and rotate or position the crop tool up to 5x faster than before. Plus, enjoy a more subtle Autosave process, now with fewer interruptions.
  • ENHANCED! Hardware Support: Take advantage of improved support for 4K displays and all of the latest mainstream and WinTab-aware graphics tablets, including Windows Ink, so whether drawing, painting, or applying adjustments and effects, a pen can be used for more control.
  • NEW! 50+ User-Inspired Updates: We’ve made over 50 performance and feature improvements based on requests from our community. From adding text to cropping, erasing, painting, and working with brushes, the editing experience is now smoother.

Enjoy a Simplified User Experience

We’re committed to removing the obstacles that stand between you and your best photo yet, so we simplified PaintShop Pro to offer the best possible editing experience. Now it is easier to jump in and start editing with:

  • ENHANCED! Crop Toolbar: The power of Crop has been extended to include most-used photo enhancement features, including Instant Effects, One-Step Photo Fix, and Depth of Field. See it in action!
  • ENHANCED! UI Customization: Increase the text size of the main UI for better visibility. Choose Small or Large text from the User Interface menu to tailor the editing environment for the way you want to work.
  • NEW! Seamless Content and Plugin Migration: Easily transfer content from previous versions for a seamless upgrade experience. Previously installed plugins, scripts, brush tips, color palettes, gradients, patterns, textures, and effects will instantly be available in the new version. See it in action!

Ready to Get Even More Creative?

When it’s time to step your game up and really stand out, PaintShop Pro 2019 Ultimate is the comprehensive suite you need. Get a powerful photo editor, plus bonus add-ons worth more than $280 including:

  • NEW! PhotoMirage™ Express: Effortlessly transform any image into a mesmerizing animation in a matter of minutes. Bringing photos to life is ridiculously easy and addictively fun, and sharing masterpieces on social media is a breeze. Blur the line between photo and video to create awe-inspiring photo animations that captivate, engage, and transfix.
  • NEW! Painter® Essentials™ 6: Become a digital artist with this easy-to-learn painting program. Transform your photos into amazing oil, pastel, or watercolor works of art. Or learn to paint, draw, and sketch from scratch using pencils, pens, and particles.
  • NEW! Perfectly Clear 3.5 SE: Intelligent image analysis finds and fixes camera flaws and limitations automatically. With Perfectly Clear 3.5 SE, photos are seconds from perfection, thanks to award-winning one-click image correction technology that does all the complex work for you.
  • AfterShot™ 3: Extend your RAW workflow with professional-grade, non-destructive photo editing and take control of large photo collections. Make easy corrections and enhancements, and save time with batch processing tools that let you apply adjustments to one or thousands of photos at once.
  • Corel® Creative Collection: Expand your creative capabilities with dozens of brushes, textures, and over 100 royalty-free backgrounds. Enhance photo projects with playful designs, flowers, sunsets, and more, along with an array of lively brushstrokes.

Go Beyond the Photo to Tell Your Story

The Corel Photo Video Bundle is the complete digital content creators’ toolkit. The ultimate duo, the Photo Video Bundle brings together new PaintShop Pro 2019 and VideoStudio® Pro 2018 for a complete photo, design, and video editing suite that will help tell your story across any medium. For more information on the Corel Photo Video Bundle, visit us at

See what’s new in PaintShop Pro 2023!

Download your FREE 30-day trial and make every shot your best shot with PaintShop Pro 2023, your all-in-one photo editing and design software.

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    • Adam says

      Hello Gravymac,

      Are you in the Essentials or Complete workspace? The Essentials workspace in PaintShop Pro has fewer tools, dockers, and tabs by default, as it is is designed to provide a simpler, more streamlined interface for new users or more experienced users looking to make a quick edit. You can switch between workspaces from the Welcome tab, or from the File > Workspace menu.

      Discovery Center Team

  1. Max Morini says

    Very much appreciated soft but, just to improve it in a right direction, I’d suggest less attention to one-touch commercial effects and more time dedicated to few less impressive but more tough ones, such as:
    1. Levels grouping management;
    2. masks and selections management and transfer;
    3. previews refreshing speed;
    4. history palette improvement;
    5. extension to color profiles wider than sRGB (though that could require a harder programming effort, I suppose).
    Anyway, thank you very much, you’re presence really very very useful.
    Max, italy

    • Adam says

      Hello Max,

      Thank you for the suggestions! We appreciate all of these, and have passed them all on to the PaintShop team for their consideration.

      Discoveery Center Team

    • Adam says

      Hello Jim,

      Is ParticleShop already installed? If so, you will need to add it to PaintShop Pro 2019 manually. You can do this by opening PSP and navigating to File > Preferences > File Locations, selecting the Plugins option on the left hand side, and selecting the Add button on the right hand side once Plugins has been selected. Then, just navigate to your ParticleShop folder and press Add once more. That will tell PaintShop Pro where to find it, and from then on it can be launched from the Plugins menu like normal.

      Hope this helps,
      Discovery Center Team

  2. Maria Hasnain says

    The PSP software is powerful and creative enough for sophisticated photographers and demanding business graphics users. It is really a professional version for Designing professionals

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